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2018 Barbie Collector news and images

July 13, 2018

This is going to be a long blog post so be ready for it.

First off we have images of the new and upcoming 2018 50th Anniversary Stacey, Christie, Barbie Doll Set. The set was unveiled at the 2018 Natonal Barbie Collectors Convention that is taking place this week in the US.

This set has to be the IT set from Barbie Signature for 2018. It is beautiful and judging by the reaction of the collectors it is more than clear that we want the great designs and quality of the older Barbie dolls versus the new ones. Don’t get me wrong! I am not the type of colector that only whines about the new dolls, but truth be told it is clear what most collectors want now.

The three Anniversary Holiday Barbie dolls were also on display and we got to see a glimps of them also. Here are the Hispanic/Latina and AA ones.

The Midnight Glamour Silkstone Barbie doll was also there. Unfortunately she is the second and last Silkie of the year. Looks like this line of elegant Barbie dolls is slowly dying…

It is quite sad that so few Silkies were produced. I am not the biggest Silkie fan, but this seris is iconic and it embodies the perfection and elegance of Barbie dolls. I hope they will make a strong comeback in 2019.

As always, a lot of AMAZING OOAK dolls were created for the Silent Auction. Here are my favorites.

Aurelia by Kerstin Bergström

Image via Allison Andreyk Kullenberg

A Sparkling Night in Phoenix by Magia 2000

Poodle Parade by Mattel Art Director Zlatti

Beautiful creation by Ninimomo

I can’t wait to see the convention doll! So far this convention has been really exciting. I wish I was there…

Some IRL images via Alessandro Gatti and Giulia Britti.

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