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New Barbie releases: MtM Basketball Player Barbie, Batik Iwan Tirta Indonesian Exclusive Barbie dolls, Collector Barbie dolls

September 25, 2018

Tons of new Barbie dolls are poping up from all over the world. First we have the amazing Batik Iwan Tirta Indonesian Exclusive Barbie dolls that are exclusive for KidzStation in Jakarta, Indonesia. Each cost about $25 and here are some amazing details about them and the special fashions they are wearing.

The pattern is called “Sawunggaling Latar Kopi Pecah“. “Sawunggaling” is a chimera animal mix from a rooster and a peacock. The batik pattern reflect hope for any leaders to be strong and have a noble heart.

The pattern is called “Kawung Manis“. “Kawung” is basically a geometric design that is balance in all side and was believed to be created by one of the sultans from the old Indonesian kingdom. The batik pattern has 4 sides that reflects hope, to be wise, to remember where u come from (to be humble) and to be modest.

Images and info via Lumosdolls.

How amazing! I absolutely love dolls that come with a story. I only wish something like this could be done with a Romanian doll. We have such a rich culture with lots of symbols and traditions.

Next we have a new Made to Move Barbie doll that looks to be a Tall body one.

Come on, Mattel. Give us a MtM Ken! PUHLIZZZZZZZZZZ!

Last, but not least, we have a list of upcoming Collector Barbie dolls.

Barbie Proudly Pink Doll (Barbie Fashion Model Collection)
Code: #FXD50
Price: $89

Barbie 60th Anniversary Doll
Code: #FXD88 and #FXC79
Price: $60
Description: Sixty years of fashionable fun with Barbie calls for celebration! To commemorate such an occasion, Barbie 60th Anniversary doll features a stunning design with lots of sparkle. Fans and collectors will love this glamorous homage to Barbie doll’s heritage.

2018 Barbie Celebratory doll
Code: #FXC74
Price: $25-$35
Description: Barbie Celebratory doll was designed to help you share the love! Featuring a fashion and accessories inspired by the universal symbol of friendship — the red heart — Barbie doll’s festive look is the perfect addition to any celebration. Customizable packaging with stickers and a place to write a personalized message makes Barbie Celebratory doll fun and giftable. Colors and decorations may vary.
Featuring a fashion and accessories inspired by the Universal symbol of friendship
Customizable packaging with stickers
A personalized message makes Barbie celebratory doll fun and gift able.

2018 Barbie Birthday Wishes
Code: #FXC77 and #FXC76
Price: $35
Description: Barbie Birthday Wishes doll features an inspired design to help celebrate someone’s special day. Doll wears a celebration-worthy gown with a floral overlay and ruffled sleeves. Elegant accessories complete Barbie doll’s festive look, making her the perfect addition to any birthday celebration.

Iris Apfel Barbie Doll (Elderly)
Code: FWJ28
Price: $40

Iris Apfel Barbie Doll (Fashion Model)
Code: #FWJ27
Price: $40

I hope this list will help you sort out your budget for the next couple of months. I know for sure I want the Batik dolls and the Anniversary Collector Barbie doll even thou I haven’t seen a picture of her. Let’s just say I hope this doll and any other anniversary dolls will be just as amazing as the ones for the 50th Barbie birthday.

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  • Reply Maple Bar October 1, 2018 at 7:32 pm

    If you’re looking for a MTM Ken – the Batman or Superman bodies are fully poseable, and just need a headswap from the Fashionista Ken dolls

  • Reply Trevor October 2, 2018 at 3:22 am

    Any word on where we might see those MtM Basketball dolls? Now that I’ve seen a photo, I will die if I can’t get one.

    • Reply Ada October 4, 2018 at 12:10 pm

      No info yet. :(

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