2020 Christopher & Banks Doll Sweaters

It has become somewhat of a tradition for doll collectors to buy their dolls “ugly” Christmas sweaters from Christopher & Banks every year, and this year is no different.

Here is the new collection. Click on the names to get to the page where you can order them. Yes, of course they are just ornaments, but they fit perfectly with 1:6 scale dolls. And you can get 2 or more for $6 each! I need to ask my shipping buddy to get me a few of them before she sends me my ginormous box of dolls I have bought during the pandemic. O:-)

May I also say I am pretty excited Christmas is coming? :D

Camper Ornament

Gingerbread Ornament

Snowman Ornament

Llama Ornament

Gnome Ornament

Daschound Ornament


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