New Fresh Dolls Budget dolls and fashion packs

For a while a was a bit worried that something had happened to The Fresh Dolls and we will not get the chance to buy their super fun and affordable dolls anymore. Well, sadly we still don’t get to buy them from Europe directly, but, at least, they are back with lots of fun things!

Not only have they revamped their main dolls and characters, but they have also come out with a line of even more affordable dolls and some fun fashion packs.

The dolls are called Simply Fresh and they are $14.99 each.

KACEY Simply Fresh Dolls

KYA Simply Fresh Dolls

KYLIE Simply Fresh Dolls

The fashion packs are very much in tune with what is going on in the world. Each is $11.99.

BTW! WEAR A MASK!!! It’s not that difficult. Just wear it!

Do you like The Fresh Dolls? Are you excited for what they have planned next? I sure am!


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    It’s unfortunate that these new budget dolls with plastic bodices, less articulation, and less clothing are $15 when the original basic dolls were only $10. I like the doctor fashion packs though.

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