New Rainbow High Doll- Bella Parker

A new doll from the now super popular Rainbow High doll series has been listed on the Walmart website and should be available for purchase soon.

Bella Parker Rainbow High Doll

She is so Chanel and cute! OMG! And, just so you know, the fashions (almost all of them) fit regular 12 inch fashion dolls also. ;)

What do you think about these dolls? Have you started collecting them?


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  1. 1

    Hey for some reason Walmart has it listed as unavailable for either shipping or in-person pickup which means it’s not there, and idk why. :/

  2. 3

    I did read somewhere that target was given this doll early and it is in stock at target right now.

    Havent been able to figure out when it will be released elsewhere, other than overpriced third party sellers, so still looking. Hopefully before Christmas.

  3. 4

    Bella is in stock at Target now. Both my local stores have her on an endcap with other rainbow high dolls and seasonal LOL dolls. The packaging shows a boy doll that I’m excited to see when he comes out. There’s another girl on the packaging who looks similar to Bella in style and together they give me major Clueless vibes!

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