No more collector Sindy Dolls?

Ever since I’ve heard about the new range of collector Sindy Dolls I have been super excited. I am not a Pedigree Sindy collector, but I love it when vintage dolls get the modern treatment and are brought back on the market.

There have been past attempts at reviving these collector favorites, but all have failed. The new range looked like it was collectors have been expecting and a second wave was supposed to be released next year, but everything looks like it has been canceled.

In the official Vintage Sindy Collectors group on Facebook there have been many posts about these new dolls and, sadly, a lot of people were not happy with the final product. From loose joints to short necks that have not been changed in the final product as promised.

Don’t take it out on me. I am just writing what was said. I didn’t get any of the dolls because I have no room in my doll budget for them so I am just writing what other collectors have shared.

Of course, there are the other collectors that adore them and are super unhappy (understandably) that Kid Creations has completely canceled the line. Or is about to.

While I understand all parties involved I do have an opinion about what some of the collectors have mentioned in regards to the “public” complaints. I have seen lots and lots and lots of complaints, rants, public displays of happiness etc. in the doll world. I have seen people give constructive criticism and people are just being straight up rude. I have seen people genuinely enjoy a doll and I have seen people never saying ANYTHING negative about about a company. Like it is their granma’s company or something.

I am in the middle. I think that publicly giving constructive criticism and pointing out flaws so a product can be improved is super important. Does it hurt to see someone complaining about a product you have created? Of course. But we are not gods. We are not without flaw and the same goes for the things we create and put out there.

In my 10+ years of collecting I have seen a lot of creators that simply turn their back on people that say even the smallest “negative” thing about their product and just surround themselves with people that only applaud their designs. In my book that is completely wrong and it’s a recipe for disaster. Also, it only shows a huge and artificially inflated ego. /:

Listen to the complaints, as much as they hurt, open an honest dialogue with the people that genuinely care about the product even if they point out the flaws. Of course, there will be trolls and people that only look for a fight, but it’s pretty easy to spot them out and just find a way to scroll around them.

It’s a pity that these dolls have been canceled or are about to be. I personally find them beautiful and I would have loved to own one, especially the much awaited AA Sindy. Yes, I am more and more obsessed with AA dolls. :D

If it was me, I would just toughen up and continue. Yes, it’s difficult, but nothing is impossible.

I truly wish only the best for the entire team and keep my fingers crossed they will decide to re-work the designs and release that gorgeous AA doll. ;)

Where are you with this “we should/shouldn’t say negative things” topic?


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    Well yes and no. I can understand that people don’t like a product but I bet there is ton of people that like the dolls also. Very often I get the feeling that it’s about generations. I notice that adult collectors very often favourite the dolls from the era the grow up. It’s unfair to compare vintage dolls with new made and one of the reasons may be that the bad items haven’t survived through the years and nothing compares to the dolls that we lost.

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    Hi Adam
    I am so sorry you suffer for your opinion ,, I have to say I agree with you. People do take this far too personal. I am not a fan of the vintage Sindy.I loved Hasbro s doll and vivid imagination. I think the issue is decent doll production is expensive and they tend to buy cheap from China. It is sad for collectors but as you said your only reporting the facts . Keep up the good work I enjoy your postings
    Thank you.

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    Monster Crafts

    I do agree that there are some negative Nancys in the doll community that always have a complaint or something negative to say because nothing has been good since the 90s. I do think that we, as collectors, are free to talk about a product and point out what we like or dislike about it. If a movie comes out, you have the right to talk about it if you’ve watched right? I don’t think movie directors expect that nobody expresses their opinion about their movies.

    I do agree with you that critiques aren’t a bad thing, as far as they’re constructive. However, I do see that some people take it too far and bash the products for the sake of being negative, or even bash the designers personally. Speaking of the designers, I’ve found out that sometimes, when a design is disappointing, it’s not even their fault, because their concept got washed out by the company while trying to cut corners. This is specially obvious when it comes to Mattel. If you follow Garrett Sander, you will see how some Monster High products had a more elaborated concept than the final product.

    I think we should all be able to expres our opinion about a product, as far as we are constructive and polite in the way we express ourselves. At the end of the day, opinions are just that, opinons, they’re not facts.

  4. 5
    Terri K Gold

    As a long time collector who had an entire company and many of it’s cheerleaders turn on me because of my being outspoken and less than diplomatic, it hurts to read more about this topic. It took me years to learn that my money speaks louder than words and that my words are better expressed on my own blog rather than on the companys’ fora.

  5. 6

    I say stick to your guns. Everyone deserves a voice, and honestly I think a lot of collectors say nice things so that they can be heard, in order to … let’s face it… get free product. And that makes me physically unwell.

  6. 7
    Sasha Joelle

    I just love the new Kids Kreations Sindy. They are extremely well made, poseable and gorgeous. I got all 6 dolls and I cannot wait for the next batch of dolls. I am not sorry that I got them from ebay. Convenient and safe. Very happy.

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