Doll Collector Must Have Books

Although the internet is our first choice when it comes to information, there are out there a lot of amazing books that, IMO, are must haves for any doll collector, rookie or seasoned.

Here are some of the best books out there.

Barbie Forever: Her Inspiration, History, and Legacy

A beautifully illustrated book about the history of the world’s best known doll.

LINK to buy.

Dressing Barbie

Although a relatively new book, this gem written by legendary doll designer Carol Spencer is simply a must. Even though you may not collect the dolls from the eras illustrated in this book, I highly recommend it.

LINK to buy.

Doll Junk: Collectible and Crazy Fashions from the ’70s and ’80s

This book is on my Christmas wishlist. I have heard amazing things about it. If you are into the so called doll clones, you should try and get this book.

LINK to buy.

Forgotten Fashion and Teen Dolls of the 60s and 70s

Speaking of clones, these two books are also musts. Not sure if you can still order them, but try emailing the author HERE. I have just the first book and would love to get the second also.

BOOK 1: Clones of the US-market

BOOK 2: Clones of the German & European Market

The Complete & Unauthorized Guide to Vintage Barbie® Dolls

This is the second edition of this book and it’s a must. I love all the books written by Hillary Shilkitus James.

LINK to buy.

It’s All About the Accessories for the World’s Most Fashionable Dolls, 1959-1972

Another of Hillary’s books.

Link to buy.

Darci Identification and Price Guide

Darci is one of those fashion dolls are always seems to skip under the radar and it’s a pity because she is such a beautiful doll. This book offers all the information you may need about her, but it is out of print so check eBay if you want to buy it.

The History of Sindy: Britain’s Top Teenage Doll 

Another must have and very hard to find book. As Sindy has had a comeback this year, maybe we’ll be lucky enough to have this book printed again. Fingers crossed!

Barbie & her MOD, MOD, MOD, MOD
World of Fashion 1967-1972

Joe Blitman is a long time dealer and collector in the doll world and his book has become a reference for anyone interested in the MOD era.

Link to buy.

All of J Michael Augustyniak’s books

I can’t express how sorry I am that Michael passed away some years ago. Such an incredible man and his books are some of my favorite doll reading ever!

Links to buy:

Collector’s Encyclopedia of Barbie Doll Collector’s Editions: Identification and Values

Barbie Around the World: Identification & Values, 1964-2007

The Barbie Doll Boom: Identification and Values

Thirty Years of Mattel Fashion Dolls: Identification & Value Guide 1967 Through 1997

The Ultimate Barbie Doll Book

A very detailed book that is great for learning the Barbie basics.

Link to buy.

Sarah Sink Eames’s book about Barbie fashions

Quite expensive so grab them fast if you find them for a good price.

The Barbie Closet: Price Guide for Barbie & Friends Fashions and Accessories, 1959-1970

Love this book also for identifying vintage and MOD fashions.

Link to buy.

Barbie: All Dolled Up: Celebrating 50 Years of Barbie

I remember when this came out in 2009. I was just starting my blog and was simply fascinated by this book.

Link to buy.

Barbie in Japan

This book is on my 2021 wishlist because I want to elarn more about all those beautiful Japanese exclusives. A bit pricey, but worth it.

These are all my main recommendations. Please feel free to let me know in the comments below what other doll collector books you recommend.

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