Sugar & SpicePoppy Parker™ Duo-Doll Gift Set

The Poppy gods have smiled upon its fans and the 4th W Club Exclusive doll of the 2020 W Club membership year has turned out to be a Poppy Parker Duo Gift Set!

As any a quintessential ’50s gal, one of the Poppy dolls is rocking a poodle skirt with a cinched waist and full silhuette. These skirts became popular after actress Juli Lynne Charlot  was invited to a Christmas party, but had nothing appropriate to wear. Luckily her mother had a factory that worked with felt so all she had to do, as she posessed no sewing skills, was to cut a circle out of felt and tadaaaaa. A skirt was born. She just added some Christmas motif appliqués to it and instantly became the talk of the party and of the town! Orders came pouring in and she opened her own company that stayed in business until the 80s.

To this day that kind of skirt with the poodle motif is what everyone thinks when talking about a young girl in the 50s.

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The other doll clearly draws inspiration from the iconic movie Grease and Sandy’s racy outfit at the fair.

As you must already know, Barbie has also used these themes for several of their dolls. Which company did it better is really up to you to decide. All I know right now is that I love this set and I am looking forward to adding it to my collection if someone will part with it. :D

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