Mary Quant x Licca Chan 50th Anniversary doll

Did you hear me scream? Cause I sure did when I saw this doll on my dear Samantha Asher’s Facebook wall. Mary Quant, the iconic British designer and maker of the Daisy doll, has teamed up with Takara Tomy’s Licca to celebrate Mary’s 50th anniversary.

The doll is a limited edition and she retails for 11.000 ¥ on the official site, but I don’t think they ship outside of Japan. On ebay she is about $200.

Either way, she is so cute! I wish she would be available worldwide. Pretty sure a lot of doll collectors would like to have her in their collections. Daisy may not be as popular as Sindy, but she is an iconic doll, just like the designs created by her “mother”.

Will you be adding this doll in your collection?

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    I so wish! I’ve got about 10 vintage Mary Quant Daisy dolls (one NRFB) and a Havoc and I’d love this but I’m in the UK so $200 is too much for me

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