2021 Barbie Signature/Collector Dolls Full List

I am trying to put together a list of upcoming dolls so that you can plan ahead your budget. For me, literally only 2 of these dolls are interesting. The Malibu set and Superstar Christie allthough I am afraid it will not be a repro, but an updated version like the Black Barbie Anniversary one. As much as I think the 2020 is nice, I would really like this one to look just like the original.

Helen Keller Barbie (Jan) $40
Eleanor Roosevelt Barbie (Jan) $40
60th Anniversary Silkstone Ken (Jan) $75
Crystal Fantasy Barbie (Jan) $120
Malibu Barbie Friends Gift Set (Feb) $80
Pink Collection Barbie (Feb) $120
Top Gun Maverick Barbie (Apr) $50
Barbie Looks (April) $34
2021 Holiday Barbie Blonde (May) $47
2021 Holiday Barbie Hispanic (May) $47
2021 Holiday Barbie African American (May) $47
Superstar Christie Barbie (May) $50
Rewind Barbie (May) $48
Dia de Muertos Barbie and Ken (June)
Lucille Ball Barbie
Elvis Presley Barbie (May) $58
David Bowie Barbie (Aug) $60
Gold Medal Barbie Repro (No date yet) $35

These prices are from an idependent dealer so they might differ from the price they will be listed at on the official website. Anyway, there is certainly an increase in the price point and, sorry to say this, it simply is not worth it for me.

Also, the Kith Barbie doll has been produced and will be released this year. No word on the date or the price point. I will update the post everytime I get new info. Stay tuned!


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    Thank you to have shared all the informations you have about the dolls of 2021. As a retro fanatic all the repros are intriguing me a lot but I am quite curious for the ‘Rewind’ line. The tag price seems good and maybe the dolls will be quite nice. Do you have any idea what ‘Rewind’ stands for? Thanks again ❤️

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