A Fashionable Legacy Violaine Perrin™ Gift Set

The 5th and final W Club Exclusive doll of the 2020 W Club membership year has been revealed! Wow. Can’t believe it’s almost time for the 2021 W Club membership renewal and join period. I am sooooo excited to join this year! So upset I didn’t do it last year because 2020 had some amazing dolls, but I am not going to miss the new year.

“Dark side”, here I comeeeeeeeeee!

Item # 82128
A Fashionable Legacy
Violaine Perrin™ Gift Set
The NU. Face™ Collection
2020 W Club Exclusive
Limited Edition: TBD
Estimated Arrival: Summer 2021
Retail Price: $199 + Shipping & Handling
Head Sculpt: Vanessa 2.0/Violaine 1.0
Body Type: NF 3.0
Foot Sculpt: High-heeled
Skin Tone: Japan
Hair Color: Raven
Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-applied
Quickswitch: No

While I think she is gorgeous and her accesories are too, her suit is way too Harley Quinn for my taste. It kind of kills it for me. But I appreciate a lot how many things you get for $199 plus S&H. Just look at her box! It’s a matching trunk! (last image) I don’t wanna go on and compare her to OTHER adult collector dolls, but…

Anyway, she will ship sometime this summer so, if you are getting her, you have plenty of time to save up. The preorder deposit is $30 and you have until Jan 29th, 2021, 12 PM (Noon) Eastern Time to post your pre-order.

Happy shopping!

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