2021 Color Reveal dolls and play sets

I am not a fan of the Color Reveal series. And I am not talking about me as a collector, but as a mother. I find them too expensive for what they are. At least, in Romania they are overpriced. As soon as the “magical” effect vanishes and the doll is revealed, my kids loose interest in them. For the money I pay for them, I would rather buy supplies and make a volcano or some other kind of science experiment with them.

But this just me. I know others like them and maybe other kids play with them for a longer time so this might be the reason a WHOLE lot of new dolls and playsets are being released. For now, these are available in the Czech Republic and in Poland.

Color Reveal Glitter asortment

Color Reveal Monochrome assortment

Color Reveal Holiday series

Color Reveal Egg Surprise

Color Reveal Perfumed Foam Surprise

Color Reveal Fantasy Dolls

All images are via the very PUBLIC Polish Mattel catalogue. Just in case my “friend” that snitched me to his idols and got my account closed reads this. And he does! :D

Anyway, thoughts?


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    Ms. Kristen

    I can’t stand them. They are overpriced in the United States as well. The basic color reveal dolls are almost twice the price of a fashionista and I feel like they are about the same quality.

    I don’t like that the heads can’t be swapped to a different body. I don’t like that a the pretty makeup is only visible when the doll’s face is wet. The wigs on the ones that have wigs fit the heads awkwardly. If it wasn’t for those issues, it would have been cool to buy them to wig swap with a bunch of fun different colors. I miss that about the Liv dolls.

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