2021 Ken 60th Anniversary Silkstone Doll

Ken is finally getting an anniversary collector doll. While I am not impressed by it and I think Ken does deserve more, I know some of you want him to join the Anniversary #1 Silkstone Barbie doll.

He will be released on March 11th so watch out for a link on my social media platforms and here.


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    Wendy Dirks

    I actually owned the first Ken doll back in 1961 and I don’t remember him looking quite so dopey. I went online and looked at some pictures and this doll doesn’t look quite the same. The differences are subtle but enough to put me off. The first Barbie and Ken reminded me of my parents; my 1959 Barbie was brunette like my mother, and my Ken blond, like my dad. I thought they both were quite glamorous, representing the world of “grown-ups.” This guy just doesn’t cut it.

  2. 2

    The reproduction dolls that Mattel makes never look exactly like the originals. The lips on this repro are painted totally different than the original, they look like a woman’s lips. It would have been nice if an outfit was included, preferably one of the harder to find Ken outfits from 1966.

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