2021 Beach Babe Poppy Parker Doll

It was just a matter of time before Poppy Parker got the Basic treatment. Starting Monday, March 23nd, 2021 at Noon Eastern Time, this beauty will be available on the IT Direct Shop to be purchased by everyone, members and non-members, just like the other 2 open edition series.

Club members do get a headstart and can order her, using the link they got in the club email, on Monday, March 22nd. If any dolls are left after that, they will be available for the general public. IF!

While I do love Poppy Parker, I think I will be waiting to see if I want to buy her when she will be restoked. I am also not very confident in the stock images that IT has shown lately and will wait first to see if I like her in IRL images. Who knows… I might end up falling in love with her.


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    Already sold out. ‘Sigh’ People are always snatching up Poppy Parker dolls. I thought this system would make things easier for those outside of the Wclub, but that has not been the case for me. I hope when they release another wave of Poppy all of those early people will have moved on and the doll will become common enough to lose value among the ebay scalpers. I just get so annoyed when a brand new doll is sold out before I can even consider it. I guess I will keep crossing my fingers to catch more regular releases during pre-orders. Every once in a blue moon, I get lucky.

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