2017 GAW souvenirs for sale

(P) Have you missed this year’s GAW convention? Me too. :( Lots of great pieces of news were presented there and, of course, lots of doll collectors showcased their creations. My friend Adele at Eleda’s Shop is having a sale that includes some dolls she created for the event and an uber cute souvenir vintage style serving cart and tea set. <3 Adorbs! Check them out by clicking the images below.




And, as a bonus, here are some up close images of the new King of The Crystal Caves Ken doll that was introduced at the convention. Gosh, I love him!

2017 Portuguese Doll Convention Charity Auction

The time has come for the 2017 Portuguese Doll Convention Charity Auction to start! This auction will benefit Make-A-Wish Portugal. The goal of this foundation is to grant the wish of every child diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition between the ages of 3 and 18, with serious, malignant, progressive, degenerative or terminal diseases, with the purpose of providing them with a unique moment of hope, strength and joy.

Let’s take a look at all the dollie goodies this auction has to offer. Click on the titles to get to the bidding page.

Autographed Barbie® Picture from @barbistyle

OOAK Barbie Prototype from @barbistyle

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2017 Gabby Douglas Barbie doll IRL images

The new 2017 Gabby Douglas Barbie doll has popped up on eBay so let’s talk about her.

while I am not a fan of sports inspired dolls I do think this doll is quite nice. She was at first released as a special OOAK doll and then was announced that a collector edition will be mass produced.

I love her box, I love the fact that she has a full sports attire and is that a miniature zipper? I wonder if it works.

Overall, she is a really nice doll. Not for my collection but I’m pretty sure she’ll be a success.


IRL images of the 2017 BFMC Barbie Blush and Gold Dress doll

Hi, everyone! I hope you are having an amazing weekend and to all celebrating Easter – Hristos a Înviat. :)

I have a small present for you. Some IRL images of the beautiful 2017 BFMC Barbie Blush and Gold Dress doll. I am really liking this year’s Silkstone dolls and this doll looks amazing up close.

Will you be getting any of the new Silkies?

Spring Barbie giveaway!

Spring is in the air (at least it should be) and I have a giveaway for you. <3 You can win this super cute Barbie doll dressed in a custom dress by Eleda Shop.

What you have to do to win her is super easy! Comment in the comments section below that you want her and then go to Eleda’s shop on eBay. I’ll take your word on that. ;) She has so many cute dolls for really amazing prices so you will not regret looking through her shop.

The contest will end on April 2nd. I will assign a number to each comment and I will draw one number using Random.org.

Good luck, everyone!

Alice Dolls – from Romania with love

I have told you numerous times how excited I am to share with you Romanian made doll creations and now I have the extreme pleasure of introducing you to Alice Dolls!

Alice Dolls is a series of 5 porcelain, articulated dolls (BJD) created by illusytrator & designer Alice. This unique collection is made of deities and semi-deities (fairies) belonging to the fascinating Romanian mythology. This type of dolls are for the first time created by a Romanian artist.

These precious goddesses are a cultural vector: through them the designer is promoting around the world the beautiful and spiritual Romanian myths. Along with these, she also promotes the beautiful, unique and profoundly symbolical aesthetics of the Romanian folklore. These legends are, in essence, universal, yet their particularities are unique. And all of these deserve to be seen and heard by the the entire world.

Following 2 years of intense research and actual work, Alice created 5 doll concepts:

Dragaica – or “sanziana”, a well-known (in our country, of curse) fairy who appears just one special night (24th of June), transforming herself from the sanziana flower to this enchanting fairy. She transfers healing plants superpowers – there are many beautiful traditions at the countryside linked to this magical night.

ielea – a wild fairy who appears in secluded forests dancing the “hora” dance, in circles along with other 8 fairies, as stories go. She is a wild, free spirit and it’s said that whoever sees her or her sisters is cursed to be forever blinded or go crazy.

Bendis – the goddess of destiny, of family and of the Moon. She’s known for having been worshiped in ancient times in Greece, but archeological discoveries have proved that she has been worshiped on the Romanian territory thousands of years earlier.

The Moon – The main character of a beautiful legend explaining why the Sun and the Moon never meet in the sky (excepting the rare, fearful – for our ancestors – times of solar eclipse). In short: God has taken her away from The Mighty Sun, her brother, who fell in love with her and hid her on the other side of the sky. The grieving Sun’s tears have reached The Moon, having been transformed into stars and they were forced to forever see each other, but never meet.

The Bee Fairy – Legend goes that she helped the Creator in forming the Earth, giving him the idea of “ridging” its surface in order to create mountains and oceans, highs and lows…

You can shop these amazing dolls HERE (CLICK).

Here’s also a video about these amazing and delicate dolls.

There will also be a series of dolls in partnership with famed Romanian fashion designer Maria Lucia Hohan.

Aren’t they amazing? <3 Tell me what you think about these small pieces of art. Don't forget to check out their Facebook page for more updates.

2017 Barbie Career dolls, Camping Out plus other dolls

Again thank you for these, Muhammed Bagci. :*

Here are some of the 2017 Barbie Career dolls.

There also are two 2017 Camping Out dolls.

Not sure about the name of this one.

And this will be some sort of an advent calendar.

I can also tell you that I have seen an unannounced Collector Doll and I can bet you’ll love her. She is something you are not expecting. :D All I can say is: Hair. That’s all I can say! Just wait and see. ;)