OOAK Sumatra doll by The Black Swan Company

My dear friend (yes, I have a LOT of friends in the dolly world) Francesco Catalano is back with a gorgeous doll he created for the Madrid Fashion Doll Show charity auction. Her name is Sumatra and she reminds me of the stunning Tribal Beauty Barbie doll. I love her details, the mix of cultural elements and her beautiful face. So stunning!


Ber sure to check back here in a few days for more details about the dolls that will be auctioned on behalf of the MFDS.

“ESPAÑA” OOAK doll by Betoral Doll Designs

One of my current favorite OOAK doll artists is Alberto Celano aka Betoral. He is an incredibly talented artist from Spain that has impressed me with his detailed work, amazing beading and painting talent and overall look and feel of his creations.

He is now working with my friend Susan from DollGenie.com and their second collaboration is this beautiful “ESPAÑA” OOAK doll that is now available for sale.


Check out the official description of the doll on Doll Genie’s Facebook page and contact Alberto HERE (CLICK) or at this email – (betoral85@gmail.com) – for more details.

Barbie paintings by Livin’ Plastic Dolls

I met Servando Hernandez of Livin’ Plastic Dolls online when he message me about his OOAK dolls. His incredible skills and amazing creations made me fall in love with his work right away. Then, at his year’s Madrid Fashion Doll Show I got a chance to meet him in person and also see another part of his artistic talent.


He is from Mexico, has graduated the Fine Arts school as an industrial designer (just like me!), he’s 24 and has painted all his life. His first artistic love is now combined with his second one, “plastic arts”, and he’s trying to use his academic specializing in sculpt and fashion pattern design to create beautiful OOAK dolls.

When we sat at the same table at MFDS he gifted each of us (including Carlyle Nuera) an amazing Barbie paiting. Each painting was different and all of them are hand painted on a canvas with a mixed technique. I got the Stefano Canturi Barbie and I’m now waiting for it to be framed. It will look amazing in my room. :X

And speaking of his OOAK dolls, check out his Cara Delevingne A B I T O . B I A N C O OOAK doll. I saw her live at MFDS and she’s stunning!


New 2017 Fashionistas Ken dolls

An Instagram user has posted yesterday an image of the upcoming 2017 Fashionistas Ken doll and they look really good! I can see Carlye’s hand as I know he loves using new and different molds. Now if we can only made that hair real, they would be perfect.

My Buy, Sell, Trade and Talk About Doll Group

Today I discovered I got deleted from another doll group for simply not posting enough. A while back I got deleted AND banned because I have asked the owner of the group to credit the images and copy-paste info he got from my blog. Silly.

Because I’m tired of this doll drama, I have reactivated and changed my buy and sell group. I have decided to make it a fun group where you can sell, buy, trade but also talk about dolls, showcase your OOAK creations and anything else doll related.

I’m also looking for moderators so please let me know if you want to help me.

Come and join the fun by clicking the banner below.

papusile mele doll group



The registration for the 4th Portuguese Doll Convention is now opened! The theme for next year is “The Spies” and there will be an exclusive convention doll again. My guess is next year’s international convention dolls will be just like in the US, meaning they will be vinyls designed by Bill Greening. :D

The convention will take place in Lisbon in the weekend of April 8 and 9, 2017, and more info will be available soon.
You have three payment plans as it follows:

A: 100€ : REGISTRATION UNTIL 30.09.2016 / PAYMENT UNTIL 30.10.2016
C: 130€ : AFTER 31.DECEMBER. 2016

You can find more info on the official website, on the official Facebook page or by emailing the organizers at clubeportuguesdebonecas@gmail.com.

See you there!!

First images of the Charlotte Olympia Barbie doll

first image charlotte olympia barbie doll

Cheryl’s Dolls has the first images of the new Charlotte Olympia Barbie doll and she’s uber cute! Not going to post the images here so that my email inbox will not be gifted with some email from Mattel, but you can check the images out HERE (CLICK).

I love that she’s part of a gift set and that she has a vintage look. Really classy, but a bit on the expensive site. I hope the quality of the fashions and accessories match this price. Not crazy about the gloves because I think this type of gloves always look funny on a doll. It’s like a small child’s gloves are worn by a grownup. Lol. Am I the only one that feels like this? But the rest of the accessories and the box look cute. I’m glad Mattel has made an effort to make a more appealing box. I wonder if the purses open.

What do you think of her?