2016 Roma Fashion Doll Convention Workshops

Next month the last of the 2016 doll shows will take place in Rome. This will be the second Roma Fashion Doll Convention and it’s looking like it will be a lot of fun. I will not be attending due to some family issues, but I’ll be trying to keep you posted about everything that will go down there.

During the festival two workshops will be held and here’s all the info about them.


The workshop on hair reroot “Cuts, Slips, Create “, edited by Sarah Tesser will be held Saturday, November 19 at 11:30 am at the Viminale hall at Eurostars Roma Aeterna Hotel Via Casilina 125 Roma all’ inside of the RFDC 2016 program and it will last for one hour and thirty minutes about 2
It is an event reservation for a maximum of 10 people with a stake of E 10 per person
All participants will be given a kit consisting of:
Barbie head
Lock of hair
Notepad for notes
Scissors (shared)
Pliers (shared)


The workshop on hair style , edited by Carlotta Mascaretti will be held Saturday, November 19 at 2:30 pm at the Viminale hall at Eurostars Roma Aeterna Hotel Via Casilina 125 Roma all’ inside of the RFDC 2016 program and it will last for one hour and thirty minutes about 2
It is an event reservation for a maximum of 10 people with a stake of E 10 per person
All participants will be given a kit consisting of:
One Barbie Doll pink box ( play line )
Transparent elastic
Elastic foam
Scissors (shared)
Hair Spray (shared)
Gell (shared

For all infos and reservations contact us on:
We are waiting for you!

New playline dolls and sets on Amazon

Lots of new playline dolls and sets have been uploaded on Amazon. They are not yet available, but let’s take a look at them. As walways, click on the name to go to the Amazon page. Thaks to my gorgeous friend Muhammed for the tip. I will also include print screen sof the dolls’ pages on Amazon just so everybody will see from where I got them in case the pages will not work.

Barbie Water Play Latina Beach Doll


Barbie Water Play African American Beach Doll, Male


Barbie Water Play Blonde Beach Doll


Barbie Water Play Red Haired Beach Doll


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New Fashionistas Barbie dolls: Pretty Popsicles Doll & Pink Tulle Skirt Doll?

Ok… So I’m a bit skeptical. A collector friend (Dannii Saumane‎) posted on The Doll Cafe forum about two new Fashionistas dolls that have popped up on Amazon. Pretty Popsicles Doll & Pink Tulle Skirt Doll. The problem is they promo images look very messy. Are they real? Click the name of the dolls to go to their pages. I have done some print screens of the pages just in case it turns out they are not real.

Barbie Girls Fashionistas 54 Pink Tulle Skirt Doll


Barbie Girls Fashionistas 56 Pretty Popsicles Doll


Convention doll and extra doll at the 2016 Convención National de Coleccionista en España

This weekend the 2016 Convención National de Coleccionista en España has taken place. It’s the second convention in Spain and the 4th European convention from this year. There is just one left, the Roma Fashion Doll Convention that will take place next month.

This year’s theme was the Fabulous 40’s and two convention dolls were received by conventioneers. Just like MFDS, one of the dolls was an extra doll and it was not included in the basic convention package. This year the extra doll was designed by duo Ninamorgue, the amazing designers behind the The Huntsman Winter’s War: Ravenna OOAK doll that you saw this spring at IDC.

Her name is Lady Navy.

Images by Alessandro Gatti.

The convention doll donated by Mattel was a Platinum version of the first Classic Black Dress Silkstone. This one has a lighter hair and skin tone and a different makeup.

Image by Maria Margarida Salvado Campos

I actually like more the extra doll, but that’s just me. :P

OOAK collections by Monissima: Sakura & Aloha 50’s


Monissima (aka Mon Arena) is a doll artist and enthusiat from Spain. She was involved in the organization of the past Convención National de Coleccionista en España and now she has presented two new OOAK collections at the sales room from this year’s convention.

The first one is called Sakura and it’s a delicate MH collection inspired by the beautiful Japanese flowers.


The second collection is inspired by the sexy designs of the 50’s pin-ups and is called Aloha 50s.


Love both collections so much!

New Barbie Collector dolls: Look Barbie Doll – Pool Chic & Park Pretty, Classic Black Dress Brunette

Three new dolls are up on The Barbie Collection website. We have two beautiful new Look dolls and a Silkstone. I love the Look dolls especially the Pool Chic one. So gorgeous!
Not even going to adress the Silkstone. I think you know why…

The Barbie Look™ Barbie® Doll – Pool Chic


The Barbie Look™ Barbie® Doll – Park Pretty


Classic Black Dress Barbie® Doll (Brunette)


“One Night In Bollywood“ OOAK doll by Artist Creations

Artist Creations has donated this year also a beautiful OOAK doll for the Madrid Fashion Doll Show charity auction.


One Magic Night in a land so far away… This is the sparkling atmosfere where you can find the amazing OOAK Doll created by Artist Creations for MFDS 2016. The dress is made out of gold laminate tulle fabric and is completely hand embroidered with crystals and tiny sequences, imbraced by a colored frame of fuxia and yellow soft tulle fabric. All these elements are part of this sophisticate evening gown adorned with many different kinds of precious decorations including Svarowsky crystals, all 100% hand embroidered. The elegant train and the shape of the corsett make the doll even more precious.

Hairstyle and accessories are all hand made by Artist Creations: total facial makeover, hand painted with high quality water base acrylic colors, hairstyle, earrings and bracelet in tiny Svarowki elements, stockings, and matching shoes.
Doll size: Barbie(TM) 12”

Doll Pictures by Marco Colletti

The auction will start tommorow so stay tuned for the links to all the dolls.

“Anjali” OOAK Doll by Sebastian Atelier

The charity auction for the 2016 Madrid Fashion Doll Show is getting closer! On September 30th you’ll be able to start biding on a lot of amazing dolls and all the profits will benefit Un juguete, una ilusión.

Today let me introduce you to another one of the dolls that have been donated to this charity. This is “Anjali” by Sebastian Atelier. “Anjali” means ” one who loves the soul of peaple and things “. She wears an evening dress inspired by the indian sari. This gown is in fushia taffeta haloed at the bottom by curvilinear designs embroidered with silver sequins and beads. The top consists of many petals worked assymmetrically et remembers the petals of the lotus. Each one was made and embroidered by hand.


A long scarf is born on her shoulders and ends in a cascade of flowers blossom and a peacock feather embroidered also with silver and beads sequins.
Her face was fully painted with professional acrylic paint and varnish. To accentuate her sweet look, “Anjali” wears eyelashes. Her raven hair is collected to form a high ponytail surrounded by a tress. Over a silver metal crown gives her a princely air.

“Anjali” will be shipped in her box with her certificate of authenticity signed by the artist and her doll stand. Original sketch included!
All accessories and the embroideries are handmade by the artist Sebastian Atelier. Outfit fully lined and cannot takes away from the doll.
The original doll is Silkstone Lingerie 3.

You can discover more of his ooak creations on his website.

New Barbie Fashionistas and careers with curvy body!

There’a a bunch of new Barbie Fashionistas and Barbie Careers up on Amazon and they are even more versatile than before! I may not be happy with their quality, but their design is just perfect. Judy Choi is really doing a great job with these dolls. Click on the dolls names to go to their page on Amazon.

Barbie Girls Fashionistas 51 Polka Dot Fun Doll


Barbie Girls Fashionistas 49 Double Denim Look Doll


Barbie Girls Fashionistas 53 Lovely in Lilac Doll


Barbie Girls Fashionistas 48 Daisy Top Doll


Barbie Careers Pop Star Doll


Barbie #4 Careers Doll


Barbie #3 Careers Doll