What we know so far – 2017 Barbie Collector dolls

The new year is here and everyone is asking about the list of the upcoming 2017 Collector Barbie dolls. As we can all agree that 2016 was not such a good year for BC so collectors’ expectations are very high for the 2017 lineup.

So let’s recap what we know so far. My sources are Doll Genie and Cheryl’s Dolls.

Wonder Woman movie dolls: Wonder Woman, Antiope, Queen Hypolita. Can’t wait for these! I’m a HUGE WW fan and thios movie and these dolls are a dream for me!

Barbie Quinceanera. She is designed by Carlyle Nuera. There have been 3 Quinceanera Barbie and Teresa dolls before so I can’t want to see how this one will look.

25th Anniversary Totally Hair Barbie doll. This year markes the anniversary of the best selling Barbie doll of all times so, to celebrate her anniversary, she’ll ge getting a Collector makeover. So excited about this one!

Three Silkstones: BFMC Barbie Blush and Gold Dress, Barbie Classic Black Dress, Barbie Tweed Suit. I have seen one of them and all I can say is: she has accesories!!!!!

Gabby Douglas Barbie doll. I hope she’ll come in a set just like in the picture below.

Natalia Vodinova Barbie doll. Several media outlets ran a story last year about an OOAK doll depicting the supermodel and they also mentioned it will be made as a LE doll in 2017. No other info about her is available.

– The Look series, Birthday Wishes, Ballet Wishes and Happy Holidays will most likely continue this year also.

That was it so far! I hope there will be more interesting dolls this year and I hope we’ll get some fab Platinum Label dolls. Can’t wait to see the convention dolls! They will be designed by Bill Greening. <3

Haunted Vampires Doll Collection by Livin’ Plastic Dolls

2016 is almost over and 2017 is looking like it’s going to be a lot of fun. Not only am I waiting for the new official Barbie dolls to be released (we’ll be talking about that tomorrow), but I’m also looking forward to what OOAK doll designers will be creating.

Servando of Livin’ Plastic Dolls is hard at work with a new collection entitled Haunted Vampires Doll and here’s a sneak peak of one of the dolls from that collection.

I have no word to express how amazing this doll looks. I love everything about her. The perfect sculpt, the intricate dress, the amazing concept.

Can’t wait to see more!

Moschino Barbie and Ken Giftset (original and different face sculpt)

Today the new Moschino® Barbie® and Ken® Giftset has launched on TheBarbieCollection website and in stores (plus other online stores). The set leaked a week in advance so this gave plenty of time to collectors to talk about it. Everybody’s main concern and complaint is Barbie’s face. The Millie face sculpt makes the entire doll look way too playline for this set and it’s price tag.


Today I had some time for myself so I decided to change her face and see what this doll would have looked like with another sculpt. Please excuse my sloppy Photoshop skills but I had to work fast.







What do you guys thik? What sculpt would you have likes this doll to have?

2016 Roma Fashion Doll Convention Extra doll plus info

This weekend the last of the 2016 doll conventions took place in Rome. The second edition of the Roma Fashion Doll Convention had two beautiful convention dolls. The first one was a red haired Little Black dress Silkie and the second one was a surprise doll called B White.


170 pieces worldwide. Special Extra Souvenir Doll at Roma Fashion Doll Convention 2016 approved by Mattel, Designed and produced by Artist Creations in collaboration with the Italian fabric brand Pierlorenzo Bassetti Tessuti & Marco Gambedotti with the contribution of italian Barbie Collectors Rosella Iobbi & Raffele Perrone.

At the gala dinner they also announced the theme for next year PLUS a great surprise!
The 2017 theme will be The Glory Of 80’s and Mattel designer Bill Greening will be attending the convention and will designing a special Extra Convention Doll (limited edition) produced by Artist Creations and RFDC! How amazing is that?!


Count me in ’cause I’m definetly going. <3

Ashley Graham gets her own Barbie doll

This year was the year of the new Barbie body types so it comes almost natural that supermodel Ashley Graham helped design a new Barbie doll with a curvy body and, as she herself said, has thights that touch.

The doll was presented to her at the annual Glamour’s Women of the Year ceremony where she was onored for her activism toward inclusivity in fashion and for being strong influence on young women. The doll was designed by Robert Best.




Come on @Barbie, let's go party!!! ?Thank you to my new and incredible @Mattel family for this honor! #beautybeyondsize #barbie #curvybarbie

Un clip video postat de A S H L E Y G R A H A M (@theashleygraham) pe

I wonder if this doll will become a Collector doll just as the Ava DuVernay doll. I bet a lot of collectors will go crazy for her.

2016 Roma Fashion Doll Convention charity auction

Another week, another amazing charity auction. The 2016 Roma Fashion Doll Convention charity auction has started a couple of days ago and it features an amazing asortment of OOAK dolls, convetion dolls and even a prototype. As always click on the names to go to the ebay page where you can bid.

OOAK Barbie Artist Doll “ Lady Gaga “ by Alla Dolgaleva Rapoport & Anna Nosova


OOAK Barbie Silkstone Artist Dolls “ Blue Royal “ by Artist Creations,Italy


OOAK Barbie Artist doll “ Lady Violet “ by Betoral Dolls Designer Alberto Celano

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2017 Birthday Wishes AA and Hispanic versions

Via Dannii Saumane on The Doll Cafe group we have images of the 2017 Birthday Wishes AA and Hispanic versions. Really, really loving their faces. So sweet! Not crazi about the blonde version, but these looks really cute.

LE: The images are from TheBarbieCollection.com.

2017 Birthday Wishes® Barbie® Doll AA



2017 Birthday Wishes® Barbie® Doll Hispanic



New 2017 Barbie Fashionistas Dolls: Kittie Cutie, Plaid on Plaid, Emerald Check, Lovely in Lilac

New 2017 Barbie Fashionistas dolls are up on Amazon. As always, I love their design, but I need to see them up close to make up my mind is I like them or not. The dolls are not yet available for purchase, but click on the names and bookmark the links.

Kittie Cutie


Plaid on Plaid


Emerald Check


Lovely in Lilac


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2016 Spanish Barbie Convention ebay Charity Auction

The 2016 Convención Nacional de Coleccionistas de Barbie en España ebay Charity Auction has started a few days ago and you still have 5 more days left to bid on some amazing OOAK dolls. Check them out below.
All the money will go to the Fundación Sandra Ibarra, an organization that fights agains cancer.

Click on the titles of the dolls to go to the bidding pages.

“MISS LOLLA PIN“ OOAK by Magestic Dolls


“Red Queen“ repaint doll by Francisco Roldan



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Roma Fashion Doll Convention 2016 exibitions

Only a few days separate us from the second edition of the Roma Fashion Doll Convention! I will not be attending, but I’ll be keeping you up to date with everything going on there. Beside the actual gala dinner, sales room and workshops, the convention will also have a few exibitons. They sound so amazing! I do wish I was there…


Antonio Russo will show you a roundup of fashion hats in “HATS ON TOP & TOP ON HATS” from the amazing wardrobe of one of the most famous fashion doll designer by Mel Odom “Gene“.


LOVE IS ::: FASHIONABLE” when passion creates fashion by the SEA Group and The D-Factor by Vincenzo Funaro. Everything you wanted to know and that you never dared to ask about the world of fashionistas!


The group of BJD Dolls collectors from Rome, Land Of Immortals, presents “COVERED IN LACES“, an exhibition of wonderful dolls with breathless hand made looks.

Hand up if you’ll be attending this convention!