A few images of upcoming 2017 Fashionistas Barbie dolls

Yesterday we got a glimpse of some of the new 2017 Fashionistas Barbie dolls via a video on Instagram so, to make things easier, I made a few print screens of the new girls.

Here’s the video:

At #MattelNYTF17. First stop, Barbie central, of course. #barbie #fashionista #toys #toyfair2017

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And here are the screen grabs.

As a lot of you have already noticed, Kira is making a comeback! Wow. I love that they use more and more of the 90s “forgotten” face molds. This series is getting better every year. If it only had articulation again…

Mattel at 2017 Toy Fair – what we know so far

I have gathered up a bunch of info from the 2017 Toy Fair in regards to some of Mattel’s brands. Please feel free to add any piece of info you know.

First here’s a video from TimeToPlayMagazine.

In the video we can see a closeup of the new Fashionistas plus an image of the Yves Saint Laurent Barbie that were featured on the Barbie Style Instagram account last year.

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New 2017 Barbie Fashionistas Dolls: Kittie Cutie, Plaid on Plaid, Emerald Check, Lovely in Lilac

New 2017 Barbie Fashionistas dolls are up on Amazon. As always, I love their design, but I need to see them up close to make up my mind is I like them or not. The dolls are not yet available for purchase, but click on the names and bookmark the links.

Kittie Cutie


Plaid on Plaid


Emerald Check


Lovely in Lilac


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New playline dolls and sets on Amazon

Lots of new playline dolls and sets have been uploaded on Amazon. They are not yet available, but let’s take a look at them. As walways, click on the name to go to the Amazon page. Thaks to my gorgeous friend Muhammed for the tip. I will also include print screen sof the dolls’ pages on Amazon just so everybody will see from where I got them in case the pages will not work.

Barbie Water Play Latina Beach Doll


Barbie Water Play African American Beach Doll, Male


Barbie Water Play Blonde Beach Doll


Barbie Water Play Red Haired Beach Doll


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New Barbie Fashionistas and careers with curvy body!

There’a a bunch of new Barbie Fashionistas and Barbie Careers up on Amazon and they are even more versatile than before! I may not be happy with their quality, but their design is just perfect. Judy Choi is really doing a great job with these dolls. Click on the dolls names to go to their page on Amazon.

Barbie Girls Fashionistas 51 Polka Dot Fun Doll


Barbie Girls Fashionistas 49 Double Denim Look Doll


Barbie Girls Fashionistas 53 Lovely in Lilac Doll


Barbie Girls Fashionistas 48 Daisy Top Doll


Barbie Careers Pop Star Doll


Barbie #4 Careers Doll


Barbie #3 Careers Doll


New 2017 Fashionistas Ken dolls

An Instagram user has posted yesterday an image of the upcoming 2017 Fashionistas Ken doll and they look really good! I can see Carlye’s hand as I know he loves using new and different molds. Now if we can only made that hair real, they would be perfect.

New articulated curvy Barbie body?

The Barbie Style Instagram account just published this image that shows a very beautiful AA curvy articulated body? Could this mean we we’ll be getting it in the next wave of Fashionistas? Maybe even a tall and a petite articulated body?

Brunch time! Tag your bestie.? #barbie #barbiestyle

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As I mentioned on my page, I think Mattel is putting more effort in the playline series than in the collector one. Such a shame…

New Barbie bodies: Curvy, Petite and Tall

Mark this day in your calendar ’cause it’s the day Barbie has shut down it’s haters. Mattel has unveiled today the new bodies Barbie and her friends will have besides the classic “ideal proportions” one.

Curvy, Tall and Petite are the new sizes of Barbie’s body and I love them! I’m not the kind of person, or collector, that has thought that Barbie is or should be realistic but I’m glad now she is because this way people can stop complaining about her body image and focus on other things.

barbie time cover

Now Barbie has supermodel proportions but also has a curvy body, a tall and slim one and a petite and cute one. Now she is trully a model for everybody!! Haters, shut up!

Curvy Barbie


Petite Barbie


Tall Barbie


Love, love, love them! The only bad thing is that they are exclusive to the Mattel shops and that’s not ok. But we’ll see if they pop up in “normal” stores from all over the world. Shop them now HERE.

Check out a video of the new dolls on Time Magazine’s website HERE.