IRL images of the 2017 BFMC Barbie Blush and Gold Dress doll

Hi, everyone! I hope you are having an amazing weekend and to all celebrating Easter – Hristos a Înviat. :)

I have a small present for you. Some IRL images of the beautiful 2017 BFMC Barbie Blush and Gold Dress doll. I am really liking this year’s Silkstone dolls and this doll looks amazing up close.

Will you be getting any of the new Silkies?

What we know so far – 2017 Barbie Collector dolls

The new year is here and everyone is asking about the list of the upcoming 2017 Collector Barbie dolls. As we can all agree that 2016 was not such a good year for BC so collectors’ expectations are very high for the 2017 lineup.

So let’s recap what we know so far. My sources are Doll Genie and Cheryl’s Dolls.

Wonder Woman movie dolls: Wonder Woman, Antiope, Queen Hypolita. Can’t wait for these! I’m a HUGE WW fan and thios movie and these dolls are a dream for me!

Barbie Quinceanera. She is designed by Carlyle Nuera. There have been 3 Quinceanera Barbie and Teresa dolls before so I can’t want to see how this one will look.

25th Anniversary Totally Hair Barbie doll. This year markes the anniversary of the best selling Barbie doll of all times so, to celebrate her anniversary, she’ll ge getting a Collector makeover. So excited about this one!

Three Silkstones: BFMC Barbie Blush and Gold Dress, Barbie Classic Black Dress, Barbie Tweed Suit. I have seen one of them and all I can say is: she has accesories!!!!!

Gabby Douglas Barbie doll. I hope she’ll come in a set just like in the picture below.

Natalia Vodinova Barbie doll. Several media outlets ran a story last year about an OOAK doll depicting the supermodel and they also mentioned it will be made as a LE doll in 2017. No other info about her is available.

– The Look series, Birthday Wishes, Ballet Wishes and Happy Holidays will most likely continue this year also.

That was it so far! I hope there will be more interesting dolls this year and I hope we’ll get some fab Platinum Label dolls. Can’t wait to see the convention dolls! They will be designed by Bill Greening. <3

2016 Roma Fashion Doll Convention charity auction

Another week, another amazing charity auction. The 2016 Roma Fashion Doll Convention charity auction has started a couple of days ago and it features an amazing asortment of OOAK dolls, convetion dolls and even a prototype. As always click on the names to go to the ebay page where you can bid.

OOAK Barbie Artist Doll “ Lady Gaga “ by Alla Dolgaleva Rapoport & Anna Nosova


OOAK Barbie Silkstone Artist Dolls “ Blue Royal “ by Artist Creations,Italy


OOAK Barbie Artist doll “ Lady Violet “ by Betoral Dolls Designer Alberto Celano

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Convention doll and extra doll at the 2016 Convención National de Coleccionista en España

This weekend the 2016 Convención National de Coleccionista en España has taken place. It’s the second convention in Spain and the 4th European convention from this year. There is just one left, the Roma Fashion Doll Convention that will take place next month.

This year’s theme was the Fabulous 40’s and two convention dolls were received by conventioneers. Just like MFDS, one of the dolls was an extra doll and it was not included in the basic convention package. This year the extra doll was designed by duo Ninamorgue, the amazing designers behind the The Huntsman Winter’s War: Ravenna OOAK doll that you saw this spring at IDC.

Her name is Lady Navy.

Images by Alessandro Gatti.

The convention doll donated by Mattel was a Platinum version of the first Classic Black Dress Silkstone. This one has a lighter hair and skin tone and a different makeup.

Image by Maria Margarida Salvado Campos

I actually like more the extra doll, but that’s just me. :P

New Collector dolls! Collector Barbie with Curvy body

I’m screaming. Can you hear me?!! We have a gorgeous new CURVY COLLECTOR DOLL! Yes, you read that correctly. The new doll from the Harlem series has a curvy body and a gorgeous new face. I love you, Carlyle Nuera!

Madam LaVinia Barbie

And there’s a new Silkie also. Looks like the club doll we saw in a sketch some time ago.

Glam Gown Barbie


Thank you, Lionel Masson, for the images!

City Chic Suit Silkstone & 2016 Look Barbie dolls

This may not be news to you, but I just had to comment on the new dolls that were released at this year’s GAW Convention. I don’t even know how to start so that I would not sound bitter and resentful. But I’ll just say it.

City Chic Suit Silkstone is the fugliest and cheepest look Silkstone of LIFE! It’s a joke. Pure and simple. A JOKE. I just don’t get it. How can you go from this:


to This!

city chic suit silkstone barbie doll
Image credit Mario Paglino

So sad. Beyond sad. I actually hoped the promo image was not the real deal. I did…

Anyway, The 2016 Look dolls are very, very pretty! Too bad they didn’t keep the Steffie face for the Boho doll but, nevertheless, the dolls are delicious and actually save face for Barbie.

look barbie doll 2016 a

look barbie doll 2016 bImage credit Mario Paglino

Classic Black Dress Japan Silkstone 2016

Yesterday the first Barbie convention from 2016 took place in Japan. I was supposed to attend it but family matters have kept me home. I do hope to be able to go next year especially because the exclusive doll they have received as a convention doll is so cute!

barbie black dress silkstone japan 2016

barbie black dress silkstone japan 2016b

barbie black dress silkstone japan 2016c

We have already seen her in the Wall Street article so it makes me wonder if in those images there are more convention dolls?


Thet brunette looks sooooo pretty! Well next week the Paris convention is happening so we’ll see what the convention doll there will be.

Images via Dutch Barbie World.

Glam Dress Silkstone Barbie doll 2016

The third doll from the 2016 posable Silkstone line has been previewed on the French Barbie website and she definetly is the most beautiful one. Not only does she have a soft and gentle vibe, but she has accesories!!! She kind of gives me a Cinderella vibe.

Glam Dress Silkstone Barbie 2016

Barbie Silkstone Glam Dress 2016

There’s also a clear image of the Trench Coat Silsktone Barbie doll. Can’t say I’m crazy about this one, but I must see IRL images of her.

Barbie Silkstone Trench Coat 2016

I wonder if the new boxes will have roses on them just like the one from the Black Dress Barbie doll or something else…

IRL images of the 2016 Black Dress Silsktone Barbie doll

First of all, I wonder if Mattel will ask me to take these images down. :)) Last week they were pissed that I published some images from Amazon and they started questioning me HOW I managed to get my hands on them. When I showed them the very public Amazon links, they didn’t reply. Duh!

Anyway, DollGenie has had the Black Dress Silsktone Barbie doll in stock (she’s sold out now) and here are IRL images of her.

silkie black dress barbie1

Even if I don’t like the fact that yet again the doll has no jewelry, I do like this doll. Simple, elegant, clean. She has a beautiful eyemakeup and her updo reminds me of the #1 Barbie doll. I can’t wait to see how she poses, if the new material is sturdy or if it will break.

Welcome to the dolly world, articulated Silkies!