New 2017 Barbie Collector and Playline news + images

OMG I feel like I haven’t written a blog post in such a long time. I am still editing the images from the amazing 2017 Italian Doll Convention and I promise this weekend I will publish that post even if I’m 2 weeks late, but now let’s talk a bit about the upcoming dolls for 2017.

First off here’s a list of dolls that has been floating around the internet. I have seen it for a few weeks now but it was not complete with the full names of the dolls.

Barbie Holiday 2017 Barbie doll – DYX39
Barbie Holiday 2017 Nikki doll – DYX40
Barbie Holiday 2017 Teresa doll – DYX41
Barbie Look Collection doll #2 2017 – DYX63
Barbie Look Collection doll #3 2017 – DYX64
Barbie Global Glamour doll 2017 – DYX75
Barbie Harlem Theatre doll #3 2017 – DYX76
Barbie Justice League ass. – DYX56

Thanks, Dannii for this!

I have to say I am MOST excited for the Justice League Barbie dolls. You know me… I am SUCH a geek!!! <3 If we get an Aquaman Ken doll I am going to FAINT!
Anyway, let’s talk about each of the dolls fro them above list.

First of is the 2017 Holiday Barbie doll that is already for sale in Mexico. So many new dolls poping up in Mexico these days… Lucky you!

Deleted because they were not supposed to go on sale just yet.

Hmmm… Can’t say I am crazy about her. Love the box (hated the 2016 one), but her face is too basic for my taste. Can’t wait to see the other 2. I bet I will like them more.

The 2017 Barbie LOOK dolls are geting something new. I can’t say what because you know… I want to respect the work of the designers at Mattel, but I think you will like it. My lips are sealed!

So excited for the Global Glamour (is it Romanian inspired??? :D ) and the Harlem Theatre dolls. I wonder if Linda has worked on the GG doll. I would love to see another doll created by her.
I can also tell you a new Silkie is coming soon and she has an interesting look. Again I can’t say more, but this look is a bit different from what we have seen on a Silkie. That info was not correct. There is a new very interesting doll coming up but she is not a Silkie.

Now let’s go to the 2017 Fashionistas dolls. Yes, Ken is getting a different size body!

Images via

OMG let the drama begin. Lol. This new body shape for Ken will create such an intense debate in the doll community, just like the new body shapes for Barbie. Some will love it, some will hate it. Where do you stand with this?

So anything exciting for you in this list? What will you buy and what not? Please share your thoughts with me.

New Barbie sale website and a new Michael Augustyniak book

You all know Michael Augustyniak, the amazing author who wrote Barbie books such as Collector’s Encyclopedia of Barbie Doll Collector’s Editions or Barbie Doll Photo Album 1959 to 2009. I love his books and I know you love them too. It looks like his sister is also a Barbie doll lover and she has just launched, a website where you can find a unique Barbie or Ken vintage collectible, a great read, a family-friendly movie, a nostalgic board game from the past or just wish to browse the virtual shelves of their eclectic offerings.


Above you can see an image of one of the gems available on the website. On this website you can also find some of Michael’s books and the author has just told me that he’s working on a new book!

barbie books

Right now he’s finishing an exhaustive book on all Ken dolls (and all male members of Barbie doll’s family) and their complete wardrobes from 1961 through 2013. The book is called “Collector’s Encyclopedia of Ken Dolls and Fashions 1961-2013” and will be available in 2014. Isn’t this exciting? Ken does deserve a book just about him and his friends. I’ll keep you updated on the progress of this book but, in the meantime, be sure to check