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  1. hi
    my little girl [age 10] is a huge monster high doll fan
    and she takes such good care of them that we even bought her some sdcc exlusives
    sadly her dead fast ghoulia fell over and the red glasses broke ?
    do you perhaps know someone who’d part with these ?
    thanks so much for your respons
    kindest regards deborah and gwen

    1. Hi! You can go on Facebook and look for the MH buy and sell pages. That’s the best way to find stuff like this outside of eveilbay.

  2. Hi,

    I love this blog. I was trying to find which Barbie was released on, or after, 4th June 2015 as this is when my daughter was born. I would like to buy her it for Christmas.

    Are you able to help?
    Many thanks

  3. Hello. Was checking out your site and noticed the BLUE Ken Mini Cooper. I have both the red and off white as well as the British Sindy Mini Cooper. My question is, where did you get the blue ken Mini from?

    Thanking you in advance, Eric from Illinois, USA

  4. Hi, I am absolutely desperate for a Steffi Love Minnie Mouse Party Chic for my special needs sister who has her heart set on it. We have gone through Amazon UK but the seller has accepted payment twice and never sent the item. I noticed you have a picture on your blog, do you have any idea where I could buy this doll? Don’t care where from!! Thank you x

  5. While following the Instagram barbiestyle, I have noticed that there is a great looking blonde Ken doll with an undercut hairstyle. I can’t find him any where to buy. Do you know if he is going to be released later this year or is he an OAK? Thanks for any help on this subject!

  6. Hello. I have a rather large collection of Mini Cooper and Cooper S cars ( models ) but have not been able to get hold of a BLUE Ken Mini. Are you able to tell me where you go your Mini from.

    Thanking you in advance.

  7. hey Ada! It’s Warren I haven’t spoken to you since I deleted facebook, Hope everything’s going great with you! I still check up on your website regularly and I just wanted to know which of the new diverse fashionistas you are going to buy! I must say i’m pretty shocked and impressed with them!

  8. Hi
    could i email you a photo of some dolls that were given to me and could you tell me which ones are rare, valuable,& collectible?
    Where would I email you the photo?
    Thanks so much, Cindy

  9. I really want one of the redhead Made to Move dolls, but I can’t find any information about when they might be available. Does anyone know anything about that?

  10. HI
    Can anyone help? im a mad Steffi-love doll fan,all the good ones seem to be in Germany/Holland,the UK
    ones are ok bit basic.
    Anyway as a male collector i would love to hear from Girls and Boys who also feel the same.
    I do feel isolated sometimes,or maybe you could put me in touch with a supplier who will shipp
    to the UK.
    Thanks in advance,

  11. Hello, I came across your great site by accident and it is wonderful. I am wondering if perhaps you could help. I am looking to have makeup redo done on a few Barbie dolls to make them more edgy and can seem to come across anyone online. Can you help ??? Thank you

  12. Have you reviewed the new Barbie jet? Do you know if it has the speaker to talk into?
    Love your page ! Thank you for always having the best info

  13. I’m cleaning up and I have a couple Barbie dolls that I am looking to sell for some money for school. I have two Ninimomo dolls: Bangladesh and Miss Tuvalu 2000, which are both in original boxes with certificates of authenticity. I have a limited edition Circus Star Barbie in the original box. I have three Dolls of the World Barbies: Princess of the Danish Court, Princess of Ancient Greece, and Princess of the Korean Court, all of which are in their original boxes. Please respond promptly as I may not be able to keep these dolls for long.

  14. hello, ada plz help me….
    i m a great fan of all kinds of fashion dolls, so ive a weakness of downloading thier wallpapers….
    perhaps ive yet downloaded more than over 10000 fashion doll portfolios n model wallpapers….
    but now, i cant download many pretty barbie doll images from, whereas i was able to download them 2years before, n thats also with full resolution……
    plz tell me the way to download barbie imgs from in original resolution….

  15. Hi, does anyone know if Mattel still makes the Teresa doll? I have not seen her in pictures for the new dolls.

  16. hello ;
    i just read your last comment about convention doll …
    and i can tell you many people are desepointed about convention doll only since 3 years , since they started to transform what a convention doll should be ….( and not only at french convention !)
    you can also simply talk about collector dolls since two years ; they are simply good for kids but still cost 65 to 125 $ and the clothes are made with poor tissus poor design ….what else ??? please i anderstand economic situation but here we talk about quality ….and there’s the problem …as quality goes down , of course the convention doll , a gift , will look like the rest of collection ..super ship….so .no surprise at all !!!
    thats why people let it down …and the one’s still coming just fell cheated….
    so my point is if Mattel goes back to quality every thing will going fine … even if there’s many convention ….
    because actualy ; we; ” collector people” are suppose pay a REAL price for ship dolls ..that why the market is going down
    people are not stupid .
    the best

    because people who’s coming there are not kids… they pay about 125e to 500 $ (depends of country ) only for ticket , ok they are happy to share “the party” but it would be lie to say ONLY the party !
    of course the convention doll is the convention’s ACE.
    so my point is i feel sad but not only that ….

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