Twilight Barbie: Bella and Edward Wedding

The pics of the new Twilight Barbie and Ken are here! I’m not a Twilight fan. Sorry… Really don’t understand all the fuss about these movies but I must admit this Bella Wedding Barbie is very beautiful. I really love the dress and the way they respeted the original one, but Edward looks horrible! He is so stiff and looks like he has no neck. /:) The clothes are nice but the actual doll is not.

They will be available for 29.99$ each.

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Barbie I Can Be…Fiddler, Karate, Scuba Diver, Astronaut

New fashions from the Barbie I Can be line are available and I must admit I love them. Seeing the I can be Fiddler fashion gave me an idea. Wouldn’t it be great if the did a Collector line inspired by the great classic composers and we would have a Barbie loves Mozart or Barbie loves Beethoven doll? :D

Liv Alice in Wonderland Dolls

OMG have you seen the Liv dolls called Liv Alice in Wonderland? They are super adorable! I’ve never considered buying a Liv doll until now. I absolutly love them. Each of the girls si made to resamble a character from the famous novels written by Lewis Carroll.

The girls are:
– Daniela as the White
– Sophie as Alice
– Alexis as the Queen of Hearts
– Hayden as the White Rabbit
– Katie as the Mad Hatter

I’ve seen them online at Target and they are each 15$. Hopefully they’ll bring them to Europe ASAP. :X

Later edit: Laura, a friend of mine that collects Liv dolls, told me this line came out last year. Still love them!

Wish List 2012

As the new year has just started I have decided to do a wish list with all the Barbie dolls I intend on buying this year. Some of them are already out, some are collector, some are playline, some are dolls that at fist site I did not like. Also, I HAVE do admit :"> I’m wishing the new Kardashian Barbies will be ugly ’cause I don’t want to buy them but I’m so afraid they’ll look amazing. :-SS

Anyway, what’s your doll wish list for 2012?


Latest Barbie dolls and Happy New Year!

Hi, guys!

I know I have been absent in the last days of 2011 but I’ve been away on a small holiday to my parents house, in the lovely city Timisoara. :X But now I’m back to work and ready to share with you all the lastes Barbie news. First of all I’ve prepared a selection of the lastest playline Barbies to hit the stores. Some of them are really cute. I must admit I’ve never been atracted to new playline dolls but, somehow, in the last months, they have started to grow on me. :P I’ve managed to get an “exclusive target” beach Barbie from a local Auchan supermaket, lol, and now I’m waiting for the beautiful Lea ballerina doll that my friend Sandra got for me. Yey! Pics when she arrives.

So…whhat dolls did you buy recently?

Happy Holidays, dolls!

So sorry for the delay but I’ve been away to my parents in law house in Buzau. I had a great Christmas with my husband, parents in law, brother in law and his girlfriend and I received a lot of wonderfull things. I got a Swaping Styles Glam Fashionista and a Gloria Furniture set plus a Classique Starlight Dance Barbie doll from my friend Andra.

Happy, happy, happy! What could a doll wish for more? :)) Happy Holidays my dears and may all your doll drams come true. :*