Barbie sales on Amazon

Amazon has some amazing sales on a lot of Barbie dolls including some great Collectors. You can now get the Tim McGraw And Faith Hill Doll Gift Set for $38.99 or Barbie Collector To Catch A Thief Grace Kelly Doll for $25.99! The new Fashioniastas are also available and thgey are $5.99!! Super cool!

Check them out by clicking the picture below.

Barbie Classique Collection: Benefit Ball 1992

As some of you might know, last week I got married to my boyfriend of 3 years, Marian. In Romania the civil ceremony is separate from the religious one so we just had the first one. The big wedding with the party and white dress will take place next year. This ceremony was intimate and my best friend Marius Nedelcu finally got me a Barbie! It’s the first in series Benefit Ball Classique Collection Barbie and I totally love her! She’s my second doll from this series as I really want to have all 9 of them. Let’s see what the husband says about this. :P

Anyway here’s me with my new doll.


Barbie Collector dolls for 2012: Kardashian Barbies, William and Kate

I found this list of Barbie Collector dolls for 2012 on my fave doll forum, The Doll Cafe, so I thought I’ll share it with you.

* Twilight Breaking Dawn Edward – February 2012

* Twilight Breaking Dawn Bella Bella – February 2012

* Kardashian Sisters – June 2012

* Hunger Games – Katniss Everdeen – August 2012

* Stephen Burrows – Designer – October 2012

* Nicholas Kirkwood – Designer – October 2012

* BFMC – Walking Suit – March 2012

* BFMC – Party Dress – April 2012

* BFMC – #3 – May 2012

* Bob Mackie – November 2012

* DOTW – India – July 2012

* DOTW – Holland – July 2012

* DOTW – Chile – July 2012

* DOTW – Mexico – July 2012

* Prince William and Kate Middleton – Royal Wedding – April 2012

I already knew about the Twilight dolls and the Prince William and Kate set, but my biggest surprise were the Kardashian sisters dolls. Say WHAT?! We’ll have Kim, Kourtney and Khloe dolls? WHY??? I mean yes, they are pretty, Kim is really beautiful and she’ll make a great doll, but why are they being honored by Mattel? We still don’t have a Madonna Barbie or a Lady Gaga Barbie and now we’ll have a Kim Barbie? What have these girls done to be honored in such a way? Madonna is a HUGe talent, so is Lady Gaga, but the Kardashians have no real talents. None. They just take pretty pics and show us how they give birth to their children. That’s it. Nothing more. So let me as this question again: why are we having THREE Kardashian Barbies? /:)

Ninimomo updates! Dior Christmas, Alexander McQueen

The Winter 2011 Ninimomo newsletter is out and it’s full of amazing things! Check out the gorgeous Dior Christmas dolls. :X

Dior Christmas 1


Dior Christmas 2


Dior Christmas 3


Last but not least is the trully gorgeous Alexander McQueen tribute doll. Ninimomo has always created dresses inspired by the late designer’s work so this doll comes as no suprise.


If you want to know more about Nic and Marie, the two amazingly talented people behind Ninimomo, be sure to read this interview and subscribe to their newsletter!

New Silkstones: Party Dress & Walking Suit

Two 2012 Silkstones have just been added to I’m not a huge Silkstone fan because I’m not really into the vintage mold, but I do love their clothes and accessories. They remind me of Integrity Toys and they are sooooooooo well made. Kudos for that.

Party Dress Silkstone Barbie


Walking Suit Silkstone Barbie


Both are designed by Robert Best and will be available in March and April. sale! is by far one of the best places to get realy good deals on vintage and MOD Barbies. Nancy is having a holiday season promotion so you’ll get 10% off her entire stock of Vintage Barbie items.
All dolls, clothing and accessories will be on sale now through midnight on 12/25/2011. Just email your orders to barbiefanatic[at]nancysdreamhouse[dot]com and mention code CS1211 and your 10% discount will be automatically applied to your merchandise total.

Please note that shipping costs are not discounted and any items on layaway are excluded as well.

Happy shopping!

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Barbie Mermaid 2012 by Linda Kyaw

After days and days of expecting these pics to hit the net, here they are! The first images of the long awaited doll Barbie Mermaid 2012 by Linda Kyaw. What can I say…kinda disappointed. I don’t like the cheap plastic that her prop is made of and also not very sure about her face. Kinda looks like to playline to me. Hopefully we’ll have HQ pics soon so I can really decide if I want her or not.

What do you think of her? She’s Gold Label.