New vintage acquisitions

Yesterday I met with a doll collector friend and he gave me this wonderful batch of vintage Barbie dolls and stuff. So happy for them as I’m in such a diorama mood. Lol! :)) This is what I got
– one Canadian TNT Barbie with Steffie facemold
– a cute european edition Chris with her original dress
– a Tutti in need for some tlc with the Made in Japan sign on her back
– a Shelly that moves her arms with the push of a button
– the Barbie Pink Sparkles Beauty Bath Shower & Bathtub Playset playset from 1990 with almost all her accesories
– a bag of 80’s Barbie shoes

At home, in Timisoara, my hometown, I have the Kelly Love ‘N Care – Make Her Chickenpox Disappear playset so I’m going to do a little children’s room diorama. Can’t wait!

New Monster High Ghoul

Ok, so I have to admit. I’m not into MH dolls. Not at all. I’ve seen a lot of collectors go crazy for them, but me…no. I’ve been looking at this new unnamed doll for some time and I can’t decide if I should start loving this doll line.

So please tell me why do you love these dolls? I really want to know. I’m very open minded when it comes to new dolls so I have to know what I’m missing.

EXCLUSIVE! Magia 2000 Interview


First of all let me tell you all WELCOME TO THE BLOG! :D As I have a lot of collector friends from all over the world, I decided to open the English version of my blog so that my non-Romanian speaking readers can enjoy my posts. So here it is! And as a celebration of this launch you can find below an amazing interview I did with Gianni and Mario from Magia 2000. Hope you enjoy it.

1. Hi, Mario and Gianni! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. :) I would like to start with a very simple and basic question: How did you start Magia 2000?
Magia 2000 started as a real hobby and joyful collaboration between us in 1998. First of all , we were and are Barbie collectors and it was just for fun that we started customizing dolls. One day, we found an article on Barbie Bazaar magazine which displayed the Barbie artists in a contest and we thought it would be great to recreate our favorites divas on Barbie. Of course Madonna was the first. In 2000, I (MArio) and GIAnni did our first appearance at the Bologna Fashiondoll event, with our first humble 10 ooak dolls and since then, we always travelled to show our pieces. In 2002 we were the very first to go to the US Barbie Convention and we brought our made in Italy dolls there.
In 2003, an Italian company called us to design the exclusive Brigitte Bardot doll and in 2006, the US Barbie Convention selected Magia2000 as the designers of the souvenir doll for the LA convention, “Barbie Film Noir”. After that , we started working constantly with Mattel Europe and USA for special event in Europe. Of course we still design OOAK dolls for collectors around the world.

2. Why music and movie superstars?
As I mentioned, Madonna is our favorite singer and I am personally a great fan of her. She was the real reason we started with the customization of dolls, as I would love to have my own Madonna doll . That was the beginning of a series and after Madonna, when I increased my painting techniques, we also desired to step into other celebrities. Moreover, music is a great part of our lifes, as we spend all day working with music, so it was natural to move to this field. Movie and tv icons are nowaday very popular and they are the true stars to be inspired from.

3. How do you decide what your next inspiration is for your fantasy dolls?
We also work in graphic and fashion business, so part of our inspirations comes from a mix of ideas. We always loved mixing different creative techniques and worlds, that is why we always moved in different directions. if you have the chance to surf through our website, you can see many different styles, from Japanees and Oriental dolls to fantasy, or celebrities and of course couture mini version of the real fashion. We always don’t like being limited into a specific world or field and that is why our creativity brought to discover new and different styles.

4. If you had to chose one fave doll each which would it be?
Of course, Barbie Film Noir, which we designed for the LA convention, and probably the Madame Du Barbie, which was the first Bob Mackie we bought.
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Preview: Miresici Magazine article

Next week the brand new Miresici magazine edition will be available and I’ll be able to show everybody the uber cute spread I did for them. It’s titled “Barbie Forever” and, apart from the pics, I also did an interview where I talk about my doll collection, how my fiance proposed to me with a custom made Ninimomo Barbie (see the pics and the story on my Romanian blog) and my relationship with him.

Here is a preview!

My first Gloria furniture set

I’ve been wanting a Gloria furniture set ever since I started creating dioramas. Finally they have arrived in my country and this one is the first one I got. I love the fireplace. I’m in such a Christmasy mood so it’s just perfect for a present. I’m trying to convince now my fiance to buy me some more. I also saw the refrigerator and the dinning room set.