FAO Schwarz Barbie 2013 brunette version

The FAO Schwarz Barbie is beign rereleased and this time she’s a brunette. You can now get her for $30.95 on BarbieCollector.com. I have the blonde version and this one looks cute also! Hmmm…. Should I….?

FAO Schwarz Barbie 2013

Pink Label®
Designed by: Linda Kyaw
Release Date: 8/15/2013
Product Code: X8278

For over 150 years, FAO Schwarz has enchanted children and adults with its unique collection of toys and other fine children’s products. Each year, the legendary FAO Schwarz Fifth Avenue store creates holiday visions and special memories. The FAO Soldier always stands guard at the door, offering a warm welcome to the magical wonderland inside!

Barbie® celebrates the world-famous toy store FAO Schwarz in spectacular style. Inspired by the FAO Soldier, Barbie® doll wears a crimson red skirt and top, boldly embellished with black and metallic golden accents. Arm cuffs, soldier hat, and black boots enhance the soldier motif. Barbie® doll’s curly brown hair and bright blue eyes complete the fun-filled look!

Doll Details
Body Type: ModelMuse™
Arm: Right Bent, Straight Left
Skin Tone: Nostalgic
Facial Sculpt: Bebe
Fashion Sewn On?: No
Eyelashes: Painted

Included with doll:

Barbie I Love Valentines! 2013 doll

Valentine is only a few weeks away so Mattel has already released this year’s Barbie I Love Valentines! doll. For now I only have pictures of the Caucasian doll and hopefully soon we’ll also see the AA one.

She’s cute but not really my style.

Barbie I Love Valentines! 2013


TRU has an exclusive Barbie Valentine’s doll and she’s one of the Pinktastic caucasian dolls dressed in Nikki’s dress!

TRU 2013 Exclusive Valentine Barbie


Exclusive Japanese playline Barbie set 2012

My husband is going on the 20th to Japan so I’ve been researching the internet to find out the best toy store in Tokyo and what exclusive Japanese Barbie dolls and sets he can find there. I’m also thiking if I should get a Jenny toy but for now all I want is this super cute Barbie and fashions set that I’ve never seen before on an American or European website.

Looks like you can add stikers on to the dresses. It’s so cute! I would have loved if the doll had bigger manga style eyes like the Barbie dolls from Japan from the previous years but I still want it. Hopefully my husband can get it for me. :D

New Barbie Collector news 2012-2013

Great news for all the Barbie collectors via The Doll Cafe forum. There has been another designer doll chat and here’s what has been revealed:

– The Wal-Mart exclusive USA DOTW will be Hawaiian. Hawaii has a closed mouth. There will also be a new Brazilian DOTW Barbie. (When will Mattel do a Romanian DOTW doll?)
– “Empress of the Aliens” is coming in June, preview in April.. She has a beautiful print and lots of jewelry and a Goddess face. (I must get this one! Really loving Linda’s dolls)
– There might be more Twilight dolls. (Yahn…)
– There will be a “gothy” Halloween doll this year. (Collector Monster High inspired doll? :P )
– There will be two silkstone Francies in 2012 – an AA and a platinum-haired no bangs with a cat. Kitty Francie will be available in August. (OMG must have them!)
– The Hunger Games doll will be sneaked very soon. More Hunger Games dolls might come depending on how well the film does. (Curious but not very interested)
– There will be a Mackie doll in 2012. (Yey for that!)
– The next Basics-like concept for 2013 may be more fashion-based. If the replacement for the Basics is given the green light, it should be released in Spring 2013.(OMG!!)
– There may be a Midge 50th anniversary doll in 2013. (Interesting)
– Regarding repros, it seems 1600 fashions, Japan exclusives, and Talking Barbie are on the table. (I’m not a repro fan but I’ll be getting those.)
– There will be more new DOTW countries, and an unrelated mention of global fashion. And designer dolls.

Wow! How about this? Lots of interesting dolls. Can’t wait to see the new Basics like line esp if it’s fashion related. :X