Holiday Barbie AA 2014

When the 2014 Holiday Barbie was first revealed everybody started asking about the AA version because the caucazian one was (well is) kind of boring. Mattel Shop has just uploaded both versions and the AA one is stunning!

Holiday Barbie 2014 AA

Don’t care a lot for the dress but this lady will definetly look perfect redressed in a fierce and elegant fashion. I would even rebody her.
What are your thoughts?

Ballet Wishes Barbie 2014

The new Ballet Wishes Barbie 2014 can be now bought on A few days ago I saw just a small image of her and was not impressed. Ok, to be perfectly honest I thought she was a disaster. Why? Because I’m sick of pink ballerinas with a Mackie face! I would love something more edgy, more extravagant. I’ve been told she is the perfect doll for an older child that wants to start a collection and I agree. But then again…pink? :(

Anyway, looking at these HQ images she doesn’t look that bad and for $24.99 she’s a good deal.

Bllet Wishes Barbie 2014 4

What are your thoughts about her?

New on DOTW Mexico and Britto Barbie

Just a quick post to let you know that two dolls have been added to the shop over at
First we have the Britto Barbie doll created by pop artist Romero Britto.


You can buy her from HERE.

The second doll is the DOTW Mexico doll I’ve told you about a few weeks ago.


You can buy her from HERE.

Still waiting for more countries, Mattel!!!

Latest news and gossip from the dolly world

Hello, everyone.

I’m back blogging on my favorite blog. Well…sort of. I’ll keep things in a low key as wounds are not as easily healed. Anyway I want to send a big shout and thanks to my friend Ľubo Holík for helping me run the Facebook page. He’s one of the greatest and sweetest doll collectors I’ve met since joining this community. Thank you again, Ľubo for your help. :X

Because I’ve been away for almost a week a lot of things have happened in the dolly world so here’s a list of all the major events I’ve missed:

1. New Barbie Collector dolls have been sneak peaked on BFC and some of them have been added later in the shop. LINK to the sneaks. My favorite doll is the new, and very strange, Bob Mackie Princess Stargazer Barbie that I would very much like to add in my collection.

bob mackie barbie 2014

*Not an official image. Fan artwork.k

2. Integrity Toys have revealed some amazing dolls from the Dynamite Girls, FR16 and Jem and the Holograms collections. You can check them out on Shuga’s blog.

integrity toys 2014

*Not an official image. Fan artwork.

3. We have a fist image of the wave 3 Barbie Style dolls. Not a very good quality image but I still like what I see.Source.

wave 3 barbie style glam luxe 2014

4. We have a new video from BFC with Bill Greening talking about the Holiday Hostess Collection.

bill greening bfc 2014

5. Superdoll London is realeasing a very limited edition fashion collection to celebrate the anniversary of their doll Venus. Check out more details on my friend Rogier’s blog.

superdoll london sybarite venus 2014

6. Lots of new playline Barbie dolls and accesories have been released. Check them out on my Facebook page: NY Toy Fair 2014, 2014 Barbie fashions and 2014 Halloween Barbie playline.

7. Everybody is going crazy for the new Sports Illustrated Anniversary Barbie.

8. Check out the latest doll from the Black Swan Company. Her name is Moonlight Butterfly and she’s gorgeous.

moonlight butterfly barbie black swan company 2014 a

9. Check out the new Monster High and Ever After High dolls from the New York Toy Fair 2014 HERE.


That’s all from me, guys. :)

New Spring 2014 Barbie Collector sneaks

New dolls have been sneaked on BFC today. I’m not going to post images (you can already see them online if you know where to look) but let me share my thoughts about them.

2014 news

*Fan made image. Not official.

There are threee new OZ dolls: Tin Man, Scare Crow and the Lion. B-O-R-I-N-G! I don’t even have to show you the images because they look almost the same as the 2009 dolls. :( So dissapointing. I’m sorry for saying this, but this is just crazy.

2009 barbie oz

*These are images of the 2009 collection, not the 2014 one.

There’s also a very cute girl designed by Bill Greening, dressed in pink and holding a pink teddy bear. I like her but I must say I’m underwhelmed by these sneaks. Let’s hope the next sneaked dolls will be nicer.

Magia 2000 tribute to Dolce & Gabbana FW2013 Alta Moda

Inspired by the wonderful FW 2013 Haute Couture collections by Dolce & Gabbana, this amazing OOAK Barbie doll by Magia 2000 was a gift for the talented Mr. Stefano Gabanna as a Christmas gift.


Here’s what Mario and Gianni from Magia 2000 had to say about her:

Mixed with a inspired Bianca Balti face painting, she wears a silk satin , fully printed and customized with a portion of the Canaletto’s painting, replica of the original dress of the Dg collection, lined with black georgette.
the printing of this fabric took several tests, to achieve the correct size for the doll and match the pieces of the wide ballgown. She also wears a black silk chiffon hooded cloak, fully hand encrusted with French blakc lace in different sizes.
She holds a custom Venitian mask, we created with papier marchier technique and hand embroidered with tiny pearls in whiote and gold colour, flowers and feathers.
Earrings have been custominzed with replica of the painting with matching coral color beads and clear crystals on gold base.

She has been completely repainted with professional acrylic colours and sealing.
A new elaborated hairstyle and fine matching jewellery set.



You can see more images of this amazing doll on the official Magia 2000 website.


New 2014 Barbie Glam Luxe Style Second Wave

I just woke up to this amazing piece of news. Mattel has released the second wave of Barbie Glam Luxe Style dolls and they are just amazing! This has got to be Mattel’s best series ever. And it also has Midge! :X I’m so in love with them.

Barbie Glam Luxe Fashion Barbie Floral Doll

Barbie Glam Luxe Fashion Barbie Floral Doll

Barbie Glam Luxe Fashion Raquelle Metallic Doll

Barbie Glam Luxe Fashion Raquelle Metallic Doll

Barbie Glam Luxe Fashion Barbie Damask Doll

Barbie Glam Luxe Fashion Barbie Damask Doll

Barbie Glam Midge Luxe Fashion Doll

Barbie Glam Midge Luxe Fashion Doll

They are so amazing and that Midge is to die for! My faves are Midge and Raquelle. But every single one of them is jus gorgeous. They retail for $19.99 and you can already find them at Target. Kudos Mattel. :X

It’s almost Christmas and we have some new playline dolls

Wow, guys! It’s almost Christmas. I’ve been very, very, very busy at work as these are the last days before the winter holidays so forgive me for not posting as much as I wanted. can’t wait for the holiday so I can sit in bed all day, write on my blogs and take pictures of my dolls.

Anyway here are some new dolls and playsets that can already be found in shops.

Barbie Sisters Bike for Two! Doll 2-Pack

Barbie Sisters Bike for Two! Doll 2-Pack

I do wish they would stop with the pink. Girl = pink is such bullshit! Girls like other colours, you know?

Barbie Sisters Safari Doll and Tent Playset

Barbie Sisters Safari Doll and Tent Playset

I have a thing for tents. I love this theme and one of my favorite Barbie series is Camp Barbie form the 90s.

Barbie Bedtime Princess Doll

Barbie Bedtime Princess Doll 5

Remember Bedtime Barbie from 1994? I so loved that doll and I remember seeing the commercial on the cartoon channels I used to watch in the weekends.


Barbie Fairytale Birthday Princess Doll

Barbie Fairytale Birthday Princess Doll 2

Nice and…pink.

Barbie Fairytale Mix and Match Dress Up Playset

Barbie Fairytale Mix and Match Dress Up Playset


And last but not least:

Barbie Fashionistas 2014

fashionistas 2014

Well at least these have less pink! The first dress is really cut but I hate that they took away the articulation. :(

So anything caught your attention?

Two new Barbie cars for 2014

Hi, guys! Just a quick post to show you some new Barbie cars that just came out.
First we have the Barbie Sisters Safari Cruiser that looks nice but definetly not special enough for $19.99. I’ve seen sooooooooooo many Barbie cruisers over the years that they just bore me to death right now.

Barbie Sisters Safari Cruiser2

The second car is a new version of the classic Barbie Glam Convertible that retails at $14.99. Good price but I would really like a car that doesn’t make Barbie look like a giant in it. Can you please respect the scale of the doll and create a car suitable for her hight? :D

Barbie Glam Convertible2