New Barbie dolls and playsets available on Amazon: Dreamhouse, Malibu Ave, Fashionistas

Amazon has some new dolls and playsets up for sale. Btw, the Purple Tokidoki Barbie is rumoured to be sold on Amazon. It will be one of the few online store that will carry her. ;) Right now Entertainment Earth has preorders for the pink variation. CLICK.

Anyway, let’s check out what they have now for sale.

Barbie Malibu Ave Grocery Store with Barbie Doll Playset

Barbie Malibu Ave Grocery Store with Barbie Doll Playset

Mattel are stepping up their game with the playsets! More details and less pink. Yey!

2015 Barbie Dreamhouse


Love this house! So many details, a bit too much pink, but it’s way better than previous ones.

2015 Barbie and Friends Fashionistas Multipack


Fashionistas 2015

I love the Blonde Barbie doll. If only she was articulated…

Looking forward to the fall playline collection. Also, usually around Christmas Mattel launches more great playline stuff so I can’t wait to see them also.

Barbie Signature Style Barbie Dolls 2015

Two new playline Barbie dolls are up on Amazon. Kind of expensive if you ask me, but they are nice. Not wow, but nice.

Barbie Signature Style Barbie Long Gown Doll

Barbie Signature Style Barbie Long Gown Doll1

Barbie Signature Style Barbie Doll with Red Halter Gown

Barbie Signature Style Barbie Doll with Red Halter Gown

I’m kind of over these kind of gowns for Barbie. They have made such nice street style fashions for Barbie so I wish they would do the same with her formal gowns. Nobody in their right mind would wear these dresses in real life.

Happy Holidays Barbie 2015

Doll Genie has unveiled the first images of the 2015 Happy Holidays Barbie dolls and they are gorgeous!

Happy Holidays 2015

So gorgeous! Such an improvement from 2014. :X I can’t wait to see the Kmart special edition.
And speaking of Doll Genie, you can now preorder the blonde Tokidoki doll that will be released in August. So excited about these dolls.

Two new Barbie houses

A new year, a new house, right? :)) Well Barbie has two new houses and they are both cute.

BARBIE® Glam Getaway® House
BARBIE Glam Getaway House3

Actually I think I saw this house at the end of 2014, but I’m not sure. Anyway, looks more realistic than other folded houses that Barbie has had over the years.

Barbie Your Style House

Love this one! So cute.

What do you think about them? Anyone looking for a house? :P

New Barbie playsets: Yogurt Shop, Beach Cruiser

Two new playsets are available on the Mattel Shop.

BARBIE®The Malibu Ave.™ Yogurt Shop
BARBIE®The Malibu Ave.™ Yogurt Shop2

Love this Malibu Ave. series. It reminds me so much of the uber cool 90s playsets. remember those? Ah…8->

BARBIE® Beach Cruiser™ + Barbie® & Ken® Dolls
BARBIE® Beach Cruiser™ + Barbie® & Ken® Dolls

Not impressed. :( That Ken looks so stiff and awful and Barbie is just…yawn. :( I’ve seen better cars from Barbie.