2017 Quinceanera Barbie IRL Images

Looks like the 2017 Quinceanera Barbie doll has been spotted at Walmart. She sports the ever cute and not so appreciated Teresa sculpt and I LOVE THAT! I think Teresa is such an underrated sculpt that has been neglected a lot since the 90s. So nice to see her pop up in the Collector Line again since the Basics.

Image credit Renee Marie Turner.

New Fashionistas Barbie dolls: Pretty Popsicles Doll & Pink Tulle Skirt Doll?

Ok… So I’m a bit skeptical. A collector friend (Dannii Saumane‎) posted on The Doll Cafe forum about two new Fashionistas dolls that have popped up on Amazon. Pretty Popsicles Doll & Pink Tulle Skirt Doll. The problem is they promo images look very messy. Are they real? Click the name of the dolls to go to their pages. I have done some print screens of the pages just in case it turns out they are not real.

Barbie Girls Fashionistas 54 Pink Tulle Skirt Doll


Barbie Girls Fashionistas 56 Pretty Popsicles Doll


“ESPAÑA” OOAK doll by Betoral Doll Designs

One of my current favorite OOAK doll artists is Alberto Celano aka Betoral. He is an incredibly talented artist from Spain that has impressed me with his detailed work, amazing beading and painting talent and overall look and feel of his creations.

He is now working with my friend Susan from DollGenie.com and their second collaboration is this beautiful “ESPAÑA” OOAK doll that is now available for sale.


Check out the official description of the doll on Doll Genie’s Facebook page and contact Alberto HERE (CLICK) or at this email – (betoral85@gmail.com) – for more details.

Barbie paintings by Livin’ Plastic Dolls

I met Servando Hernandez of Livin’ Plastic Dolls online when he message me about his OOAK dolls. His incredible skills and amazing creations made me fall in love with his work right away. Then, at his year’s Madrid Fashion Doll Show I got a chance to meet him in person and also see another part of his artistic talent.


He is from Mexico, has graduated the Fine Arts school as an industrial designer (just like me!), he’s 24 and has painted all his life. His first artistic love is now combined with his second one, “plastic arts”, and he’s trying to use his academic specializing in sculpt and fashion pattern design to create beautiful OOAK dolls.

When we sat at the same table at MFDS he gifted each of us (including Carlyle Nuera) an amazing Barbie paiting. Each painting was different and all of them are hand painted on a canvas with a mixed technique. I got the Stefano Canturi Barbie and I’m now waiting for it to be framed. It will look amazing in my room. :X

And speaking of his OOAK dolls, check out his Cara Delevingne A B I T O . B I A N C O OOAK doll. I saw her live at MFDS and she’s stunning!


Haunted Beauty Zombie™ Barbie®Doll (CHX12) 2015

The amazing Haunted Beauty Barbie collection continues with a doll that just made me gasp. Something so unexpected that it took me 5 minutes of staring at the images and details and just contemplate on her beauty and uniqueness.

Haunted Beauty Zombie™ Barbie®Doll (CHX12) is, of course, designed by Bill Greening, is a Gold Label doll and will be released in autumn. She has a beautiful greyish skin tone, full dark grey hair, blue eyes, soft red makeup and lips and a pale pink ball gown wedding dress with puffy sleeves and lace. She is holding a small bouquet of what looks like water lilly (?) and has three a tiara made out of white roses that hold her veil.

Haunted Beauty Zombie™ Barbie®Doll

I believe she’ll be a $100 doll but she’s so worth it!

Barbie Style Glam Night 2015

My friend Thorbjörn Söder has posted yesterday these images of the new Barbie Style Glam Night 2015 that will soon be available in Europe. I have no idea why the new Barbie dolls are poping up first in Europe and then in the US. Can’t say I mind it but it is strange.



Love her and look how cute the other dolls from the series are. You can see them on the box. That Asian girl is sooooooooooooooo pretty!

Queen of the Dark Forest Barbie IRL images

Somebody posted this IRL image of the Queen of the Dark Forest Barbie on Pinterest and I have fallen in love all over again with this beauty. Can’t wait for her to be released this month. :X

Queen of The dark Forest Barbie IRL image

I’m so pissed I didn’t buy the Elf Barbie. :(( I must this entire collection. Now let’s see what my bank account has to say. :))

New Fashionistas 2015 and Vogue Italia

If you follow my Facebook page you have seen the brand new Fashionistas dolls that will come out this year. Fabulous is an understatement and it looks like Mattel is taking things even further. 10 talented designers have been chosen by Vogue Italia and Mattel to design a custom look for each doll.

Barbie Fashionistas 2015

Fashionistas barbie 2015

The 10 looks will be featured in a runway at the Palazzo Morando for Milan Fashion Week, in September. The project is called Barbie Global Beauty. Check out more info and the list of designers assigned to each doll HERE.