Holiday Barbie 2014 IRL images

Just received this morning these two images with the Holiday Barbie 2014. Until I saw these pics I thought the doll was beyond boring and way too playline looking but now I this she’s rather cute. Don’t really like her face, but the dress and the box is nice. I definetly would have preffered another face mold but I guess this way she’ll appeal to a younger collector as well.

holiday barbie 2014 detail

holiday barbie 2014

Thank you, Manuel for always being so kind to me and sending me all these amazing pictures!

New sneaks: Holiday Barbie 2014, Silkstone Scarlett Barbie 2014, Ballet Wishes 2014

Via Coleccionistas de Barbie en España we have images for 3 new Barbie Collector dolls. First we have a IRL image of the 2014 Holiday Barbie. You have already seen the promo pic and she looks unimpressive in both.

barbie colelctor holiday 2014

Then we have the Silkstone (?) Scarlett Barbie doll from the new Gone With The Wind 2014 series.

Scarlett Silkstone Barbie 2014

I can’t really see her face, but she looks nice. The truth is I preffer the other one in the red dress. Her face looks too simmilar to the 2001 Scarlett O’Hara™ Doll Barbecue at Twelve Oaks™.

Last but not least is the 2014 Ballet Wishes Barbie. The images shows just a cut-out but she seems nice. A bit too playline for my taste, but I’ll wait for better pictures before passing jujment.

Barbie Ballet Wishes 2014

What do you think about the new dolls?

IRL images of the new 2014 Gone With The Wind dolls

Well it seems this is getting to be a habit in the Barbie collector world: images of new dolls first appear at dealers and then are “sneaked” on Crazy or what? Anyway, here are the two GORGEOUS Gone With The Wind dolls that I have already talked to you about, via Doll Genie.

Scarlett wears the infamous red dress that Rhett made her wear at Ashley‘s birthday party. I love the dress but I’m mostly impressed by her face. Just perfect! It has the exact facial expression as Vivien Leigh had when entering the door of Ashley’s house. Well done, Mattel!

Gone with the wind Scarlett Barbie 2014

Scarlett red dress

Rhett also looks stunning and I think he has the same face mold as the 2001 Rhett. He wears the costume from the scene when he first met Scarlett.

Gone with the wind Rett Barbie Ken 2014

You can already order them from Doll Genie for $39.95 each.

What do you think about the new Gone With The Wind 2014 Barbie dolls?

Fan BingBing Barbie 2014

Hellen Doll Saga has just announced that Mattel Asia has launched a beautiful Collector Barbie that portraits Chinese actress and singer Fan BingBing.

fan bingbing barbie 2014

I think the doll is a true piece of art! As far as I can tell her dress is very well made and is the same that she wore at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival. Simply amazing! The doll retails at $145 and most likely she’s an Asian market exclusive. :(

What do you think about this beauty?

Gone With The Wind Barbie and Ken 2014 RUMOUR

An old rumour I’ve heard last year has resurfaced. There’s a possibility we’ll be having new Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler dolls with headmolds that resemble the actors. I hope these will not be copies of the 2001 Scarlett and Rhett dolls even if those were really nice.


*Disclaimer: Not an official image. Fan made artwork.

I love the “Gone With The Wind” movie so I hope this rumour turns out to be true. BTW, Bill Greening has denied, on his Facebook, that there’s a Kylie Minogue Barbie doll in the making. :( That’s too bad. :(

New rumoured Barbie Collector dolls for 2014

My friend and colegue Ľubo Holík just got a list of upcoming Barbie Collector 2014 dolls from a dealer and here are some new ones we never heard about until now.
The first are the two main protagonists of the “Divergent” movie that will come out on the 21st of March. There will be a Tris (Shailene Woodley) doll and a Four (Theo James) doll.


These dolls will come out in February and they will be pink label. Also in February we’ll get a WOZ Scarecrow 75th doll, a WOZ Tinman doll and a WOZ Lion doll. In February, April and May there will be 3 Silkstone dolls released. One must be the Silkstone Ken we saw a few days back.

Stay tuned for more info. I’ll update you when I receive more info.

EXCLUSIVE Info from PFDC 2013

Hi everyone! This is my last night in Paris. I’ll be leaving tomorow in the evening and in the next couple of days I’ll post lots of pictures, stories and videos from PFDF 2013. But right now I really want to share with you some info I got from Linda Kyaw.


Please excuse my tired face…

First of all let me tell you she’s such an amazing and sweet lady. Love her! It kind of saddened me that all the collectors were queing to get an autograph from Robert and almost forgot that this amazing lady and designer was there. Anyway, I got to spend some moments with her and asked her some questions. I can tell you she’s working on a new doll from the Global Glamour series that will come out next spring. Sometimes this fall we’ll get a chance to see the doll. She’s representing a country from…Europe! So excited!!! She also told me that a lot of people from the Barbie board told her to create a DOTW Romania. :D That was so cool! I told her a few things about my country and promised her that I’ll send her some inspiration photos. Now back the Global Glamour collection, seems that Tribal Beauty was supposed to be articulated but they decided to not go with that body because it didn’t look nice. I insisted that she must really start doing more articulated bodies as that’s what collectors want. She said she had no idea it was such an issue with the collectors. I told her it is one of the BIG issues we all have. She said she’ll take that into consideration. After this we talked about the different face molds and I asked her to use more of the old molds on more high end dolls. She said she’ll think about that as she also didn’t know collectors wanted to see the old face molds that much. ;) I insisted again that she should think about 1. articulation and 2. older and more different face molds.

So there you have it guys! I hope you’ll find this info as interesting as I did and in the coming days I’ll post a video with me talking to Robert Best.

Bisous de Paris! :X