Last Barbie Collector Sneaks of 2015: Soda Shop Barbie Doll & Barbie® Fashion Model Collection Black and White Doll

Just in time for Christmas, BC has put up 2 new sneaks. You know how this goes. I can’t post the images, but you are free to search them online. I’m just going to describe the dolls and let you know how I feel about them.

Soda Shop Barbie Doll (DGX89)
Designer: Bill Greening
Label: Gold (Q1 BFC only)
Body Type: Vintage with Holes in Feet
Face Sculpt: Vintage straight rooting line
Release: Early 2016 – TBD

Very cute doll that’s wearing a pink dress and a polka dot white and black blouse with puffy sleeves. Her accesories include a gold broche, a transparent tote, a glas with an ice cream soda, two spoons and an uderplate. The bottom part of her dress is identical to the Nifty 50s Barbie Doll. She has also a pair of black open toe sandals and a pink ribbon on her head.


Very cute girl. I actually like her more than Cherry Pie Picnic Barbie doll but still she’s not for me.

Barbie® Fashion Model Collection Black and White Doll (DGW59)
Designer: Carlyle Nuera
Label: Platinum
Face Sculpt: Generation Girl Mari
Body Type: Model Muse
Release: Spring 2016

Love, love, love this girl!!! Carlyle did an amazing job and I’m so gratefull he used a facemold that hasn’t been used in a while. You can read more about the Generation Girl Mari mold on Kattis’ website. I love her think eyebrows and her beauty mark. Actually she does remind me of the Madrid Fashion Doll Show OOAK dolls he created back in September. She has the same vibe with her sleek and simple low ponytail and moder simple makeup. I’m the kind of collector that likes over the top styles but this girl is just perfect the way she is. Her dress has white and black stripes, soft ruffles and she’s also wearing long black gloves. I’m so going to fight for this girl!

generation girl mari barbie doll


My very own Farway Forest Elf Barbie doll

YESSSSS!!! I finally have her! You know I told you that I wanted to get this doll after she was sold out and felt like kicking myself for not getting her. Well the gods have smiled and I have come across an amazing seller on eBay that has helped me get this precious doll.




Shahn and Tom are the couple behind the ebay user trisme and they are some of the nicest people I’ve met only. They have a lot of beautiful Collector Barbie dolls and even bundles and THEY SHIP INTENTIONALLY! So if you don’t have a shipping buddy and need some of the new dolls released, check out their store. Soon they’ll also have a website and I promise I’ll keep you posted about this.

Now I’ll just go and admire my beautiful doll.

NOT A RUMOUR! Moschino Barbie 2015!

I’ve just read on a Spanish Barbie group (‎Una Vitrina Llena de Tesoros y amigos) that there will be a Moschino Barbie this year after all! I don’t know any more details but I’m really excited. I saw the promotional Moschino Barbie at IDC 2015 and she was soooo cute. I wonder what fashions will this one use.

Moschino barbie 2015


Later edit: It’s not a romour! Here she is on Amazon (Click). You can preorder her HERE (Click) also.

Holiday Barbie AA 2014

When the 2014 Holiday Barbie was first revealed everybody started asking about the AA version because the caucazian one was (well is) kind of boring. Mattel Shop has just uploaded both versions and the AA one is stunning!

Holiday Barbie 2014 AA

Don’t care a lot for the dress but this lady will definetly look perfect redressed in a fierce and elegant fashion. I would even rebody her.
What are your thoughts?

Coach Barbie Doll on

Coach Barbie is now up on She’s a Gold Label doll and she’s designed by Lynda Kyaw. Looks like she’ll be released to day and her price is $95.00.

Coach Barbie® Doll

Her description:

She wears a Classic Trench in Tattersall, an exact replica of the popular Coach style, along with a striped sweater and an ultrasuede skirt. The turnlocks on the skirt are exact replicas of the Coach handbag turnlocks. But it’s her red Classic Duffle that marks a fashion milestone: this is Barbie® doll’s first genuine leather bag, made from start to finish in a Coach factory with the same care and attention given to every Coach bag. The Classic Duffle includes a drawstring dust bag.

Doll Details
Body Type: ModelMuse™
Arm: Left Bent, Straight Right
Skin Tone: Nostalgic
Facial Sculpt: Lara
Fashion Sewn On?: No
Eyelashes: Painted

Included with doll:
Stand, shoes, skirt, red duffle bag, dust cover for bag, trenchcoat, shirt.

I think her price is really good and she surely will be a hit with collectors.

Barbie® Life in the Dreamhouse Collection on Barbie Collector

Now this is a very, very nice surprise! The Barbie® Life in the Dreamhouse Collection is up on and each doll costs just $16.99. That’s an amazing price for a doll with articulation, cute face and very nice fashions. Ok, so Barbie’s is not that nice as it’s pink again, but I trullu, trully love this collection!

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease Mattel do this kind of dolls more often. Pretty please? If you are reading my blog, and I know you are, please, please listen to us, your loving and faithfull collectors: we want more articulation, more realistic fashions and more of the old face molds. :D


Vintage Batman Barbie Assortment in 2013

Via Doll Genie we have some exciting and interesting piece of news! There will be a Vintage Batman Barbie Assortment in 2013 inspired by the the 1966 Batman™ television series. This is beyond cool!! I totally love Batman and I’m a collector of anything vintage related to tv shows and pop culture so YEY for me, NEY for my pocket. :)) Can’t wait to see how many dolls will be in this seris and who will create them.

Batman 1966

BC designer chat!

Ľubo Holík has just alerted me about the next designer chat that will take place in a couple of days. Can’t wait to hear news about the 2013 line. Hopefully we can find out more about the Barbie Look line, who will be the next celebrity Silkstone, maybe some more info about the Silkstone Robert Best showed at IDC 2012, the replacement for the metals series that is rumoured to be inspired by Barbie’s heritage and the Egyptian and superhero dolls I’ve read about HERE.

So many interesting things for next year! Can’t wait to read the chat.