Steffie: Out of The Box Volume 1

Outside is raining cats and dogs and I’m so not in a mood for anything. I’m so upset because of…well everything. Both me and my husband are going through a lot of changes in our lives and it’s not very easy. I just feel like staying at home, in bed, doing nothing, eating tortilla and watching old movies and cartoons. :(

One of the few things that have brightened my days is the arrival of the Steffie: Out of The Box Volume 1 book that I won on The Fashion Doll Review blog. As I have already told you, the book was written by Alison and it’s full of info and gorgeous pictures of Steffie faced Barbie dolls. :X

I strongly recommend that you buy this book. It’s a little treasure and a must for all Barbie collectors. I for one can’t wait for volume 2 to come out. You can order her using the widget on the left side of the blog. Happy shopping!

Preview BFC 2012 dolls

The first real preview of this year’s BFC Exclusive dolls is here. Even if I thought that this year will be boring when it comes to Collector dolls I must admit that a new Silkstone Francie sound soooo good plus I like the sketch for the Platinum Label Rush of Rose Gold. Not crazy about the club doll, Afternoon Suite Barbie, as I’m not into this kind of Silkstones, but I now collectors that went crazy when they first saw her.

So yey for 2012! Too bad I can’t still join becasue I don’t have a US adress. :(


More info HERE.