2015 Insurgent Tris Barbie doll images

Doll Genie has the new 2015 Insurgent Tris Barbie doll in stock and she looks better than the 2014 Divergent doll. Love her short hair and that zipper is actually cool even if it’s a bit oversized for Barbie’s proportions.

insurgent1 insurgent2

I’m quite a fan of this book and movie series. It’s good clean fun and I’m really looking forward to this movie. It may not have spectacular fashions like The Hunger Games but I still think it’s pretty cool.

OOAK The Guardian of Children Barbie doll

The third sneak peak from the 2013 Madrid Fashion Doll show is another beautiful creation by Ovaz, that will be available for purchase next month. The name of this doll is “The Guardian of Children” and she’s the opposite to the goth beauty I presented a few days ago.


I’m sure this convention will be trully amazing! Are any of my readers going?

OOAK Haunted Beauty Vampire Bride by Bill Greening

I just woke up with a TERRIBLE back pain but I forgot all about it the second I saw this beauty. :X OOAK Haunted Beauty Vampire Bride by Bill Greening that was just sold at the Barbie con for $10,000. I have a feeling we’ll be seing her as the second doll in the Haunted series and I can’t wait to get her. As you already know, I come from the land of Dracula :D so she’s a must.

OOAK Haunted Beauty Vampire Bride by Bill Greening

OOAK Haunted Beauty Vampire Bride by Bill Greening2

OOAK Madonna doll by Magia 2000, “Give Me All Your Luvin”

I didn’t have time to show you the latest Magia 2000 Madonna OOAK doll. Everyone knows their passion for the amazing Madonna so it came as no suprise that they created this doll inspired by the singer’s lates video. Don’t forget to check out the interview I did with them last year.

What do you think about her? I love her. :X

More images here.