Barbie and Ken playline updates

Another day, another update in the world of playline Barbie. Seems like Europe is starting to get a LOT of coll new dolls and sets as I found all of these dolls on European website. Yey for us!

Barbie and Ken Royal Gift Set

Barbie I want To Be a Superstar doll and fashions set

Ken Fashion Set

BLUE Ken and Mini Cooper and doll

Barbie Loves Target Doll

Amazing Barbie dolls and fashions by Tim Gunn

If you are a Project Runway fan like I am you definetly must love Tim Gunn, the amazing mentor and fashion consultant that always knows how to lift spirits and say something witty. I have always admired his sense of style and the fact that he’s not afraid to say things as they are so I can’t even express how happy I am that he’s teamed up with Mattel to produce two dolls plus separate fashion sets that will be released in August as a Pink Label.

I can not begin to say how much I love these dolls and fashions! So chic, so collector, so what I want now from Barbie. For me it’s the next level. I hope this is the way Barbie Look will look. :P

Wish List 2012

As the new year has just started I have decided to do a wish list with all the Barbie dolls I intend on buying this year. Some of them are already out, some are collector, some are playline, some are dolls that at fist site I did not like. Also, I HAVE do admit :"> I’m wishing the new Kardashian Barbies will be ugly ’cause I don’t want to buy them but I’m so afraid they’ll look amazing. :-SS

Anyway, what’s your doll wish list for 2012?


Barbie sales on Amazon

Amazon has some amazing sales on a lot of Barbie dolls including some great Collectors. You can now get the Tim McGraw And Faith Hill Doll Gift Set for $38.99 or Barbie Collector To Catch A Thief Grace Kelly Doll for $25.99! The new Fashioniastas are also available and thgey are $5.99!! Super cool!

Check them out by clicking the picture below.