What we know so far – 2017 Barbie Collector dolls

The new year is here and everyone is asking about the list of the upcoming 2017 Collector Barbie dolls. As we can all agree that 2016 was not such a good year for BC so collectors’ expectations are very high for the 2017 lineup.

So let’s recap what we know so far. My sources are Doll Genie and Cheryl’s Dolls.

Wonder Woman movie dolls: Wonder Woman, Antiope, Queen Hypolita. Can’t wait for these! I’m a HUGE WW fan and thios movie and these dolls are a dream for me!

Barbie Quinceanera. She is designed by Carlyle Nuera. There have been 3 Quinceanera Barbie and Teresa dolls before so I can’t want to see how this one will look.

25th Anniversary Totally Hair Barbie doll. This year markes the anniversary of the best selling Barbie doll of all times so, to celebrate her anniversary, she’ll ge getting a Collector makeover. So excited about this one!

Three Silkstones: BFMC Barbie Blush and Gold Dress, Barbie Classic Black Dress, Barbie Tweed Suit. I have seen one of them and all I can say is: she has accesories!!!!!

Gabby Douglas Barbie doll. I hope she’ll come in a set just like in the picture below.

Natalia Vodinova Barbie doll. Several media outlets ran a story last year about an OOAK doll depicting the supermodel and they also mentioned it will be made as a LE doll in 2017. No other info about her is available.

– The Look series, Birthday Wishes, Ballet Wishes and Happy Holidays will most likely continue this year also.

That was it so far! I hope there will be more interesting dolls this year and I hope we’ll get some fab Platinum Label dolls. Can’t wait to see the convention dolls! They will be designed by Bill Greening. <3

Madrid Fashion Doll Show: Charity Auction Dolls

The gala may be over but the Madrid Fashion Doll Show 2013 is not. On September 28th the second part of the charity event will take place on eBay where a lot of amazing dolls will be auctioned for a good cause. All the money raised from this auction will be given to the “Red Cross” for the project “No child without a Toy at Christmas”. Money has already been raised at the Gala dinner were dolls made by artists such as Oskar Coleccionista, Mery Lp, Ovaz, Yolanda Cañete, Paco Vazque, Daniel Crea en Rosa, Beatriz SanMat & Chicas Wu and Monlew were sold and managed to raise more than 1300 euros. Congratulations! I hope you’ll raise even more money with the second part of the auction.

If you want to help this cause and have a chance to own some amazing dolls and other Barbie related items be sure to check out the user “madridfds_charity” from eBay. The OOAK Artist and dolls to auction are:
Magia 2000: Magia Showgirl in Madrid
Artist Creations: Peony
Black Swan Company: “The queen of swans”
Monlew Luis Manuel and Monica del Castillo: Madrid Premier Beauty Winner OOak version of convention doll “Madrid premier Beauty Barbie”
Cotho: Elodie creationscotho.com/elodie.htm
Arnaldo doll´s restaurations:
Marcelo Jacob: Diva OOak Doll and giftset
Ovaz: “The Guardian of the children” & “Gaga”
Paco Alcaide: Rose Royal
Alfonso Carlús: Dark Night Glamour
Sergio López: land of Pharaohs
Blanca Martos: Fantine “Les Miserables”
Leticia Alonso: Irma la Douce
Daniel Rodriguez: MY Fair Lady Inspiration Red Carpet
Luis Robles: Vedette in Pink.
Bendición Martin Castillo donation: Paris convention doll exclusive “Luncheon Emsemble”
Picture Oleo By Juan Grande of “Madrid Premier Beauty Barbie”
Linda Kyaw picture framed Sketch of Milan Charity doll

Let the bidding wars begin! Good luck to everyone.

ooak rosa

New Cheerleader Barbie and Ken dolls @ Barbie Collector

Now this is a nice suprize! We have a new series of Barbie and Ken Cheerleader dolls on BC.com!

University of Kentucky Barbie® Doll


University of Kentucky Barbie® Doll – African American


University of Tennessee Barbie® Doll


University of Tennessee Barbie® Doll – African American


University of Oklahoma Barbie® Doll


University of Oklahoma Barbie® Doll – African American


Texas A&M University Ken® Doll


Texas A&M University Ken® Doll – African American


Love the boys and yey for their articulation! But why only the boys? :( I bet the boys will sell out fast.
Are you buying any of them?

Images are property of Mattel.

Info about the Barbie and Midge 50th Anniversary Gift Set

Via Doll Genie I have some very sad news for all the collectors that really wanted the Barbie® and Midge® 50th Anniversary Gift Set in their collection.

For your information… MATTEL has cancelled all orders for the Barbie/Midge Anniversary Set 4/9/2013 – if you didn’t get a shipment of them yet, you will not be getting one :(


No official statement yet about the reason. :( I bet now the set will start selling for INSANE amounts of eBay.

Batman Ken and Catwoman Barbie 2013

By now you must have already seen the new Barbie and Ken dolls that are on sale at BarbieCollector.com and that are made to resemble the characters from the 60’s Batman tv series. Just like in the case of the Oz dolls I almost didn’t want to post this because I’m so dissapointed with this line. It’s a cool thing that they have a new series with a new theme, but poor Batman looks…soooooo….stiff. /:) Catwoman is cute and everything (don’t really care about the vintage mold) but she still looks too plain for me. No wow factor here.

I’m waiting now for the two Audrey Hepburn Barbie dolls (according to Doll Genie there will be one inspired by the Sabrina movie and one by Roman Holiday) and the Trina Turk doll and I hope they’ll not dissapoint. I’m wondering now if they’ll also do a Robin doll and maybe a Penguin one? :P

Batman™ Ken® Doll

Pink Label®
Designed by: Bill Greening
Release Date: 2/9/2013
Product Code: Y0302
Price: $34.95

Batman™ Ken® Doll

Batman™ Ken® Doll2 Batman™ Ken® Doll3 Batman™ Ken® Doll4 Batman™ Ken® Doll5

Catwoman Barbie® Doll

Pink Label®
Designed by: Bill Greening
Release Date: 2/9/2013
Product Code: Y0304
Price: $34,95

Catwoman Barbie® Doll

Catwoman Barbie® Doll2 Catwoman Barbie® Doll3 Catwoman Barbie® Doll4

Lots and lots of playline Barbie news

If you follow me on Facebook and Flickr then you probably know the new playline Barbie dolls and sets I have uploaded yesterday. Seems like Mattel is really preparing for Christmas. :D So let’s see what we have new.

Barbie I Can Be Brb Sisters Holiday 4 Pack

A cute Target Exclusive featuring Barbie and her sisters. I love, love, love all this Christmas specials with all of the girls.

Barbie Bed and Breakfast Playset and Doll and Barbie Kitchen Playset and Doll

Hate the pink but they are ok.

Barbie Train to Trot Tawny

Seems it’s and European Exclusive. My friend Doru also found a French commercial for it.
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