Madrid Fashion Doll Show 2013 video and images

The first edition of the Madrid Fashion Doll Show has ended yesterday and now we can’t wait for the 2014 edition to come. I want to take this opportunity to apologize for not being able to come. :( No one is more sorry than me for not attending but I have several personal reasons that prevented me from coming. :( I do promise you next time I’ll be there. ;)

Below you’ll find some very nice pictures from the convention that were taken by Lionel Masson and Christelle Baudry plus a clip by Goymar Madrid. Hope you enjoy them. :X

Barbie Carrefour 2012

Yey! She’s finally here! Barbie Carrefour 2012. :X Carrefour is a French hypermarket chain that is very popular in my country and every year they release a special edition Barbie that trully can not be found anywhere else. I’ve been buying these dolls for 3 years now and I’m beyond excited about this years doll also.

Please excuse the picture and my husband’s hand. He went to get some food for the cats and found her so he quickly sent me the photo. I was in bed with a bad toothache and jumped like crazy out of the bed to post about it. :)) Oh my…I can finally feel Cristmas coming. The stores have already taken out the Christmas ornaments and the toy shelfs are FULL. :X Yey for us!!

I Can Be: Arctic Rescue Playset

First of all: yey for having a computer! It’s not mine, it’s my husband’s work laptop but it feels sooooo good. :D My poor faitfull computer crashed the second time this week and I’m only geting it back on Monday. I have so many projects to finish before my wedding so this really came at a very, very bad time. The good thing is that I got some spare time to run all over the city and take care of the final details for my wedding. :D

Back to Barbie, we have a cute new playset for the winter season called I Can Be: Arctic Rescue Playset. Oh my…summer is almost over and soon we’ll have Christmas! I must admit I can’t wait for a snowy day so I can sit in bed with my husband, drink hot cocoa, watch old movies and play with my cats. :X Or maybe even go up in the mountains and finally learn how to ski. This play set will be the perfect travel doll set as it has everything for Barbie to enjoy her winter holidays.

Even if I’m kind of tired of all the pink in the playline dolls, this combination of pink and blue is very cute. I might be getting it but only if the price is lower. For now I’ve seen it on the TRU website for $39.99. /:) Too much for my pocket. Maybe it will go on sale in December and then I’ll be geting it.

Anyone else excited for the winter holidays? :D

Fave late 2012 Barbie Collector doll

Hi guys! Time for a small poll now. A lot of dolls have benn added to the BC site in the last couple of days so I want to know which dolls are your favorite. You can cast your vote in the poll below and tell me more about your choice in the comments section.