New playline dolls and sets on Amazon

Lots of new playline dolls and sets have been uploaded on Amazon. They are not yet available, but let’s take a look at them. As walways, click on the name to go to the Amazon page. Thaks to my gorgeous friend Muhammed for the tip. I will also include print screen sof the dolls’ pages on Amazon just so everybody will see from where I got them in case the pages will not work.

Barbie Water Play Latina Beach Doll


Barbie Water Play African American Beach Doll, Male


Barbie Water Play Blonde Beach Doll


Barbie Water Play Red Haired Beach Doll


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Barbie Valentines Day Doll 2015

Cuteness alert! Check out the new Barbie Valentines Day doll that is now available on Amazon. OMG she’s sooooo cute!

Barbie Valentines Day Doll
Barbie Valentines Day Doll

The only thing I don’t like about her is the box (looks similar to the previous ones) and that creepy drawing of Ken. :\ Also these three fashion packs are also available now on Amazon. Click the image to get to the listing.

Barbie Complete Look Fashion Pack #4

Barbie Complete Look Fashion Pack #3

Barbie Complete Look Fashion Pack #2

New Barbie dolls and playsets at TRU and Amazon

The holidays are coming and a lot of new and cute dolls and playsets are poping up in stores. TRU and Amazon have some new stuff that I must say is really growing on me. Some of them you may have already seen but have not been available until now. Let’s check them out.

Barbie Rainbow Hair Doll
Barbie Rainbow Hair Doll4

Call me crazy, but I love this doll. There’s something about this new Barbie face that I really like. At least on this doll.

Barbie Long Hair Doll, Brunette
Barbie Long Hair Doll, Brunette3

Barbie Long Hair Doll, Blonde
Barbie Long Hair Doll, Blonde3

When I first saw these images on The Doll Cafe Group I thought the dolls were boring, but I realised that I kind of like the heads. :D

Barbie in the Nutcracker 2014
Barbie in the Nutcracker 2014

Not another painted bodice!!!! :((

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New Style Barbie 2015 Wave 4

My friend Muhammed Bagci has shared with us some brand new images of the upcoming Style Barbie dolls and I must say they do look good. I’m not crazy about their faces, including the brand new Barbie face, but I like their fashions and their articulated bodies. Good job, Mattel. See? This is how you do it. Next time maybe we’ll also get some purses made out of material and not plastic, but anyway these dolls are very cute.

Style Barbie 2015

In Europe the dolls will retail at 24,99€ so I suppose they’ll be around $24 in the US.
What do you guys think of the way the Style series is evolving? yey or nay?

The Fifth Harmony Barbie dolls are here!

Some time ago I told you about the new Barbie anthem sung by girl group Fifth Harmony. To be perfectly honest that was the very first time I had heard of this group. Back then it was also stated that the girl will have their own Barbie doll line, just as Girls Aloud did back in 2007 (I think…). The dolls have just been unveiled and they are gorgeous! And YES! They have fkat feet. :D

Ally Fifth Harmony doll

Dinah Fifth Harmony doll

Fifth Harmony Camila doll

lauren Fifth Harmony doll

Normani Fifth Harmony doll

Here’s an image of the actual girls.


To be perfectly honest I don’t really care about the resemblance. I’m not a fan of the group so all I really care about is their bodies and their fashions and those are spot on! And is it just me or do they have flat articulated feet? :D Yey! Can’t wait to get them. :X

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Barbie Look Fall 2014

Doll Collector Brazil has released yesterday images of the upcoming Fall 2014 Barbie Look dolls. There are 4 dolls in the series: Lara, Mackie, Steffi and Mbili.

Barbie Look Fall 2014
barbie Look AA Fall 2014

Barbie Look Lara Fall 2014

Barbie Mackie Fall 2014

Barbie Steffie Fall 2014

The new line is called Metallic Fever and will come out very soon. It’s not the flat articulated feet I was telling you about, those will come out next year, but it looks like Mattel has already started ditching the non posable bodies because the new Barbie Style playline series will also have this great feature.

Style Barbie 2015 articulated

Check out Fashion Doll World for more info about the playline series.
Now getting back to our collector dolls, what are your thoughts on the new line? I love the Steffie one because she’s not blonde and well I have a weekness for this face sculp, but I’m not impressed with the rest of the dolls. :( Can’t wait for the next series. As I have already told you, I’ve seen images of them at this year’s IDC and trust me they look great! I’m so glad Mattel is introducing the fully articulated body both in the playline series and the collector one. It was about time! Not to be rude, but I started preffering the Dynamite Girls and other IT dolls just because of their bodies.

So thumbs up Mattel! There will be other interesting dolls coming out. You heard this here first: there will be two other AA dolls from two different Barbie Collector series. ;) Can’t tell you what series yet, but I’m sure you’ll like them. Not telling you more. :D Just wait and see.