Second Barbie Collectors Convention in Spain

As I have already told you, the Spanish barbie community is hard at work. Besides the Madrid Fashion Doll Show, that I’ve told you about, the Spanish collectors will also have a national convention that will take place on the 5th and on the 6th of October. I’m going to follow it because it sounds like fun.


There will also be a convention doll that is designed by a Spanish OOAK artist called David Bocci. He is a young artist who moved to Madrid in 2002 and became involved in the world of fashion. Since then, his career has been very rich, working in various fields: portraitist, illustrator, photographer, graphic designer and costume and puppets designer. In 2012 he launched a project called Refugio Rosa that is aimed at restoring old and forgotten Barbies and then giving them up for adoption.


You can read a very interesting interview on El Blog de Ken and find out more about David and his work. I for one am very curious about the doll he’s going to create. Can’t wait to see it. You know I love convention dolls. :P

Une nuit à Madrid OOAK Barbie Silkstone

In Paris I happened to meet the wonderful Monica Nuñez del Castillo that has the official Barbie fanclub “Coleccionistas de Fashion dolls en Madrid“. She’s a sweet, sweet girl with a huge passion for Barbie and she created, together with her friend Luis Manuel Gomez Pulido, this beautiful OOAK Silkstone that was donated at the silent auction at PFDF 2013. She repainted and enhanced her makeup, did the hair, and Luis created and sew the dress. The amazing pictures were taken by an INCREDIBLE photographer, Jose Rodriguez Ken Mad, that makes the most amazing Barbie pictures ever. I promise I’ll do an interview with him soon.

Right now I’ll let you enjoy the photos and this beautiful Silke. She sold for 300 euros! I wish I had bid on her. :((

donacion 6
donación 7 donacion 5 donacion 4 donacion 3 donacion 2 donacion 1

Barbie Loves Liu Jo

Another doll from the Cosmopolitan – Magia 2000 series has been presented and it’s called Barbie Loves Liu Jo. Liu Jo is a well known Italian fashion brand that has Kate Moss as the face of the fall winter 2012-2013 collection.

Very cute lady! If you are in Italy you can see her live at the Cosmopolitan event on October 4th at the Liu Jo store in Milano. Check out the details here.