New Chelsea doll playsets on Amazon

Amazon has released some cute and fun Chelsea playsets. I know there are not a great deal of Chelsea/Kelly colelctors out there but these sets are really cute.

Barbie Chelsea & Puppy Skateboard & Ramp Doll

Barbie Dreamtopia Sweetville Kingdom Chelsea & Sandwich Friend Doll

Barbie Dreamtopia Sweetville Kingdom Chelsea & Cookie Friend Doll

There also are some new Barbie playsets.

Barbie Newborn Pups Playset Doll

Barbie Dolphin Magic Ocean View Boat Playset

Happy birthday, Barbie!

I never get tired of telling this story. It was the 20th of March 1986. I was a small girl in a communist Romania. A Barbie doll was only a dream for most girls. It was also my mother’s dream. Ever since she was a little girl she would sit for hours admiring the Barbie ads that ran in the vintage Pif & Hercule French magazines. They were some of the only foreign magazines you could get your hands on back in those days. She never managed to get a doll for herself so getting a Barbie doll for me was one of the most important things she wanted to do.

With some help from a friend that had just the right connections, she acquired the lovely Sun Gold Malibu Barbie and patiently waited for my birthday to give her to me. I can still remember waking up and looking at the door when this gorgeous blond doll walked in. It was love at first site and I was hooked ever since.

Now I have a huge collection but that doll is still THE Barbie doll for me. She has become a symbol of both my childhood and our freedom from the communist regime. I will forever cherish her and love her.

Happy birthday, Barbie!

Moschino Barbie and Ken Giftset (original and different face sculpt)

Today the new Moschino® Barbie® and Ken® Giftset has launched on TheBarbieCollection website and in stores (plus other online stores). The set leaked a week in advance so this gave plenty of time to collectors to talk about it. Everybody’s main concern and complaint is Barbie’s face. The Millie face sculpt makes the entire doll look way too playline for this set and it’s price tag.


Today I had some time for myself so I decided to change her face and see what this doll would have looked like with another sculpt. Please excuse my sloppy Photoshop skills but I had to work fast.







What do you guys thik? What sculpt would you have likes this doll to have?

Ashley Graham gets her own Barbie doll

This year was the year of the new Barbie body types so it comes almost natural that supermodel Ashley Graham helped design a new Barbie doll with a curvy body and, as she herself said, has thights that touch.

The doll was presented to her at the annual Glamour’s Women of the Year ceremony where she was onored for her activism toward inclusivity in fashion and for being strong influence on young women. The doll was designed by Robert Best.




Come on @Barbie, let's go party!!! ?Thank you to my new and incredible @Mattel family for this honor! #beautybeyondsize #barbie #curvybarbie

Un clip video postat de A S H L E Y G R A H A M (@theashleygraham) pe

I wonder if this doll will become a Collector doll just as the Ava DuVernay doll. I bet a lot of collectors will go crazy for her.

Barbie and MAC collaborate again

Yesterday MAC Cosmetics has posted a photo on Instagram depicting a model surrounded by several Barbie dolls. This not the first time MAC has teamed up with Barbie, but this time Barbie does not have her own makeup line. She is the image of the new Fashion Pack Collection.


For those who don’t follow trends, but make and break them…we salute you. Let’s lead the way with the next wave of front row-worthy hues. Fuchsia, violet, emerald, deepest plum, midnight: Capture the charisma of couture’s most sumptuous fantasies, then create our own. Regal nails and jewel-tipped lips bring a lavish finishing touch. Ready to wear…any way you dare! So be a doll, show us how — the fashion pack is always in the know.

The collection is made up of eyeshadows, lipsticks, pigments and eye liners in vibrant and fresh colors. Unfortunatelly the so called “human Barbie doll” Valeryevna Lukyanova and the “human Ken doll” Justin Jedlica are featured and interviewd on the collection’s mini website as they talk about growing up with dolls and the changes they made to their body so that they would look like those dolls. I’m sorry but I don’t understand why would Mattel/MAC chose to associate with them as they represent everything Barbie fans and collectors are not. Just for marketing’s sake? I guess so. Sad, in my oppinion. Just sad. I also grew up with dolls but I never wanted to look like one.

This is one collection I’m not going to buy. I’m all about makeup, beating up your face and even plastic surgery, but what those two are doing is an extreme I consider very unhealthy and I would never endorse something that promotes that images. Sorry.

Barbie, Skipper and Chelsea dolls and playsets 2015

Just a quick post with some new Barbie, Skipper and Chelsea dolls and playsets. Tomorow I’m flying to Milano for the Italian Doll Convention 2015 so check out the blog and my Facebook page for lots and lots of updates from the convention. I’ll be live texting and posting images and videos.

Barbie and Her Sisters in The Great Puppy Adventure Chelsea dolls

Barbie and Her Sisters in The Great Puppy Adventure Chelsea1

Barbie and Her Sisters in The Great Puppy Adventure Chelsea2

Barbie and Her Sisters in The Great Puppy Adventure Chelsea3

Barbie Chelsea and Lemonade Stand

Barbie Chelsea and Lemonade Stand

Barbie and Skipper with Jeep

Barbie and Skipper with Jeep2

Barbie Chelsea Doll with Puppy and Trike

Barbie Chelsea Doll with Puppy and Trike1

Barbie Chelsea Doll with Puppy and Trike2

An open letter to Mattel

Dear, Mattel.
We, your loving and faithful collectors, love you and everything you represent. Because of you an amazing icon was born, a doll that have brought us together, an inspiration that has change our lives, that has made us stronger and has been a ray of light in troubled times. This is why we would like you to listed to us and our requests and complains because they truly come from loving hearts. Over the years Barbie has undergone through some changes and not all of them have been ok for the collecting community. This is why I have asked my beautiful friends and collectors to share with all out there what they would like to see and change in the Barbie world. Here are some quotes:

open letetr to mattel

“My 2 cents, apart from the apparent that has already been stated here (glue heads, painted on tops, big heads, cheap doll stands etc) is to stop making Barbie look so inexpensively made (but still her prices go up and up). The Mattel I know and love would NEVER compromise on the quality, their old motto “We are dedicated to quality products” should be the same today as then.”

“BUT THE VERY TRUE and collector´s main disturbing thing is ALL THE MONEY WE LOST ON CUSTOMS AND EXTRA SHIPPING COST. We really need a Barbie collector Fan Club in Europe to save on customs and shipping …. All that money we lost is money that Mattel is loosing. It is insane to pay 80 Euros in Madrid to buy a City shopper doll at “Corte Inglés ” mall when it is 24.99$ reatail price at barbie collector that makes 19 Euros ….. anybody can make numbers….”

“Please mattel return te normal head to the barbie playline !!! Since 2004 Barbie playline looks bad … Am sad Because a lot people think the same like me .”

“To begin with; More Pivotal Bodies, I think many of us could be very happy to have more dolls originally in pivotal bodies. We love Modelmuse, but Pivotal bodies are much more comparable to other collector doll lines out there, and then is an interesting opportunity to capture many of us that make OOAK and pictures of so many dolls, the articulated bodies make a very interesting option for adult collectors.”

“Playline: I’ve given up on a return to normal head size, but please stop using glue in the heads. Stop giving Ken molded hair. Most importantly, give us fashions that are complete all around, not plain in the back!”

You can see all the messages HERE.

So please, Mattel read all of these messages and listen to your collectors. I know you have done so in the past year (the Barbie Style line is definetly a step in the right direction) but there still are more issues that need to be solved: no more glue heads, smaller heads in playline dolls, pivotal bodies, more attention to details etc.

Your loving and true collectors

My oppinion: The Hunger Games Catching Fire Dolls

While I was asleep, the Hunger Games Catching Fire dolls were released on Effie, Katniss and Peeta can all be ordered now for $24.95. So let’s talk a bit about them.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Effie Doll

effie catching fire hunger games doll

Black Label®
Designed by: Bill Greening
Release Date: 10/7/2013
Product Code: X8427

Body Type: Shani
Skin Tone: Pearl
Facial Sculpt: Barbie Closed Mouth
Fashion Sewn On?: No
Eyelashes: Painted

Included with doll:
Stand,costume, shoes, COA.

I love, love this doll. I’ve never been a Hunger Games fan but this character caught my eye because of the extravagant fashions and makeup she wears. I think I’m getting her. She’s destined to wear haute couture fashions. But, as always, she needs to be rebodied…

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Peeta Doll

peeta catching fire hunger games doll

Black Label®
Designed by: Bill Greening
Release Date: 10/7/2013
Product Code: Y3356

Doll Details
Body Type: Articulated
Skin Tone: Neutra
Facial Sculpt: New Peeta sculpt
Fashion Sewn On?: Yes
Eyelashes: No

Included with doll:
Stand ,costume, shoes, necklace, COA.

Way to go, Mattel! Congrats on the gorgeous new sculpt for this doll. It looks just like Josh Hutcherson. He will sell out fast especially because he’s articulated.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Katniss Doll

katniss catching fire hunger games doll

Black Label®
Designed by: Bill Greening
Release Date: 10/7/2013
Product Code: X8251Doll Details
Body Type: Articulated
Skin Tone: Neutra
Facial Sculpt: New Katniss Sculpt
Fashion Sewn On?: Yes
Eyelashes: Painted

Included with doll:
Stand,costume, shoes, Bow, quiver (arrows non-removable), COA.

Last but not least we have HQ images of the new Katniss doll. If I am to judge by what Barbie collectors have posted on my Facebook page, this doll will not sell just as the first one. :( People don’t like her braid and are upset that she didn’t come in her wedding dress. Well…it would have been so much nicer to have a mini version of the gorgeous gown by Indonesian designer, Tex Saverio. But who knows…maybe we’ll still get another extra doll with that outfit. We can only hope.

catching-fire-katniss wedding

So, what do you rhink of these dolls? Are you getting any of them?