2016 Roma Fashion Doll Convention Extra doll plus info

This weekend the last of the 2016 doll conventions took place in Rome. The second edition of the Roma Fashion Doll Convention had two beautiful convention dolls. The first one was a red haired Little Black dress Silkie and the second one was a surprise doll called B White.


170 pieces worldwide. Special Extra Souvenir Doll at Roma Fashion Doll Convention 2016 approved by Mattel, Designed and produced by Artist Creations in collaboration with the Italian fabric brand Pierlorenzo Bassetti Tessuti & Marco Gambedotti with the contribution of italian Barbie Collectors Rosella Iobbi & Raffele Perrone.

At the gala dinner they also announced the theme for next year PLUS a great surprise!
The 2017 theme will be The Glory Of 80’s and Mattel designer Bill Greening will be attending the convention and will designing a special Extra Convention Doll (limited edition) produced by Artist Creations and RFDC! How amazing is that?!


Count me in ’cause I’m definetly going. <3


The registration for the 4th Portuguese Doll Convention is now opened! The theme for next year is “The Spies” and there will be an exclusive convention doll again. My guess is next year’s international convention dolls will be just like in the US, meaning they will be vinyls designed by Bill Greening. :D

The convention will take place in Lisbon in the weekend of April 8 and 9, 2017, and more info will be available soon.
You have three payment plans as it follows:

A: 100€ : REGISTRATION UNTIL 30.09.2016 / PAYMENT UNTIL 30.10.2016
C: 130€ : AFTER 31.DECEMBER. 2016

You can find more info on the official website, on the official Facebook page or by emailing the organizers at clubeportuguesdebonecas@gmail.com.

See you there!!

Roma Fashion Doll Festival 2015 Charity Auction

This month I’ll beheading to Rome for thr last doll convention of the year, the Roma Fashion Doll Festival 2015 organized by Artist Creations. Can’t wait to see the amazing Rome once again and spend some quality time with my friends. Of course I’ll be blogging this entire time, but right now I want to draw your attention to the Charity Auction that has started on eBay that will benefit Fondazione Alessio Tavecchio. There are a LOT of amazing dolls including the Fairy of The Dark Forest Barbie prototype. :X I so need her!!

Check all the autions by clicking on the name of the dolls.



CHARITY AUCTION – MOSCHINO Barbie™ Doll exclusive for RFDC 2015

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Updates on Haunted Beauty Barbie series and The Farway Forest Barbie series

Lots of very interesting things are happening over at Barbie Collector. First of allthere’s the Bill Greening video presentation of the new and absolutely gorgeous Faraway Forest™ Elf Barbie® Doll.

Farway Forest Barbie 2014

Can’t wait for her to launch. She’s a must!

Also Bill has announced that there will be 3 dolls from this series just like the Galactic series. The second doll is already in production and looks like her name will be White Woods according to the trademark info that Mattel has registered last year. Oh, wow! Could she be a white and majestic white queen of the woods? :X :X

Faraway Forest White Woods Barbie doll 2014

Fanmade image. Not official.

Mattel has also registered haunted Beauty Mistress Of The Manor trademark so it looks like this is going to be the name of the last doll in the Haunted Beauty Barbie series.

Haunted Beauty Lady Of The Manor Barbie 2014

Fanmade image. Not official.

So exciting! Especially because all these dolls are designed by Bill Greening and he’s sooooo good at fantasy Barbie dolls. :X
Info via.

OOAK Haunted Beauty Vampire Bride by Bill Greening

I just woke up with a TERRIBLE back pain but I forgot all about it the second I saw this beauty. :X OOAK Haunted Beauty Vampire Bride by Bill Greening that was just sold at the Barbie con for $10,000. I have a feeling we’ll be seing her as the second doll in the Haunted series and I can’t wait to get her. As you already know, I come from the land of Dracula :D so she’s a must.

OOAK Haunted Beauty Vampire Bride by Bill Greening

OOAK Haunted Beauty Vampire Bride by Bill Greening2

New 2013 Barbie dolls on BarbieCollector.com

Mattel is spoiling us! Todat 4 new dolls have been revealed on BarbieCollector.com and they are stunning! I have to start with the breath taking The Blonds Blond Gold Barbie® Doll, a Gold Label Direct Exclusive doll that has made me scream of amazement!


She’s designed by Bill Greening and she’s the second in The Blonds series. I think she’s just perfect! If I could change one thing about her that would be an articulted body, but other than that she’s perfect! :x

Next we have another Direct Exclusive Gold label doll: The Wizard of OZ™ Fantasy Glamour Dorothy Doll. We saw a small image of her a few weeks ago so here she is in all her glory.


Not really on my wish list but I do this she’s very elegant.

The third Direct Exclusive Gold label doll is Stephen Burrows Alazne™ Barbie® Doll, a beautiful doll by Linda Kyaw that I told you about a few days ago.


Last but not least is Tailored Tuxedo Ken®. Unfortunatelly I don’t like him. :( At all. Way to stiff looking for my taste. But I do like the fact that his hair is rooted.


What do you think, guys? Who’s gonna make it on your list?

Trina Turk Malibu Barbie 2013

LA fashion designer Trina Turk was given the task to do a makeover for the classic Malibu Barbie, more then 40 years after the innitial release. The new Malibu Barbie is wearing a bikini, a hexagon white lace cover-up and some cute accesories that, sadly, remind me too much of the last Barbie Basics swimsuit line.

trina turk barbie

trina turk barbie2

trina turk barbie3

You can see more details on BarbieCollector.com.

Price: $50
Gold Label®
Designed by: Bill Greening
Release Date: 6/13/2013
Product Code: X8259

I like her accesories and might get them if I find them on eBay, but $50 is way too much for this doll. She’s cute but not $50 cute.

Barbie Con 2012 sneak peeks: Ghost Barbie & Hostess Barbie

Barbie Con 2012 is keeping us very busy these days. Yesterday a few of the new Barbie Collector dolls were shown at the convention and we have some pictures via the Doll Attic Facebook page.

First up is an amazing Ghost Barbie by Bill Greening. It’s the first doll froma new series, a BC exclusive Gold Label and I LOVE IT!!! I can’t wait to see more and better pictures of her face but she’s definetly on my wish list.

Then we have the new Hostess Barbie 2012. Not my kind of doll but she’s cute.

And last but not least, via The Fashion Doll Review, we have the Pink Passport Barbie a Barbie Con exclusive that we’ll be given away to all the attendees.

I for one can’t wait to see the convention doll Mario and Gianni from Magia 2000 created for this event. I bet I’ll fell in love with her as I do with all theri creations. :X Check out more pictures from the convention HERE.