FR:16 Obsidian Culture Hanne Erikson Dressed Doll

This gorgeous doll is an exclusive (formely Angelic Dreamz) 16-inch fully articulated vinyl fashion doll with rooted hair and delicately hand applied eyelashes. She has the FR16 body, Hanne head sculpt and FR White skin tone.

Obsidian Hanne

You can see more images of her HERE. She’s a limited Edition of 300 Dolls Worldwide and you can already order her for $175.00 (25% Deposit Only) HERE.

Just stunning! :X


An interview with me by Dani crea en rosa

The lovely Daniel Pérez, one of the organisers of the Madrid Fashion Doll Show, has interviewed me for his blog “Dani crea en rosa“. It was so lovely answering his questions because I adore talking about my doll passion with people from all over the world. Believe it or not this actually makes me feel so good and all my worries and problems seem to disappear whenever I get a chance to talk about my dolls and the amazing doll community I’m so proud to be part of.

This week I also received a HUGE package from Monica Nuñez del Castillo and all the lovely people from MFDS and the Coleccionistas de Fashion Dolls en Madrid that included the stunning Premiere Beauty Barbie and lots of other goodies from the convention. Can’t wait for next year! I’m so no going to miss it this time. :X

madrid fashion doll show goodies

Until then check out my interview and be sure to follow Daniel’s blog. ;) Click on the image below.

ada bogoevici soci interview

About my Barbie collection in Unica magazine

Unica magazine is one of the oldest running glossy magazine from Romania. I’ve been reading this magazine for some years now and I was very honored when they asked me to pose in their September issue and talk about my Barbie collection. Together with some other extraordinary women, we talked about our hobby, our collections and why we love them.

Here’s a small snipped from the article. I was actually very surprised that they put my picture first as the other women in the article are beyond amazing and well known in my country. Well, go, go Barbie! :))


Photo by: Andreea Goia

Disney Designer Fairytale Couples 2013

I know everybody is waiting for these Disney Designer Fairytale Couples 2013 so here they are! Last time I had shown you just a couple of them but now we have an image that features all of the couples and we also have info regarding their release.

Disney Designer Couples

All the sets will cost $130 and below are the official sketches plus the release date.

Snow White – 20.08.2013


Rapunzel – 03.09.2013


Jasmine – 17.09.2013


Belle – 01.10.2013


Ariel – 15.10.2013


My fave couple is Show White and Prince Charming. She looks both classic and yet modern and chic. Just lovely. I know I’ll never get one of them, but I can still admire them. In 2014 we’ll have 5 more couples of Disney Princesses and their beaus.

Who would you like to see as a Disney Designer Couple next year?

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