2017 Birthday Wishes AA and Hispanic versions

Via Dannii Saumane on The Doll Cafe group we have images of the 2017 Birthday Wishes AA and Hispanic versions. Really, really loving their faces. So sweet! Not crazi about the blonde version, but these looks really cute.

LE: The images are from TheBarbieCollection.com.

2017 Birthday Wishes® Barbie® Doll AA



2017 Birthday Wishes® Barbie® Doll Hispanic



New 2017 Barbie Fashionistas Dolls: Kittie Cutie, Plaid on Plaid, Emerald Check, Lovely in Lilac

New 2017 Barbie Fashionistas dolls are up on Amazon. As always, I love their design, but I need to see them up close to make up my mind is I like them or not. The dolls are not yet available for purchase, but click on the names and bookmark the links.

Kittie Cutie


Plaid on Plaid


Emerald Check


Lovely in Lilac


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New Fashionistas Barbie dolls: Pretty Popsicles Doll & Pink Tulle Skirt Doll?

Ok… So I’m a bit skeptical. A collector friend (Dannii Saumane‎) posted on The Doll Cafe forum about two new Fashionistas dolls that have popped up on Amazon. Pretty Popsicles Doll & Pink Tulle Skirt Doll. The problem is they promo images look very messy. Are they real? Click the name of the dolls to go to their pages. I have done some print screens of the pages just in case it turns out they are not real.

Barbie Girls Fashionistas 54 Pink Tulle Skirt Doll


Barbie Girls Fashionistas 56 Pretty Popsicles Doll


First images of the Charlotte Olympia Barbie doll

Cheryl’s Dolls has the first images of the new Charlotte Olympia Barbie doll and she’s uber cute! Not going to post the images here so that my email inbox will not be gifted with some email from Mattel, but you can check the images out HERE (CLICK).

I love that she’s part of a gift set and that she has a vintage look. Really classy, but a bit on the expensive site. I hope the quality of the fashions and accessories match this price. Not crazy about the gloves because I think this type of gloves always look funny on a doll. It’s like a small child’s gloves are worn by a grownup. Lol. Am I the only one that feels like this? But the rest of the accessories and the box look cute. I’m glad Mattel has made an effort to make a more appealing box. I wonder if the purses open.

What do you think of her?

Barbie Smart House 2016

Back in February we saw the new Barbie Smart House at the New York Toy Fair and it looks like she will be avaoilable very soon. I found these promo images on ASDA, a UK retailer, and I have to say it looks pretty amazing. Kind of gives me a 1990 Magical Mansion vibe. Kind of because that house is THE house for Barbie. At least IMO.


Official description:

Go high-tech with the Barbie smarthouse! This two-story home has innovative features designed for a modern girl. Floor sensors recognize where Barbie and her friends are in the house. Embedded speech recognition adds a cool touch. The stairs turn into a slide. And the elevator is motorized! An accompanying app allows further customization. Plus, just as always, it comes with themed backdrops, furniture and accessories – including a glam chandelier – for complete house play.

Price: $300

2016 New Disney Designer doll sets

Disney Store Japan has released images and info about 4 new Disney Designer doll sets and the doll world has lost it. Lol. I’m not a Disney collector but I have admired this series for some timenow. I can totally see why people love and collect them and why they end up selling for big bucks on the secondary market. *cough, cough*

Release dates:

– Cinderella & Lady Tremaine – 6th September.
– Belle & Gaston – 20th September (Same day as the 17″ LE release).
– Alice and Red Queen (Strange she’s not called Queen of Hearts) – 4th October.
– Aurora and Maleficent – 18th October.

Info via Hollys Dollys

My favorite has to be the Cinderella set. Can we talk about her face? OMG! Stunning! One of the best Cinderella faces I have ever seen. Sweet, innocent and so gorgeous.





Links from around the web: Luciana Silkstone Barbie 2014, 2015 Mini Barbie Calendar, Sybarite luggage

A quick post with some helpful links and info from the dolly world.

– The new Luciana Silkstone Barbie doll 2014 is up for preorder on Doll Genie.


– You can now order the new mini 2015 Barbie calendar.

mini calendar barbie 2015

Superdoll London has just posted on their website a gorgeous set of golden luggages for 16′ dolls.

gold hard

New Steffi Love playsets Spring 2014

I’m back with your dose of Steffi Love news and today I’m going to show you some great new playsets that are already available. I hope I’ll be able to find them in the stores in my country because they are so very well made and have a lot of accesories.

Steffi LOVE New Loft Living Room

Steffi LOVE New Loft Living Room

Steffi LOVE New Loft Kitchen

Steffi LOVE New Loft Kitchen

Steffi LOVE New Loft Bathroom

Steffi LOVE New Loft Bathroom

Steffi LOVE New Loft Sleeping Room

Steffi LOVE New Loft Sleeping Room

Do you like any of them?