Trip to Madrid collection by AndyMy Designs

You must all be now acquainted with my talented friend Andy, the man behind the Luna Dolls. At the beggining of this month he also launched a beautiful collection for 12 inch doll at the Madrid Fashion Doll Show. The collection is called “Trip to Madrid” and you can find it on his website.









Btw, the Luna Dolls are now on sale for just $155! You will not regret buying them or any other AndyMy creations. Great quality, amazing design!

Integrity Toys “The Premiere” Convention dolls 2013

So jealous of all the people that are now attending the IT convention. I so wish I could go. Oh, my… Will I ever get a chance to do this? I sure hope so… Anyway, yesterday tons of dolls were released and I must say I’m beyond impressed with them. Here they are:

FR: Monogram™ Welcome Doll
2013 Convention Exclusive


Gorgeous Monogram that was given at registration. I love her bodice and her fierce look.

Victorious Glamour
Victoire Roux™ Workshop Doll
2013 Convention Exclusive


One of the workshop dolls.


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It Is All About The Dress by

I’ve been admiring Dagamo‘s creations for some time now and her latest collection “It Is All About The Dress” is just as gorgeous as the others. Check out all the wonderful pieces on in the tab /Fashion Studio. All orders to be placed by email, and will be shipped on the first-come-first-served basis. Here is the price list. Below are some of my fave looks from this collection.




Lady Daga II Collection by Dagamoart

Yesterday I was in such a hurry that I didn’t have the time to write here about the wonderful new collection from Dagamoart. This project is the love child of a girl called Dagmara and you can read more about her HERE.

So on to the new collection now. It’s called Lady Daga II and it’s designed for Fashion Royalty dolls. Check it out below.

Amazing, isn’t it?! :X I’m really starting to like Fashion Royalty and other Integrity Toys dolls and after I’ll get my first doll one of these fashions are a must on my list!