Exclusive Asian market dolls exibition at IDC 2014

Because the theme of this convention was “IDC Goes Oriental“, a beautiful exibition of Asian market dolls was set up in the lobby of the hotel where the convention took place. As a lover of the so called foreign Barbie dolls, I was thrilled to see so many rare gems. Check them out below.

Asian Barbie Dolls Exibition IDC 2014

BTW next year’s convention theme will be “Italian Doll Convention Goes Foodie“. The convention will take place between May 16th and May 17th 2015.

The Gala Dinner at IDC 2014

Last night, as you all know, the gala dinner from IDC 2014 took place. As always it was a fun filled event with lots of gifts, exciting pieces of news, wonderful people and lots of fun. Here are some of the highlights of that evening.


There were 26 tables with 10 people each and each table was named after a country in the far east. All the tables had some AMAZING center pieces that were won at by an atendee at the beginning of the evening.


As always there were table gifts and some of them were stunning. Here’s what I will be receiving next week. :D


A stunning Indian doll created and customized by Monica Nuñez del Castillo (Mon-Lew Designs).


And this amazing pink haired Steffi Look doll gifted by Lorena and Kevin Sulivan. I just love it! That hair is so amazing. :X

The dolls that were auctioned on eBay for the charity auction were also displayed at the gala. As I already mentioned, the dolls are just stunning and they look better in real life than in the promo pictures.

There were also some fun karaoke moments, a dance and the Mattel presentation I already told you about. Today is the sales room and the raffle. Mattel has donated a Jennifer Lopez doll with an autograph from JLO herself. I’ll be back with more pictures from this raffle.

BREAKING NEWS! 2015 Barbie Collector news from IDC 2014

Fresh, fresh news for all you Barbie collectors!

2015 barbie news

This is from the Mattel presentation at IDC 2014:

– New partnerships dolls for 2015. The first one is a couple designed by a well known fashion designer that has collaborated in the past with Mattel. The doll will be designed by Robert Best. The designer is still kept a secret. I have a feeling it might be Karl Lagerfeld. :X The dolls are dressed in black. Ken has a black suit and Barbie a black leather dress with black pointed boots.
– Other partnership dolls will follow.
– There will be more celebrities dolls
– New movie dolls
– New Look dools with more faces and…flat feet and shoes!! The theme is Barbie will kick off her heels. They showed a beautiful AA doll with curly hair and blue glasses. Great news for people wanting more sculpts. The metalic theme will also continue.
– They also showed some Barbie Look inspiration photos

I’m so excited about this!!! I feel like Mattel is finnaly listening to us with all this Barbie Look changes. :X Can’t wait to see the new dolls!

First day at the Italian Doll Convention 2014

The 2014 Italian Doll Convention has started! I’m not attending this year but I have someone representing me :D so I’ll keep you up to date with everything that is happening over there. The registration has started at around 11 o’clock and the convention bag is the best one they ever had. I think I’ll be using the bag for my baby. Hehe! How cute will I look with a baby in my arms and a red Barbie bag on my shoulder. :X

The bag is filled with all sorts of goodies. I am especially in love with the mini sushi set created by the wonderful Dani Crea En Rosa and the guys from the Madrid Fashion Doll Show. Also check out the very cute dress pattern created by Paco Alcaide from Fashion Dolls Coleccionistas Madrid. Now all I need is a Silkstone to go with the dress and the sushi plate.

IDC 2014 2

IDC 2014 5

Don’t forget to check out my Facebook page because I’ll be updating images and more info all through this evening. Tonight is the gala dinner where we’ll get to see the convention doll and also check out some news and info from Mattel plus lots and lots more amazing things. Stay tuned, guys!

List of designers that will donate at IDC 2014

The Italian Doll Convention 2014 commitee has just published the list of designers that will be donating at this year’s eBay Auction that will benefit SOS Children.

italian doll convention ebay charity 2014

Here’s the complete list:
Mattel – Zlatti
Inamorata Doll
DollChic and Microdiva
Free Fantasy Dolls
Simone Dell’Erba
Ismael Ibrahim
Patrick Kon
Magia 2000
Mazzoni Illaria
Monlew Creations
Matt Sutton
The Black Swan Company
Trujillo Matt

I’m so excited about this auction. Can’t wait to see all the dolls and I’m so glad we get to see some new designers that are donating. Yey for that.
The auctions will start on May 16th, will last for 7 days and all the dolls will start from ONLY 1 EURO! This is such a fab opportunity to grab some amazing OOAK designs and donate to a wonderfull charity. So set your calendars and bid, bid, bid!

It’s a boy!

No, it’s not a new Barbie Collector doll or a rumour about a new doll. It’s just my way of telling you that I’m pregnant and I’m going to have a baby boy! :D I’m almost 18 weeks along and this baby is keeping my husband and I afloat in this difficult time.

it's a boy

*Not an official image or doll. Fan made artwork.

Unfortunately this means I’ll not be able to attend the Paris Fashion Doll Festival and the Italian Doll Convention but don’t worry. I’ll still update you with all the best fresh news from the dolly world.

Ninimomo updates plus a great piece of news

So yesterday I literally screamed when I opened my email from Ninimomo. I’ve admired Nik and Marie ever since I started blogging and the most prized doll in my collection is the one that they made for my husband when he proposed to me. I’ve wanted to meet them for soooooooooooooo long and next year my dream will come true! They are coming to The Italian Doll Convention 2014. :X You can not understand how happy I am. I can’t wait to give them hugs and talk to them and thank them for all their amazing work. Love you so much, Nik and Marie!!! :X

Below you can see their newest creations that are, as always, breathtaking.

Miss Albania 2012


Miss Houston 2012


Miss Nevada 2012


Miss Northern Marianas 2012


An speacking of IDC, get ready tomorow for a GREAT interview with some AMAZING artists. ;)