Venetian Muse™ Barbie® Doll Prototype

Charitybuzz is auctioning this amazing Venetian Muse™ Barbie® Doll prototype that is hand painted and features Swarovski crystals hand sewn on her dress plus additional beadwork around her peplum and gloves.

Photographer Jeremy LloydStylist Sheryl FetrickJob 1450658

I didn’t care that much for the Tribal Beauty Barbie doll but this one has to be one of Linda’s finest creations. Good luck if you are bidding. This prototype is a true gem.

The 2014 Barbie℠ Fan Club Membership is now available

Get ready for a new Barbie fanclub year. The 2014 Barbie Fan Club Membership is now available on Here’s what you’ll be getting this year if you purchase the membership:

– Up to $80 in Online Shop rewards – $20 per calendar quarter*
– A Barbie℠ Fan Club card case** – your gift with membership (and sent with free shipping)
– Quarterly “Designer Videos,” sneak peeks at upcoming releases, downloadable goodies, and access to the exclusive Barbie™ Bulletin Board
– First access to audio interviews, collector spotlights, Fun Facts, and looks “behind the glam” with the passionate people on the Barbie® Collector team
– The opportunity to purchase four (4) Club-exclusive dolls, as announced*** (doll purchase is NOT a requirement of membership)



We also get to see two of the new dolls, a sketch of the new Silkstone Ken and some illustrations for the much talked about vintage repro giftset.





FYI I’m not joining the club. I will never join until Mattel starts shipping internationally. I think it’s very disrespectful for “foreign” Barbie Collectors to go through so much trouble with double shipping and shipping buddies just to buy some dolls. So no, this lady will not be getting a BFC membership. :)

EXCLUSIVE Info from PFDC 2013

Hi everyone! This is my last night in Paris. I’ll be leaving tomorow in the evening and in the next couple of days I’ll post lots of pictures, stories and videos from PFDF 2013. But right now I really want to share with you some info I got from Linda Kyaw.


Please excuse my tired face…

First of all let me tell you she’s such an amazing and sweet lady. Love her! It kind of saddened me that all the collectors were queing to get an autograph from Robert and almost forgot that this amazing lady and designer was there. Anyway, I got to spend some moments with her and asked her some questions. I can tell you she’s working on a new doll from the Global Glamour series that will come out next spring. Sometimes this fall we’ll get a chance to see the doll. She’s representing a country from…Europe! So excited!!! She also told me that a lot of people from the Barbie board told her to create a DOTW Romania. :D That was so cool! I told her a few things about my country and promised her that I’ll send her some inspiration photos. Now back the Global Glamour collection, seems that Tribal Beauty was supposed to be articulated but they decided to not go with that body because it didn’t look nice. I insisted that she must really start doing more articulated bodies as that’s what collectors want. She said she had no idea it was such an issue with the collectors. I told her it is one of the BIG issues we all have. She said she’ll take that into consideration. After this we talked about the different face molds and I asked her to use more of the old molds on more high end dolls. She said she’ll think about that as she also didn’t know collectors wanted to see the old face molds that much. ;) I insisted again that she should think about 1. articulation and 2. older and more different face molds.

So there you have it guys! I hope you’ll find this info as interesting as I did and in the coming days I’ll post a video with me talking to Robert Best.

Bisous de Paris! :X


Update: Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2013

As I have already announced on Facebook, this year I’ll be going to the Paris Fashion Doll Festival. I’m so excited! It’s one of the 2 great doll festivals in Europe and I adore their convention dolls. :P I’ve just found out that this year I’ll have a chance to meet Robert Best again and also Linda Kyaw will be present. :X


So if you want me to ask them any question please feel free to write them here, in a comment. I’ll be live blogging from the convention so be sure to bookmark this site and check back here for lots of info and pictures.

FAO Schwarz 150th Anniversary Barbie® Doll

As I have stated before this lovely FAO Schwarz 150th Anniversary Barbie is on my 2012 wish list but I am a little confused about something. Yesterday Mattel uploaded these lovely pictures on BC, but her release date is 4/1/2012. :-? I’ve asked collectors on Facebook about this and nobody has seen her anywhere.

So…is she available or not? Please let me know if you find her.

Designed by: Linda Kyaw
Release Date: 4/1/2012
Product Code: W7817