Gala Dinner dolls @ Madrid Fashion DOll Show 2014

The most important party at MFDS 2014 has taken place this evening and the most awaited dolls of the convention were revealed! The convention doll is the beautiful “Fiorella Goes to Madrid” and she has been gently donated by Mattel USA. On her trip to Madrid her lips had changed to a red passion color, she recovered the bag she was sporting at the original Robert Best sketch and she has added to her accessories list a gold and pearl tiara inspired on one of the latest Dolce & Gabbana collections.

madrid fashion doll show 2014 convention doll

Also all the table hosts (I was supposed to e one…) got a stunning Paco Alcaide and Monlew Designs & Creations OOAK doll called “Dolce Vita Golden Goddess”. Do I need to tell you HOW MUCH I like her? Congrats to all the people that got her. She’s a true beauty. :X


Centerpiece dolls @ Madrid Fashion Doll Show 2014

Barbie Ekberg Tribute is the name of these beautiful centerpiece dolls from the gala dinner at MFDS 2014. The dolls are designed by Paco Alcaide and they are wearing dresses hand sewn by Yolanda Cañete. Also they are a homage to one of the most iconic scenes in cinema history: Anita Ekberg inside the Fontana di Trevi in “La Dolce Vita” movie.


All the centerpieces were raffled among the atendees together with several other super gifts. I so envy the people that won them. :((

New JAMIE Show Character doll: Sofia

The updates from the Madrid Fashion Doll Show 2014 are continuing with the help of my friend Marcelo Jacob. One of the main events of the convention is the JAMIE Show doll event where a new character has been presented.

JAMIE Show Sofia3

JAMIE Show Sofia1

JAMIE Show Sofia2

Meet Sofia! Isn’t she a beauty? Can’t wait for more details about her. Be sure to LIKE the JAMIE Show Facebook page.
Thank you, George for the honour.

Midnight Celebration Barbie doll prototype @ Madrid Fashion Doll Show 2014

Just for you, my dears! Images of the beautiful prototype of the Midnight Celebration Barbie doll created by Artist Creations for this year’s National Barbie Convention. Thank you Artist Creations and Marcelo Jacob for these images. You made my day!

Midnight Celebration Barbie prototype

Midnight Celebration Barbie prototype2

What do you think about the prototype? Does Mattel’s version look better or not? I honestly love both of them. :X This one has a more elaborate broidery on the dress but the final version also looks stunning. I so wish I had this prototype thou…

Check out below more images from the Artist Creations exibition at MFDF 2014. I’ll be back later in the day with more news and images form the convention. Be sure to cheeck out Dani Crea en Rosa‘s blog, The Madrid Fashion Doll Show Facebook page and my friend Rogier’s Facebook page.

The Black Swan Exclusive Madrid Fashion Doll Show 2014 Doll Preview

The Black Swan Company has revealed yesterday some images with the beautiful exclusive doll that they are donating to the Madrid Fashion Doll Show 2014 eBay charity auction. The doll will be fully revealed this weekend at the convention and the auction will take place later this month. Can’t wait to see the whole doll. Just look at that gorgeous face! :X

Black Swan MFDS 2014 1

Ninimomo’s Miss Madrid 2013-2014

I have to admit I’m sad. :( Even if I wanted to attend the Madrid Fashion Doll Show 2014 and I made all the arangements for this, it looks like my son will not let me do this. :)) Yes, he can’t stay without me for more than 2 hours and, to be perfectly honest, neither can I. So I’ll be reporting for you, from the convention from the comfort of my home and with my son in my arms.

The first piece of news I have for you from this year’s convention is an amazing OOAK doll create by my beloved Ninimomo for the Madri convention.


From Spain’s capital city and largest city comes NiniMomo’s Miss Madrid, created expressly for the 2014 Madrid Fashion Doll Convention
Strapless gown of 100% silk charmeuse in burgundy has been overlaid with a black mesh lash complete with gold sparkle embedded throughout.
Center body of gown has been ruched with center seam
At knee gown bellows out into mermaid flounce.
Custom cut pieces of rich floral black lace have been individually hand-sewn onto gown and then covered in hand-sewn beadwork in black sequins and seed bead.
Furthermore, lace has been bedecked with over 300 genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestones in hematite
Flounce of gown has been richly edged in a wide panel of lush, black faux fur.
Epaulets have been created in 100% silk black charmeuse and richly hand-beaded.
Hanging from the epaulets are custom made tiny fringe tassels hand-sewn via seed beads onto edge.
Attaching to epaulets are sleeves of black silk taffeta which have been richly hand-beaded and also custom hand-painted in gold filigree.
A matador hat in black faux fur has been custom embroidered at top and decorated with Swarovski cystal rhinestones
Hair worn in a chignon covered in a black lace snood bedecked with metallic gold nailheads
Shoes accented in Swarovski crystal rhinestone
Drop earrings in gold filigree charms accented with Swarovski crystal rhinestone elements
Eye Color: Olive / Lip Color: Frosted Maroon
Doll Formerly: “Barbie Basics 002 – Model #14”

This gorgeous doll can be yours if you bid in the Ebay Charity Auction that will take place at the end of the month.
Stay tuned for more info!

Madrid Fashion Doll Show 2014 updates

The second convention is the Madrid Fashion Doll Show that I will be attending. I was supposed to attend it last year also but some personal family problems prevented me from attending. But this year not only I will be there but I’ll also be a table host. :D

I don’t have yet the full list of people that will be at my table but if you are also going and want to sit with me please leave a comment here and I’ll see if I have room for you.

Can’t wait to go to Madrid next month and also attend the special Jamie Show presentation. :X There will be two exclusive dolls unveiled at this presentation so it will be a lot of fun.

Stay tuned for more info in the following days!

jamie show

Last available spots for MADRID FASHION DOLL SHOW 2014

If you plan on attending the MADRID FASHION DOLL SHOW 2014 and you haven’t yet registered, now it’s the time to do it! Only a few spots left. Click HERE, download the PDF file, fill it with your personal information, scan it and send to:

madrid 2014

The registration is 165€ and it includes a Silkstone Barbie designed by Robert Best and donated by Mattel. For more info check out the official website of the convention.
See you in Madrid! :X

Info about the Madrid Fashion Doll Show 2014

We have fresh news about the Madrid Fashion Doll Show 2014 that will take place in September of next yeard, just as this year, and will have another glam theme: La Dolce Vita.

madrid fashion doll show 2014

The glam week will start on the 12th of September 2014 and will end on the 14th. The first day will have a great MOD party, followed by the Gala Dinner next day and the salesroom on Sunday. The convention doll will be a Silkstone just as in Paris and Milan.

Now, let me be very, very honest with you and hope that you will not judge or hate me for what I’m going to say. :D I love the Silkstones I got from Paris and Milano this year. They are gorgeous and I’m so proud to have them in my collection. But not everybody collects Silkstones. There are a lot of other Barbie collectors out there that love other dolls such as the wonderfull creations Bill Greening makes or the amazing designs by Linda Kyaw. I would LOVE to see some of their designs as convention dolls. Just look at the gorgeous La Belle Epoque or the amazing doll from this year’s Madrid convention. I would love to see more dolls like that. Can I hope for something like that in 2015 maybe? :D And let me say this again…I don’t want to make anybody upset or take away from you the amazing job that you are doing with all of these conventions. I’m just stating my oppininon as a passionate Barbie and doll collector. ;)

So who am I going to see next year in Madrid? Are any of my readers coming to this convention?