The Popovy Sisters at two European doll conventions

If you have not heard of the Popovy Sisters you have missed on some of the most amazing dolls in the world! And they are not just dolls. They are pure art.

The two talented sisters will be gracing us with their presence at two European doll conventions. Their first stop is at the Italian Doll Convention in May.

IDC is the biggest European doll convention so be sure to attend it at least once in this lifetime. This year we’ll also have a wonderful workshop with my friend and fellow blogger Rogier who will teach you do create miniature hats (check out more details HERE) and another one with Eileen Lam about the magical world of Blythe.

The sisters next stop is the Madrid Fashion Doll Show for which I’ve been volunteering for the past 2 years.

MFDS is one of the most fun conventions ever so be sure to join us! We have lots of amazing treats for you including a very special edition Ken doll! In case you are wondering, the amazing illustrations are created by the always talented Brani Mladenov.

So who’s coming to these conventions?

“One Night In Bollywood“ OOAK doll by Artist Creations

Artist Creations has donated this year also a beautiful OOAK doll for the Madrid Fashion Doll Show charity auction.


One Magic Night in a land so far away… This is the sparkling atmosfere where you can find the amazing OOAK Doll created by Artist Creations for MFDS 2016. The dress is made out of gold laminate tulle fabric and is completely hand embroidered with crystals and tiny sequences, imbraced by a colored frame of fuxia and yellow soft tulle fabric. All these elements are part of this sophisticate evening gown adorned with many different kinds of precious decorations including Svarowsky crystals, all 100% hand embroidered. The elegant train and the shape of the corsett make the doll even more precious.

Hairstyle and accessories are all hand made by Artist Creations: total facial makeover, hand painted with high quality water base acrylic colors, hairstyle, earrings and bracelet in tiny Svarowki elements, stockings, and matching shoes.
Doll size: Barbie(TM) 12”

Doll Pictures by Marco Colletti

The auction will start tommorow so stay tuned for the links to all the dolls.

The bidding has started!

Get your wallets ready. The bidding for the charity auction from the Madrid Fashion Doll Show has started and now you have a chance to win some amazing dolls and other Barbie related items. Can’t wait to see who gets the beautiful “Charity Madrid Premier Beauty Winner” or the gorgeous sketch by Linda Kyaw.

Click on the picture below to see all the dolls and bid. Don’t forget this is for a good cause. ;)


Madrid Fashion Doll Show – The Doll Making of Madrid Premier Beauty

This gorgeous girl is coming to me soon and I promise I’ll do a detailed review of her but first let’s watch this amazing and emotional video with the making of “Madrid Premier Beauty“.

Madrid Fashion Doll Show Convention Doll

Madrid Fashion Doll Show – The Doll Making of from Francisco José Collado on Vimeo.

Madrid Fashion Doll Show: Charity Auction Dolls

The gala may be over but the Madrid Fashion Doll Show 2013 is not. On September 28th the second part of the charity event will take place on eBay where a lot of amazing dolls will be auctioned for a good cause. All the money raised from this auction will be given to the “Red Cross” for the project “No child without a Toy at Christmas”. Money has already been raised at the Gala dinner were dolls made by artists such as Oskar Coleccionista, Mery Lp, Ovaz, Yolanda Cañete, Paco Vazque, Daniel Crea en Rosa, Beatriz SanMat & Chicas Wu and Monlew were sold and managed to raise more than 1300 euros. Congratulations! I hope you’ll raise even more money with the second part of the auction.

If you want to help this cause and have a chance to own some amazing dolls and other Barbie related items be sure to check out the user “madridfds_charity” from eBay. The OOAK Artist and dolls to auction are:
Magia 2000: Magia Showgirl in Madrid
Artist Creations: Peony
Black Swan Company: “The queen of swans”
Monlew Luis Manuel and Monica del Castillo: Madrid Premier Beauty Winner OOak version of convention doll “Madrid premier Beauty Barbie”
Cotho: Elodie
Arnaldo doll´s restaurations:
Marcelo Jacob: Diva OOak Doll and giftset
Ovaz: “The Guardian of the children” & “Gaga”
Paco Alcaide: Rose Royal
Alfonso Carlús: Dark Night Glamour
Sergio López: land of Pharaohs
Blanca Martos: Fantine “Les Miserables”
Leticia Alonso: Irma la Douce
Daniel Rodriguez: MY Fair Lady Inspiration Red Carpet
Luis Robles: Vedette in Pink.
Bendición Martin Castillo donation: Paris convention doll exclusive “Luncheon Emsemble”
Picture Oleo By Juan Grande of “Madrid Premier Beauty Barbie”
Linda Kyaw picture framed Sketch of Milan Charity doll

Let the bidding wars begin! Good luck to everyone.

ooak rosa

Rose Royal OOAK Barbie by Paco Alcaide

Gorgeous has a new name: Rose Royal OOAK Barbie by Paco Alcaide! This amazing doll has been created for the charity at the Madrid Fashion Doll Show 2013 and the creator is also the one that helped create the convention doll. Here’s a great interview (it’s in Spanish) with Paco: LINK.


Can’t wait to see the convention doll. :X I’m so very sorry I will not be able to attend the convention but if you are going be sure to check out my presentation about doll blogging that will take place via Skype, on Saturday, September 14th, at 16:30 Madrid time. I was supposed to do this presentation live but I can’t be there physically. :( So you’ll just have to enjoy me via Skype. :P Monica will translate the presentation and I’ll also upload it here after the convention has finished.

Now let’s enjoy the beauty of this doll. Click the images for better quality.

OOAK Barbie of the day: Azalonian Princess

I know I must have been driving you mad with all the posts about the OOAK dolls made for the charity auction at the Madrid Fashion Doll Show, but this girl is everything! :X Her name is Azalonian Princess and she was made by “Monlew” (Lewis Couture and Monica N del Castillo).

She has arrived from The Azalonian Planet, well known for its golden fruit trees and pink seas and she trully is a princess. She will be auctioned at the Gala Dinner of the Barbie Spanish convention “Madrid Fashion Doll Show” and if you want her ….. you have to go and bid in person. ;)

Azalonian Princess1

Azalonian Princess2

Azalonian Princess3

Photos are made by the talented Jose Rodriguez (MadKenPhoto).

The winner of the aution will be one happy collector. :X