2017 GAW souvenirs for sale

(P) Have you missed this year’s GAW convention? Me too. :( Lots of great pieces of news were presented there and, of course, lots of doll collectors showcased their creations. My friend Adele at Eleda’s Shop is having a sale that includes some dolls she created for the event and an uber cute souvenir vintage style serving cart and tea set. <3 Adorbs! Check them out by clicking the images below.




And, as a bonus, here are some up close images of the new King of The Crystal Caves Ken doll that was introduced at the convention. Gosh, I love him!

(P) Eleda Shop – Your destination for uber cute and affordable dolls

I met Adele online a while back and was very pleseantly surprised to find out she’s Romanian just like I am. There aren’t a lot of Romanian collectors and doll lovers out there and my heart rejoices every time I find a fellow Romanian doll collector and artist.

Adele runs an uber cute eBay shop where she sells the most adorable OOAK dolls plus lots more super affordable playline and collector dolls. What I love about her is that she has things for everyone. You can shop for a beautiful redhaired Steffie, a sweet Heart Family Mom or a dazzling Fairytopia Barbie doll.

I have asked Adele to answer a few questions for you so you could get to know her better.

1. How did you start collecting and what made you decide tondo OOAK dolls?

I am originally from Romania and my first barbie doll was the 1991 European Exclusive Barbie Ibiza doll. This was brought for me from Austria because you could not buy anything like this in Romania. It was such a big deal for me. This was my only Barbie doll until 2008 :) when I spotted the gorgeous Carnaval Barbie from the Festivals of the World Collection. This was my first collector doll. I literally went insane after this and started buying a bunch of collector dolls. I just couldn’t get enough :) I was amazed by the beauty and outfits of these dolls. I had no idea until this time that there was an elite line of collectible Barbie dolls. This made me think, which adult would have time and money to collect Barbie dolls :) Then I found out about the Michigan Grant A Wish convention which now I attend every year. At first it amazed me that these collectors have hundreds of dolls, some over 1000. I thought this was crazy. Now, I am one of these people :) But I went even further than some people. I started restoring, repainting, rerooting used dolls and sewed unique dresses for them, added new jewels, slowly transforming them into one of a kind dolls or semi OOAK dolls. I was amazed by Ninimomo’s and Mario’s OOAK dolls at the convention. I had no idea this was even possible to make.

2. Do you have another doll artist that you admire and that inspires you?

I love Angie Gill’s repaints. Her dolls’ faces are so perfect. I love Ninimomo’s exquisite dress designs.

3. What are your favorite themes for your OOAK designs?

I love making fairy dolls, traditional national dresses for dolls. But I am pretty much interested in anything that makes a doll look unique. I made a clown doll for the 2016 Grant A Wish competition and I won. I also love making holiday dolls, for Christmas, Easter, Halloween.

4. And what is your favorite doll you have ever created?

Each of the dolls I work on will be unique, so I have many favorites. But probably the most original one was the clown doll because you really never saw anything like this before. This was my pure imagination, not copied from anywhere :) I love making fairy dolls too. I just finished 3 OOAK dressed dolls for the 2017 Grant A Wish and I am thrilled how they turned out. But unfortunately I can not say anything more about this until after the convention. I will reveal these photos after the convention.

5. 2017 has just started so tell me what are you looking forward to this year in the doll world.

I really want to get the King of the Crystal Cave Ken doll this year. I am also interested in getting the Platinum label one too. I love surprises. I am working on my next OOAK doll which will be in the Easter theme.

So if you are looking for great dolls and great deals, don’t forget to stop by Adele’s shop on Ebay and show her some love.

“ESPAÑA” OOAK doll by Betoral Doll Designs

One of my current favorite OOAK doll artists is Alberto Celano aka Betoral. He is an incredibly talented artist from Spain that has impressed me with his detailed work, amazing beading and painting talent and overall look and feel of his creations.

He is now working with my friend Susan from DollGenie.com and their second collaboration is this beautiful “ESPAÑA” OOAK doll that is now available for sale.


Check out the official description of the doll on Doll Genie’s Facebook page and contact Alberto HERE (CLICK) or at this email – (betoral85@gmail.com) – for more details.

La Petite Sirene OOAK Barbie doll by Livin’ Plastic Dolls

One of the things I have loved posting about for years and years are OOAK dolls or other small projects from the dolly world as I think all doll designers deserve a chance to be apreciated. Servando Hernandez from Livin’ Plastic Dolls has been featured here 2 times before and here he is again because I just love his work!

His latest project is called La Petite Sirene and she’s a gorgeous white and turcoise mermaid that I simply adore.

La Petite Sirene2

Please go to his Facebook page and support his art and please email me if you have any interesting and fun projects you would like me to share. Stay tuned as tomorow we’ll be talking about another artist dear to my heart.

“London’s Blooming” OOAK Barbie by Magia2000

Magia 2000 has done it again! “London’s Blooming” is the beautiful OOAK Barbie doll they have donated to the Charity Live Auction at 2015 Gaw Convention convention that will take place next week.


Can’t wait for the convention to start. I love their convention dolls and I can’t wait to see this year’s doll. :X

Refugio Rosa OOAK Barbie dolls updates

Refugio Rosa is the latest OOAK doll creator in my ever expanding list of doll artists. Not only do I love his designs but his photos and visual presentations are just amazing. Yesterday he relased a new collection called “Naked Skin (Piel Desnuda)” that is just as stunning as his previous work.


The collection also has a gorgeous bride that just took my breath away.



I love the simple lines of the dresses that work together perfectly with the rich sequins. :X

As I have previously told you, in October La Convención Nacional de Coleccionistas de Barbie en España 2014 will take place and David Bocci, the designer behind Refugio Rosa, has announced he’ll be showcasing two new collections created exclusively for this event.


Carmin” is a sofisticated collection inspired by this lush colour.


Blanco Unicornio” is a bridal collection inspired by the majestic unicorn and symbolizing a young bride.

Sounds so interesting!
What are your thoughts on Regio Rosa’s creations?