Ashley Graham gets her own Barbie doll

This year was the year of the new Barbie body types so it comes almost natural that supermodel Ashley Graham helped design a new Barbie doll with a curvy body and, as she herself said, has thights that touch.

The doll was presented to her at the annual Glamour’s Women of the Year ceremony where she was onored for her activism toward inclusivity in fashion and for being strong influence on young women. The doll was designed by Robert Best.




Come on @Barbie, let's go party!!! ?Thank you to my new and incredible @Mattel family for this honor! #beautybeyondsize #barbie #curvybarbie

Un clip video postat de A S H L E Y G R A H A M (@theashleygraham) pe

I wonder if this doll will become a Collector doll just as the Ava DuVernay doll. I bet a lot of collectors will go crazy for her.

OOAK collections by Monissima: Sakura & Aloha 50’s

Monissima (aka Mon Arena) is a doll artist and enthusiat from Spain. She was involved in the organization of the past Convención National de Coleccionista en España and now she has presented two new OOAK collections at the sales room from this year’s convention.

The first one is called Sakura and it’s a delicate MH collection inspired by the beautiful Japanese flowers.


The second collection is inspired by the sexy designs of the 50’s pin-ups and is called Aloha 50s.


Love both collections so much!

“One Night In Bollywood“ OOAK doll by Artist Creations

Artist Creations has donated this year also a beautiful OOAK doll for the Madrid Fashion Doll Show charity auction.


One Magic Night in a land so far away… This is the sparkling atmosfere where you can find the amazing OOAK Doll created by Artist Creations for MFDS 2016. The dress is made out of gold laminate tulle fabric and is completely hand embroidered with crystals and tiny sequences, imbraced by a colored frame of fuxia and yellow soft tulle fabric. All these elements are part of this sophisticate evening gown adorned with many different kinds of precious decorations including Svarowsky crystals, all 100% hand embroidered. The elegant train and the shape of the corsett make the doll even more precious.

Hairstyle and accessories are all hand made by Artist Creations: total facial makeover, hand painted with high quality water base acrylic colors, hairstyle, earrings and bracelet in tiny Svarowki elements, stockings, and matching shoes.
Doll size: Barbie(TM) 12”

Doll Pictures by Marco Colletti

The auction will start tommorow so stay tuned for the links to all the dolls.

Roseline OOAK Doll by Artist Creations for Portuguese Doll Convention 2016 Ebay Charity Auction

This weekend the wonderful 2016 Portuguese Doll Convention is taking place and Alessandro & Giuseppe from Artist Creations are one of the amazing artists that are donating a doll for the eBay Charity Auction that will benefit Aldeias de Crianças SOS Portugal (SOS Children’s Villages).


Their doll is called Roseline and she is one of their best creations to date!


Isn’t she a dream?? :X I will keep you updated these following days with all sorts of info and images from the convention so be sure to check back her and on my Facebook page.

Ninimomo, Magia 2000 and Artist Creations at the 2015 National Barbie Doll Collectors Convention

This week the 2015 National Barbie® Doll Collectors Convention is taking place in Arlington and already a lot of collectors have already gathered in Arlington to celebrate the most famous doll.

My friend Lionel Masson from Spain is there with a delegation from Coleccionistas de Barbie en España and he was kind enought to let me post his images from the Ninimomo, Magia 2000 and Artist Creations parties. These are events that offer the atendees the opportunity to see first the creations from these artists and also purchase them. Check out below all the amazing dolls that were presented at the three events. In my opinnion, these are the best delegates they came up with like ever!



Magia 2000


Artist Creations


Have you attended the parties? I would love to know if any of my readers have attended or even bought some of these beauties. Can’t wait to see more images. Bill Greening has stated that the new Zombie Barbie doll will be displayed at the convention. I hope we’ll see IRL images as soon as possible.

Variety Power of Women Luncheon OOAK Barbie dolls

Barbie and Mattel have honored six “sheroes” at the Variety Power of Women Luncheon by presenting them with their own OOAK Barbie dolls. Ava DuVernay, Kristin Chenoweth, Emmy Rossum, Trisha Yearwood, Eva Chen (Lucky editor-in-chief) and 5-year-old fashion designer Sydney “Mayhem” Keiser have now their own Barbie dolls.


Ava DuVernay
Ava DuVernay

Kristin Chenoweth
Kristin Chenoweth

Emmy Rossum
Emmy Rossum

Trisha Yearwood
Trisha Yearwood

Eva Chen
Eva Chen

Sydney “Mayhem” Keiser
Sydney “Mayhem” Keiser

While I really don’t get the 5 year old designer thing, I really like the dolls. It would be a great idea if Mattel would create an actual collector series with powerful and influential people. It would bea great for both adult collectors and children.

Who would you like to see represented in such a series?

Ice Moon Warrior OOAK Barbie

My good friends Monica Nuñez del Castillo and Luis Gomez from Mon-Lew Creations & Designs have created another AMAZING OOAK Barbie doll. Ice Moon Warrior Barbie is an Azalonian princess, a white warrior of light from the Ice Moon. Her Sceptre is a powerful energy weapon made of the last Sapphires rescued from the Atlantic treasure. She can use her Ice cape to hide from reality to confuse the enemies and protect the Galaxy.

Ice Moon Warrior

I just adore this girl and I’m go glad Monica gave me the opportunity to create this image and share with you all her and Luis’s talent. Be sure to check out their Facebook page and support their work.

Madrid Fashion Doll Show 2015 info

Are you ready to Vogue? I am! This year (finally) I’ll be attending one of the best doll conventions in the world! The Madrid Fashion Doll Show. :X


It is hosted by official Barbie Club “Coleccionistas de Fashion dolls en Madrid” and it will take place on 11th, 12th and 13th September at the elegant and confortable hotel “Ayre Gran Hotel Colón” which is near “Retiro Park” and the main cultural museum area.

The convention starts on Friday with collectors activities and panels. There will be a VOGUE Fashion show and a cocktail at the hotel gardens, “Ibiza Pink Party”. At the Party there will be special gifts, ruffles and surprises. On Saturday the party goes on with workshops and more activities. In the afternoon there will be a special themed “VOGUE” dinner party where collectors will have lots and lots of fun. Mattel is kindly donating convention souvenir dolls which will be “accessorized” by convention team to make these dolls unique and special. On the other hand, talented OOAK Spanish artist Marcelo Jacob and Mon-Lew (Lewis Gomez Pulido and Mónica Núñez del Castillo) will make an Exclusive Barbie doll for this convention dress in a Vogue Style. On Sunday there will be a salesroom with different kind of fashion dolls and a charity raffle where conventioneers can help with donations.

Madrid Fashion Doll Show 2015 will go on helping children through Charity NGO “Un juguete una illusion” (One child one Illusion). In 2014 it helped raise raise 5.500 Euros. This year Spanish designers as Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Modesto Lomba, Lorenzo Caprile Nacho Aguayo and we hope many more are sewing incredible fashions for OOAK Barbie dolls which will be auction on eBay. We also can say that many talented gold hearted OOAK artist are already involved for another beautiful charity project to help childhood.

If you are interested in this event you can join us on Facebook “Coleccionistas de Fashion dolls en Madrid”, you can check convention information on FB page “Madrid fashion Doll Show and the official website. For convention, donations, sponsors and salesroom information you can contact us at or

We wait for you! Pink Power!