2017 Portuguese Doll Convention Charity Auction

The time has come for the 2017 Portuguese Doll Convention Charity Auction to start! This auction will benefit Make-A-Wish Portugal. The goal of this foundation is to grant the wish of every child diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition between the ages of 3 and 18, with serious, malignant, progressive, degenerative or terminal diseases, with the purpose of providing them with a unique moment of hope, strength and joy.

Let’s take a look at all the dollie goodies this auction has to offer. Click on the titles to get to the bidding page.

Autographed Barbie® Picture from @barbistyle

OOAK Barbie Prototype from @barbistyle

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(P) Eleda Shop – Your destination for uber cute and affordable dolls

I met Adele online a while back and was very pleseantly surprised to find out she’s Romanian just like I am. There aren’t a lot of Romanian collectors and doll lovers out there and my heart rejoices every time I find a fellow Romanian doll collector and artist.

Adele runs an uber cute eBay shop where she sells the most adorable OOAK dolls plus lots more super affordable playline and collector dolls. What I love about her is that she has things for everyone. You can shop for a beautiful redhaired Steffie, a sweet Heart Family Mom or a dazzling Fairytopia Barbie doll.

I have asked Adele to answer a few questions for you so you could get to know her better.

1. How did you start collecting and what made you decide tondo OOAK dolls?

I am originally from Romania and my first barbie doll was the 1991 European Exclusive Barbie Ibiza doll. This was brought for me from Austria because you could not buy anything like this in Romania. It was such a big deal for me. This was my only Barbie doll until 2008 :) when I spotted the gorgeous Carnaval Barbie from the Festivals of the World Collection. This was my first collector doll. I literally went insane after this and started buying a bunch of collector dolls. I just couldn’t get enough :) I was amazed by the beauty and outfits of these dolls. I had no idea until this time that there was an elite line of collectible Barbie dolls. This made me think, which adult would have time and money to collect Barbie dolls :) Then I found out about the Michigan Grant A Wish convention which now I attend every year. At first it amazed me that these collectors have hundreds of dolls, some over 1000. I thought this was crazy. Now, I am one of these people :) But I went even further than some people. I started restoring, repainting, rerooting used dolls and sewed unique dresses for them, added new jewels, slowly transforming them into one of a kind dolls or semi OOAK dolls. I was amazed by Ninimomo’s and Mario’s OOAK dolls at the convention. I had no idea this was even possible to make.

2. Do you have another doll artist that you admire and that inspires you?

I love Angie Gill’s repaints. Her dolls’ faces are so perfect. I love Ninimomo’s exquisite dress designs.

3. What are your favorite themes for your OOAK designs?

I love making fairy dolls, traditional national dresses for dolls. But I am pretty much interested in anything that makes a doll look unique. I made a clown doll for the 2016 Grant A Wish competition and I won. I also love making holiday dolls, for Christmas, Easter, Halloween.

4. And what is your favorite doll you have ever created?

Each of the dolls I work on will be unique, so I have many favorites. But probably the most original one was the clown doll because you really never saw anything like this before. This was my pure imagination, not copied from anywhere :) I love making fairy dolls too. I just finished 3 OOAK dressed dolls for the 2017 Grant A Wish and I am thrilled how they turned out. But unfortunately I can not say anything more about this until after the convention. I will reveal these photos after the convention.

5. 2017 has just started so tell me what are you looking forward to this year in the doll world.

I really want to get the King of the Crystal Cave Ken doll this year. I am also interested in getting the Platinum label one too. I love surprises. I am working on my next OOAK doll which will be in the Easter theme.

So if you are looking for great dolls and great deals, don’t forget to stop by Adele’s shop on Ebay and show her some love.

2016 Spanish Barbie Convention ebay Charity Auction

The 2016 Convención Nacional de Coleccionistas de Barbie en España ebay Charity Auction has started a few days ago and you still have 5 more days left to bid on some amazing OOAK dolls. Check them out below.
All the money will go to the Fundación Sandra Ibarra, an organization that fights agains cancer.

Click on the titles of the dolls to go to the bidding pages.

“MISS LOLLA PIN“ OOAK by Magestic Dolls


“Red Queen“ repaint doll by Francisco Roldan



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“Anjali” OOAK Doll by Sebastian Atelier

The charity auction for the 2016 Madrid Fashion Doll Show is getting closer! On September 30th you’ll be able to start biding on a lot of amazing dolls and all the profits will benefit Un juguete, una ilusión.

Today let me introduce you to another one of the dolls that have been donated to this charity. This is “Anjali” by Sebastian Atelier. “Anjali” means ” one who loves the soul of peaple and things “. She wears an evening dress inspired by the indian sari. This gown is in fushia taffeta haloed at the bottom by curvilinear designs embroidered with silver sequins and beads. The top consists of many petals worked assymmetrically et remembers the petals of the lotus. Each one was made and embroidered by hand.


A long scarf is born on her shoulders and ends in a cascade of flowers blossom and a peacock feather embroidered also with silver and beads sequins.
Her face was fully painted with professional acrylic paint and varnish. To accentuate her sweet look, “Anjali” wears eyelashes. Her raven hair is collected to form a high ponytail surrounded by a tress. Over a silver metal crown gives her a princely air.

“Anjali” will be shipped in her box with her certificate of authenticity signed by the artist and her doll stand. Original sketch included!
All accessories and the embroideries are handmade by the artist Sebastian Atelier. Outfit fully lined and cannot takes away from the doll.
The original doll is Silkstone Lingerie 3.

You can discover more of his ooak creations on his website.

Collection Haute Couture: Acid Bubble – by FDA & Patrizio Cipriano

For some time now I’ve been meaning to write about this beautiful and exquisit OOAK doll collection but never managed to do so. My dear friend Nunzio Carbone from the Fashion Doll Agency has teamed up with long time friend and fellow collector Patrizio Cipriano to create the Acid Bubble Capsule Collection for the PFDF 2016.


The slender silhouettes of FDA dolls have always inspired Patrizio who dreamed of create for them evening dress and emphasize their femininity. He was given carte blanche to create this Capsule Collection .

The Acid Bubble Collection consists of five unique pieces. The style of the dresses is 50s retro, with very geometric shapes and bright colors. Each dress becomes an elegant look, with a very stylized figure, anatomical and graphic that highlights dolls femininity. The choice of shapes and fabrics recall the work of visionary creators as Thierry Mugler, particularly in 1987 with its strong looks, liberated, sensual and seductive, Gianfranco Ferré & Claude Montana.

Nunzio complete the collection by creating the makeup, hairstyle and shoes to every look. Following the inspiration of Patrizio, makeups are also very retro 30s, with very high and thin eyebrows, pure inspiration from icons like Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo. The extravagant and voluminous hairstyles bring a modern touch, respecting the traditional codes of retro haircuts. Deconstructed boots also break with the oldie style and give to the whole a more contemporary touch.

You can read more about it on the Fashion Doll Agency site and also in the latest issue of FDA Magazine.

New Mods Doll Accesories Packs

The Mods Doll website and stoer has been updated with two new packs. A flat feet shoe pack and a hands/feet pack. There’a also an announcement about a new doll called “Spica” that will soon be available.

Flat Shoe Pack



Flat shoe pack limited 40. Three designs of fat shoes set. We’ll sart shipping on 20th April. Buy it HERE.



HANDS & FEET PARTS PACK LIMITED 40. This pack included waist hands parts, dressing ball parts, flat feet parts. We’ll start shipping on 20th April. Buy it HERE.

Free Fantasy Dolls: Dark Crystal and Skeksis

At the Italian Doll Convention 2014 a new line of dolls has been launched as you have already read on my blog. Free Fantasy Dolls is the work of Nickis Fabbrocile and yesterday some new amazing dolls from this series have been launched together with the official website of the project.


Free Fantasy Dolls Dark Crystal 1


Free Fantasy Dolls Skeksis1

The two amazing OOAK dolls were inspired by one of my childhood’s favourite movie, “The Dark Crystal” directed by Frank Oz e Jim Henson (1982).
If you are attending the Madrid Fashion Doll Convention this weekend, you’ll be able to see these dolls plus a new face mold called Nidawi.


Nickis will be taking his girls all over Europe and you’ll be able to see them In Spain, Russia, France and Italy. I’ll keep you posted about this line of dolls and I believe they are the next great thing.