Preorder Printess Serenity Pullip doll

The preorders for the Printess Serenity Pullip doll from the Sailor Moon series have started. You can preorder here on the following sites:


On BiJ you can order the limited edition that contains a Silver Crystal chain that can be put around the dolls neck. Check out more images of the doll below.

Sailor Moon - Pullip Princess Serenity5

Printess Serenity Pullip doll

The fourth doll in the Sailor Moon Pullip series has been reveiled on the official Sailor Moon website. But this time around the doll does not represent a senchi but the beautiful Princess Serenity. :X

Princess Serenity Pullip

She is just adorable! By far the pretties one in the series. :X No word on the relase date and the price so far.
Have any of you purchased the previous dolls?

New images of the Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury Pullip dolls has some really amazing new images of the lovely Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury Pullip dolls. The Sailor Moon Pullip is back in stock so now you can order them both for $172.99 each.

Sailor Moon Pullip doll

Sailor Moon Pullip2

Sailor Mercury Pullip doll

Sailor Mercury Pullip4

Can’t wait to see the other dolls wit the rest of the senshi. :X a