New Steffi Love UK website

Looks like the German fashion doll Steffi Love is going big in the UK. is the new online destination for all of Steffi’s fans. As you already know, I’m a fan of this doll and I’m glad that she’s getting more promotion.

Steffi Love UK

On the new website you have tons of fun stuff. The newest dolls and doll sets, music videos and contests.

There’s also a new line of Steffi Lobve dolls called Superstar. Not very crazy about the idea but they might have some nice accesories.

Simba Smoby Steffi Love Backstage Superstar

Simba Smoby Steffi Love Superstar

Can’t wait to see what they have planned next for Steffi.

Steffi Love, Evi Love and Kevin 2014 update

I haven’t keeping you up to date with the new releases from the Steffi Love doll line by Simba. I have seen a lot of the new dolls and sets in the Romanian shops but didn’t have the time nor the right mood to go shopping for them. This must change ASAP because the new 2014 releases are great! I’ve gathered for you a tone of new images (some are from late 2013) and I promise I’ll take some IRL images of my new Steffi Love buys. The doll at the top are my faves so far.

Steffi Love 2014

And yes, some of the designs (take a look at the Catwalk) are clearly inspired by Barbie but I think that sometimes Steffi Love’s accesories are so much better than a lot of the playline Barbie dolls.

What do you think about these new dolls? Would you like me to do a contest for you with a Steffi Love prize? :D

Steffi Love Minnie Mouse Collection 2013

Well it looks like Steffi Love is getting some love from the doll collecting community. I see more and more people interested in her and that makes me happy. Also I’ve seen dolls popping up in US stores. :D

Below you can find some great promo pictures of the new 2013 Minnie Mouse Steffi Love Collection. The dolls are already in stores across Europe so be sure to check out your local toy shop if you like these dolls. I will definetly be buying the Steffi LOVE Minnie Mouse Urban Style dolls and some of the fashion packs. So, so cute!

Steffi LOVE Minnie Mouse Fashion Girl

Simba’s Steffi Love update: playsets, fashions, dolls

As you may have already seen, I love Steffi Love, the German doll made by Simba. Today I discovered their website has been updated with a tone of fashions, dolls, sets and accesories. I love the fact that they use a lot of articulation for their dolls. Kudos to them! Mattel, please take notes. ;)

On my wish list are the jeans dolls, the animal sets, the coffee shop and the Steffi & Evie sets. Absolut adorbs! Check them out below.

Jeans Fashion

Giveaway time! Win a Simba Mystics Girlz

It’s that time of the year! The Christmas giveaway time. I’m offering everyone the chance to win this super cute Mystics Girlz by Simba. She comes with a blue and black ensamble, a cute creepy pet and flexible hands and feet.

All you have to do is like my Facebook page and post here a comment with your Facebook profile and why you want to win this doll. Entries end on December 19th. The contest is opened to all my readers. The winner will be selected using and the prize will be shipped after the New Year.

Good luck everyone!

Lots of new Mystic Girlz, Steffi Love and Kevin dolls and items

O-M-G I’m super excited about the new dolls and accesories from the Steffi Love and Mystic Girlz series. The MG dolls are becoming more and more interesting. Love them and adore their accesories. Check out the cute new doll with coffin like closet. It’s must for me. Also I just lvoe the new Kevin dolls and their fashions.

So many nice things! I hope they’ll be soon available in my country also. Check them out after the jump.

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My first articulated Steffi Love: Dog Mum and Babies

When I did the blogger mass interview I showed you an image of a articulated Steffi Love doll that I had just purchased. For those who are not familiar with this doll I can tell you she’s a very popular German doll created by Simba in the 80s and stil going strong now. Last year they have released some articulated dolls and of course I had to have at least one of them! I think there are 4 or 5 articulated dolls and I got the Dog Mum and Babies set.

I adore her and the puppies are so cute. :X Her body is very well made but unfortunately it can’t be used with a Barbie head. I’m thinking about repaiting her head, but for now I’m just going to enjoy her as she is.

Pictures made with the help of my friend Laura.

Cool new Steffi Love dolls by Simba

If you have ever visited Europe or actually live in Europe than you’ve heard of the German doll Steffi Love. She’s very popular in my country and I have been buying dolls and accesories from this range as they are very well made and cute. My friend and colegue Doru just wrote an article on my Romanian blog about the new Steffi Love dolls that are coming out soon.

I’m crazy in love with the articulated Steffi and the new Mystic Girls. I know MG are a copy of Monster High dolls but they are so cute. I have one of the dolls in my collectin. Check her out here. Also The new Steffi Love Sonnenbad remind me of Suntan Tuesday taylor so I really must be getting her also.

The prices are very good. Between 9.99 and 19.99 euros. My husband is leaving for berlin on the 27th so I hope I can persuade him to buy me at least 2 of these new cute girls. :D


Here are other Mystic Girlz called Pijama.